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posted by ilovemanic
I was sitting in my room being bored,when all the sudden my bedroom phone rang quickly I answered it
Manic:Hey I found this cellphone on the ground does it belong to you?
Me:Please describe the cellphone
Manic:It's ピンク and purple
Me:It's mine,hey where are you?
Me:Thank あなた so much I'll pick it up later *beep*
So now I know where my phone is I need to pick it up
*at Shadow's house*
Phone rings
Me:Hey Sweetie I need A ride to Mobodoon
Me:You'll know when we get there
Me:Thanks so much, Kisses!*beep*
now, for the perfect outfit..I got it!
Red Tank...
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posted by maddysage
when i was in my bed, trying to get to sleep. i herd a loud OWW!! i looked outside my window and i saw manic's hand stuck in a マウス trap. i went downstairs to go outside and manic 発言しました what? i was hungry. i laughed and 発言しました what are あなた doing out here? manic 発言しました back got kicked out of my OWN house. he 発言しました with a frown on this face. well, i 発言しました walking back inside. manic secretly was following me. when i went into the covers i saw him standing によって my bed. i frownd and 発言しました what do あなた want. could i stay with you? 発言しました manic. oh, and could あなた get this mousetrap off me? fine i said. sleep with me.
posted by Hellowittykitty
 Thieve my teacher's wallet please! 😈
Thieve my teacher's wallet please! 😈
This is 詩 and I will be 書く a fanfic soon about some other Sonic character! コメント if あなた can and ファン me. I'll definitely ファン back! 😃

*goes によって the theme of the 3 blind mice*

One major thief
One major thief
Watch how he steals
Watch how he steals

He ストール, 盗んだ some apples from Dr. Eggman
But when he fell down he said, "oh damn!"
Never seen such a funny sight as my life
Especially when it's the
One Major Thief

One Major Thief
One major thief
Listen how he talks
Listen how he talks

He talks so fast like a super sonic plane
Once he even ストール, 盗んだ my キャンディー cane
Haven't been so mad in my life
Especially when...
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