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posted by phelpsfanatic2
 Harry Callahan (You cant see his hair right cuz of the wind but oh well)
Harry Callahan (You cant see his hair right cuz of the wind but oh well)
Okayyyyy. so my dad was watching this old movie called dirty harry and it was about a guy solving a murder. and, since i like CSI:科学捜査班 miami and ny, i decided to watch it. when i was watching it the main character Harry Callahan was kinda like horatio caine. In fact, he was a lot like Horatio. Here are the things i noticed.
1.Their names. Horatio Caine, Harry Callahan. Same initials.
2.There is funky 音楽 playing when they walk.
3.They both wear cool sunglasses.
4.They have the same kneeling technique
5.People immitate their voices the same way.
6.Harry's wife was killed. Horatio's wife Marisol was killed....
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Seventeen
I was going to stay at the ビーチ a little longer. I wanted to sit out here and think in peacefulness of the ocean. It was nice to be out here によって myself. But, I had been によって myself for years. Well, except for Mark being によって my side during the years in the army. I had no idea what to do now that I was back in the states. The army was my career and pretty much the only thing I knew.
"Hey Kyle," Lola said, "whatcha still doing here?"
"Just thinking," I said.
"They must be pretty important! あなた have been sitting here for a while," she stated, "trying...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Eighteen
As they were walking away gun 火災, 火 went off and I saw Robert and Lola fall to the ground. I pulled my gun out crawled towards Lola and Robert. Robert was fine but Lola was hurt.
"Kyle, are あなた okay," she asked gasping for breath.
"I am fine," I said, "Robert, dial 911!"
I placed my hand on Lola's shoulder and applied pressure.
"Lola, stay with me! Okay," I said.
"I will try," she smiled.
I started having flashbacks of when I was getting shot when I was touring. I quickly shook my head and brought myself back to present day.
"Kyle, あなた have blood...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Eight
Kyle's POV
I cannot even describe what happen. It was all a blur. I just acted on that moment and did not think about anything else. Before I could realize it the cops had surrounded the whole place and Lola was laying on the floor. I had no idea how she had gotten there and why she was conscious.
"Lola, it is over," I said, "you can wake up!"
I saw Horatio and he had his gun pointed at one guy while a cop was putting handcuffs on him.
"Horatio, Lola is not waking up," I said.
I listened as Horatio spouted out directions for everything.
"I am fine," Lola...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Three
I hopped onto a ランダム yacht. I had to run; it was only a matter of time before I got caught. First, I disobeyed によって parole officer, second, I am being blackmailed to kidnap some woman, and third, I was going to still a yacht. I am not scared of the law, I know the limits of it. I took a swig of whiskey and then started untying the yacht from the dock. All the sudden I heard the yacht motor being cranked up. It was way to late to jump.
I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and quietly snuck to kitchen. I grabbed a ナイフ and made my way to the captain's chair....
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Sixteen
"What," I asked stunned, "you're joking right?!"
"No Kyle, I am not joking," Horatio said.
"How is this even possible," I asked confused.
"I met your mother one time when I was an undercover deceptive.
"Oh but, why are あなた telling me now? After are these years why now," I asked as I sat down.
"I have been wanting to tell あなた for years now," Horatio stated, "but, I never had the guts to tell you."
"Oh," I said.
"Do あなた have a place to stay since あなた just got back," he asked.
"Sort of sir," I said.
"Would あなた like to stay at the house with Lola and...
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Some Years Later
It has been a while since I had been back in Miami. A lot of things have changed. I have grown up, toured overseas a couple times, and I have made a life for me. I have フレンズ that I have known since I joined the army and they were coming to live in Miami too. Although, some of them were getting married and I was still my single self which I did not like very much.
The first thing Mark and I were going to was treat ourselves to was some good food. We did not even want to go set our bags down at his fiancee's house. We wanted to eat something good!
"Where is wife," I asked as...
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Kyle's POV
Lola got to come ホーム after a few days in the hospital. It was nice to have her back. Some of the other kids were staring at her oddly because of her neck and arms. But she seemed not to care too much. Whenever she noticed that they were staring to much, she would turn, and make a funny face at them. But it was really good to have her back. We were inseparable during the days. Wherever one went, the other would follower. We were really close.
Lola had been here for a week and then things fell apart me. Some people came によって and they adopted Lola. Our worlds had been ripped apart once...
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Lola's POV
"Lola, please wake up," someone said, "please do not leave me like everyone else has!"
I felt someone squeezing my hand. I looked over it was Kyle.
"Kyle," I 発言しました as I busted out in tears, "you are here and alive! Are あなた okay?!"
I thought I would never see him again. I thought they would have hurt him as much as they did to me.
"I am fine," he 発言しました as he wiped a tear away that slipped from my eyes.
I leaned over to give Kyle a hug and my ribs brushed against the arm of the bed. Man, it hurt; but it was not has bad as what happen to me.
"Are あなた okay," I asked again, "they did not treat...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Eleven
All I can do is stand there and watch as they take her away in an ambulance.
"Come on, son," some cop 発言しました as he approached me, "I will take あなた to the orphanage."
"No, I want to go to the hospital," I stated; "I have to be there when Lola wakes up!"
"I am sorry but I have strict orders to take あなた directly to the orphanage," he said.
"It is alright," Horatio 発言しました as he came to my side, "I am heading to the hospital and I can watch after him."
"Thank you," I said, "I just cannot imagine how terrified Lola will be when she wakes up! または if she wakes up."...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Ten
After getting in the car with the cop, it was clear that we were not going back to the orphanage. We were headed somewhere else. Some part of town that was probably not a good place to be in. I looked over at Lola who was still sulking in her spot. She had not even noticed where we were headed.
"Lola," I whispered, "where are we going?"
"What in the world," she 発言しました as she looked out the window, "where are we going?"
"Ahh, now あなた too speak up," the 'cop' laughed, "the where abouts is a secret but we are meeting some people that あなた will know, Lola!"
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Nine
Juvenile detention was so boring. I had nothing to with Lola being gone. I mean usually we would just sit and hang out. But now that she was at hospital there was not much to do. I did not know any of the other kids around here. Most of them looked like freaks anyways.
After the incident I came back here to the juvenile detention. But I stayed over night then I had to go talk to Horatio.
I sat in one of the glass rooms in Horatio's building. Did he have bad news about Lola? Was Lola getting out and was I going to have to stay in longer? または would it be...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Seven
Lola's POV
"Hey guys, that Lola girl is back and she has someone with her," the smallest of the guys yelled, "who is he, Lola?"
"I thought he was friend," I 発言しました as I busted out crying, "I thought I could run to him but he wants to help あなた all!"
"I want to help," Kyle 発言しました oddly.
"Here, I will take the girlie while Ace here shows あなた around," the small guy said.
"Kyle," I cried as I tried to get away from him.
"Shut up," Kyle 発言しました as lightly hit me across the face.
I went with it and fell to the ground. I could hear stunned silence from all the men in the...
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Horatio wanted to talk to Lola and I at the same time.
"What' up," I asked curiously.
"We want to catch the rest of the men who were on that bus," he stated.
"You wants to use us as bait," Lola 発言しました is disbelief.
"Of course あなた Lola. あなた know where they are at and what they have been up to," Horatio said, "Besides, あなた are getting time off from juvenile detention. And Kyle, if あなた help out; I am all most certain I can get some time taken' off of your sentence."
"But why me, sir," I asked confused.
"Because Lola will go out of her way to make sure those men get caught and get a lot もっと見る time,"...
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I sat here in one of the glass the rooms with a cop. We were just sitting here silently. Horatio was off to do something. Why on earth would that guy take Lola. I mean she is probably annoying the heck out of them!
"Kyle, come with me," Horatio 発言しました as he stuck his head into the room.
I got up and followed him to his hummer.
"Get in," he demanded as I got in quickly.
He opened his door and noticed a piece of paper sitting in his seat.
"What's that," I asked curiously.
"I have no idea," he 発言しました as he got out and looked around, "it's a note... from Lola!"
"What," I asked shocked.
"Yeah, but here...
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A Strange Way of Falling in 愛 Chapter Four
After sobering up I found out that I was going to have to go to court on two different counts. I had already told them about being blacked mailed to kidnap that woman. I also told them why I had ストール, 盗んだ the ボート and who was on there. They had no idea that Lola was on the boat. It had been hours since I had been arrested. She was still in the クーラー and still drunk as ever. I have never seen someone hold so much alcohol! Needless to say Horatio Caine was very upset with her. She was in one of the glass rooms with him and a cop. あなた could actually hear...
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I got up the 次 morning and went down stairs. Everyone was gone except for Lola who was sitting at the キッチン 表, テーブル with a number of 本 in front of her.
"What are あなた doing," I asked curiously.
"School," she stated simply.
"Usually あなた do school at school. So, why are あなた not there," I asked confused.
"I ホーム school, あなた idiot," she said.
"Well, I did not know," I stated clearly.
"Whatever," she 発言しました as she rolled her eyes.
"Your eyes must hurt," I said.
"Why," Lola asked very confused.
"Because あなた roll your eyes, a lot," I 発言しました laughing a little bit.
"Oh whatever," she said, "how old...
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Kyle's POV
I did not understand why I was being sent away from my mom. She was the only family I have and will ever have. All I knew is that I was being sent to some foster care place. I was going to live with other kids; but some how that did not help the situation. It all sounded dumb to me anyways. I did not want to be here. Not at all.
"Hi Kyle," someone 発言しました as they came up to me, "I am taking あなた to your foster home. Everything is going to be fine, there is nothing to worry about."
I gave him the dumbest look and followed him. I had already tried getting out of this but they have seen...
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