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posted by WaiLana-Yoga
 Wai Lana - Yoga Teacher
Wai Lana - Yoga Teacher
There is increasing worldwide interest in meditation as people’s lives in modern society get faster paced and もっと見る stressful. This is a welcome trend because ultimately the peace and joy that we seek can only be found within the core of our being, and cannot be found in the fleeting and temporary nature of our material surroundings and activities.The journey into the core of our beings can be made through meditation. recently carried a helpful 記事 entitled “Five Simple Tips to Make Meditation a Daily Habit"

Their アドバイス entailed:
• Start small
• Practice at the same time every...
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posted by sundance
Hear is a basic meditation to build intamate リンク with your power animal - a spiritual guide.
(scuse spelling)

1~ picture your bare feet firmly planted to the ground. let your body make contact and enbrace the Earth surrounding you, open your mind to the soil and the sky, untill あなた are content with the bond あなた have made.

2~ 次 picture your settings, prehaps a sandy plane, a lush forest, the sea 海岸, ショア または a secluded glade. Let your thoughts carry あなた and lead あなた through your minde eye's landscape.

3~ now in great detale, experiance the sensations your setting has to offer. The smells, sounds, the suns rays on your back - the scratch of brambles on your skin.

4~ now replay the 画像 and sensations over and over. Keep a steady routine, and when your inner peace has reached its peak - your power animal will apear. Don't worry, there will be no confusion when it happens - youll be sure.

good luck, pleas send me feed back on your results!