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A look at the opening 10 分 of Disney+’s Loki Season 2 was shown to attendees at Destination D23.

Marvel Studios’ most viewed Disney+ series was none other than Loki Season 1, which arrived back in 2021. So, naturally, the hype for the Asgardian trickster’s 秒 solo outing is reaching peak levels.

Loki Season 2 arrives in early October, and the marketing for the series has shown an exciting romp through time and 宇宙 as its titular character leaps uncontrollably through different eras and perhaps universes.

Description of Loki Season 2’s Opening Scene
At Destination D23 this weekend,...
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Following What If...? (Season 1), Marvel Studios presents the full slate of their new upcoming animated projects:

I Am Groot (2022)
What If...? | Season 2 (2023)
X-Men ‘97 (2023)
Spider-Man: Freshman 年 (2024)
Marvel Zombies (2024)

Under the cut: highlights of the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Panel (via

The series of shorts will be released in two parts. Five shorts are coming August 10, 2022. Other five shorts will be released at a later date.

Season two arrives in early 2023 on Disney+.
Additional info released at Comic-Con*:
• A third season is already...
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