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posted by craig3908
 Toshin & Akua
Toshin & Akua
Toshin has left the Shaolin Temple to return to his ホーム village. He has been informed that his ホーム village was raided and Parents might be in danger. Toshin is a young adult monk who has been proclaimed the best martial arts skilled fighter of his monastery. With his Staff in his hand Toshin makes his way down the road to his ホーム village. Toshin see’s smoke in the sky from not to far distance as he gets close to his ホーム village. A man is seen limping and holding his stomach coming in Toshin’s direction. As Toshin gets close to the man the man fall’s in his arms. The man began to speak....
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"I will be the one!" The ending fight scene, most likely using Wushu.
the one
jet li
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Fight scenes from the film The Perfect Weapon (1991) using American Kenpo / Kenpo Karate.
the perfect weapon
jeff speakman
american kenpo