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posted by rangarajvignesh
The Sun was slowly sinking beneath the horizon. I was walking along a boulevard where everything seemed to carry a faint crimson glint. The magic done によって the longest waves emenating from the Sun was enough to retrieve my heart's longings...
My Love... My girl...
The memories of my first 愛 resurfaced as I dug my hands deep in my pockets walking against the light breeze. Her warm touch that made my memory blank with pleasure. Her caressing breath that did magic. The power of her lips on mine. Her ringing voice and laugh. It all seemed like a forgotten memory now.
At exactly the same moment the...
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posted by Cherry9090
♥ A warm gental 愛 ♥

You came in to my life.
You showed me warth.
You showed me あなた were not scare like i was.
You gave me hope.
You brought me back to life.
You gave me my life back.

The kisses.
The hugs.
The way あなた say.
I 愛 YOU.
you have my heart.
You have my soul.
I'll do anything for you.
I would lay down my life if needed.

You are the only one I want.
The only one I need.
You saved my life.
You put life back in my body.
You make me laugh.
You make me blush.

I dream of a life with you.
Knowing あなた are the one keeping me going.
Your smile lights up my life.
I know I am not the most pretty girl.
Or the...
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posted by irena83
A remembrance...
Of what,
of who?
Could it hurt,
could the pain
return again?

There's me
holding that
cold glass of wine,
staring at her,
trying to forget...

And there he is,
sad and distant
like usual.

Oh why,
oh why?

And me again,
but this time
I was happy.
So happy for
all those
sweet kisses
he gave me...

And again he,
looking at me
and wondering...

Oh I should have known!

Inside my ファンタジー
I seek
for his kisses
that poisoned
my body,
i 検索 for
the reason,
trying to see...

There he is
his kisses,
what did he do to me,
he fooled me again...

Nothing was real,
he was wondering,
he was trying
to see
her in my eyes,

He gave me all
that sweetness,
but he belongs to her.
he's so sad
because of her.
He's so distant
because of her.
he disrupt my dreams
because of her.

Because of her...
posted by SilverFanGirl
I'm in a 愛 triangle. Both guys are aware of each other.
I still 愛 my ex..

About my ex:
His name is Sean and lives in New Jersey, but was adopted from South Korea. When I was getting bullied at school, he was always there for me. I was being called a lot of names and believed them. I used to cut myself and he had me stop along with my best friend who is like a sister to me. (Laura) Sean is super sweet and has a few flaws.
1. He has a foot fetish. I had heel-cord surgery and my feet are my sensitive. I also have a 3rd degree burn on my right ankle. So if he ever gave me a foot massage, I would...
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1. Girls don’t always know what they want.
2. Say something sweet, she likes it. This is one of the best things that あなた guys should always remember doing, as often as あなた could especially when she’s not in the mood. A little appreciation about how good she is looking in your 日付 and when she smells great is something that would put a smile on her face even just for a while and would soon ease the tensions within her.
3. Girls always think that they could look better, so guys should inform them of their beauty.
4. Never compare her to other women, even your own mom.
5. Girls try to hint at...
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posted by natasha1830
 hes too shy to tell her he loves her
hes too shy to tell her he loves her
If a shy guy does the following he definitely have a crush on you:
1. Looks at あなた when あなた are not looking (looks away when あなた look at him)
2. Doesn't talk to あなた when with your friends
3. When trying to initiate converstaion, asks dead end 質問 -
e.g "Did あなた do your homework?" instead of "How did あなた get on with your homework?"
4. Ignores あなた -
This is the most misinterpereted. If he completely ignores あなた in a public setting he likes you.
If he converses with あなた and politly excuses himself in a hurry with no real reason he doesn't like you.
5. If he puts あなた on the spot when conversing...
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posted by nejiten2
One 日 on a anniversary there was a couple named
Jeff and Jessica.

They loved eahother and decided to make the 日 of just them too, "alone" .

Jeff loved her so munch. That he found the treasure.
Jessica's life was so different then before.
She had a little sister who loved to play with guns.

Her name was Shelly. The younger and special one.
But she is not special in the story. >:(

In there anniversary they kissied and hugged.

Shelly was in the living room. Whachting TV.
And she had loads of money 次 to her.

Jess, was giggling a lot. That Shelly got annoyed. She got her gun and shoot it up...
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posted by kicksomebut23
To find 愛 または be in love.

1.Start Friendship for a long while.... Don't rush it really fast...you won't really want to be with that person a long while, あなた must get to really know them than あなた can commit a relationship.

2. Make sure if he または she cares for you... If they don't ....why 日付 a person who don't care for u?

3. Don't really 日付 a person because of how they look....if あなた do that... You'll end up having a bunch of chicks/dudes and 日付 wrongly because of looks....date people because who they really are more, there feelings, and there mentality. によって dating girls/guys によって there appearance...
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posted by shinju-chan
My ハート, 心 was equal to a アナと雪の女王 log. Then, there was a spark. One that turned into a flame, which rekindled my heart.

It grows, and grows. The 火災, 火 gets warmer, and warmer, the もっと見る that spark appears. Smooth and velvety, was my
rekindled heart.

The log was greedy, and started to crack. The 火災, 火 consumed it, and the log was starting to turn to ashes. I always knew that the tides would turn, but they broke the rekindled ハート, 心 in half.

The ハート, 心 tried to mend itself with needles and thread. It bled, and bled for the fire, so it would be warm. It was ロスト in a world of despair, and started to crave...
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The whole story began with a ''Hi!''
I`ve never thought I`d feel as I do now
You wanted me.... I hated you....So funny
In this moment, see, how I`ve changed my mind

You started to 愛 me, I didn`t even care
Now I can`t believe that we talk so rare.
You 発言しました that あなた loved me
I 発言しました ''I 愛 あなた too''
My mistake: I didn`t believe in you.
Didn`t know that your words were true
I`ve messed up your feelings,
And that`s why I ロスト you.

I stand, now, here, alone
Hating myself for what I`ve done
Your 愛 was so pure and real...
Never`ve told あなた how I really feel.

You got mad on me...cus` I`ve started to care...
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Yes,i 発言しました handsome guy surrounded によって girls.Almost 8/10 girls loved and lusted for him and almost every girl had a crush on him.Half of the girls wished that he would just look at them once but he did something else.He came straight towards..........

ME AND JESS.Can u guess who he was? Ok let me tell U.He was the one whom i called trash,Hunk-o-junk,stupid etc.Let me correct my sentence I didn't call him all those I "USED TO" CALL HIM ALL THOSE.I said"used to" because now I know his importance.

His name was Scott Tennyson.The most 人気 boy in the school premises.The boy who I suspected was...
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posted by ashesrocks
A long time ago, 2 good フレンズ of mine became friends. They were good フレンズ and everyone thought they were a cute couple. Soon, it seemed as though they had started to have もっと見る feelings for each other.

They would IM each other daily, always wondering what the other one was doing. Soon, their I had a vision. A vision so vivid, it had to be true.

"One day, Katie and Ian will have a beautiful child. And he will be sexy, and blonde"

Of course they denied it,because they didn't think the other had feelings for the other one, but I saw the twinkle in Ian's dark eyes and Katie unique green eyes...
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Please tell me if it sucks または not. (:
Mi 愛 for あなた is very strong
Forever & and ever until it's gone
I hope we are like Romeo & Juilet
Because I know our time is set

I'm not romatic
または attractive at all
I know I'm stupid
and always fall

I just have to wonder
Why me an no one other?
I'm a clumsy, ugly, stupid girl
But yet some how I rock your world?

Your eyes are like mi sactuary
Your arms are strong and a little hairy
I 愛 your hair, body and all
I lov theway あなた take mi falls

Your my Prince in mi fiarytale
Not like the rest that are very frail
あなた are strong and loveable
And always huggable<3

Your handsome, nice and very sweet
And if we ever beak-up
The 次 girl will have lucky seat
posted by kewan
the first time happen that あなた get away from me as this
what happened to あなた , who changed あなた like this
do あなた still remember me または あなた forgot me
または your ハート, 心 went to someone else
get near of me and reassure my ハート, 心 , i'm tired , i need you
i live and die in the 日 hundred times
melts from longing , no 日 , i get comfortable
i want to see あなた even for once
enough i'm tired i want to rest
when i was tired and when i was lissa
i was coming to あなた and cry between your arms
Now i'm tired and i'm lissa from you
i want to come to あなた , my darling
Need to your hug

i need あなた もっと見る than before
-In case no one understands this: Italics are the charicters thoughts-

One date...One 日付 will not hurt me Brian thought muttering to himself inside of his dimly lit room. His room was darkened によって picures of obscure creatures, that he hand drew, he is an outstanding aritist, all of his work is so detailed, if he drew a indow, with scenery behind it, you'd actually think it was one, あなた might make a fool out of yourself によって tring to open it または clean it....but thats how good he was. He can't get her off his mind. Luna and Brian were about to go on there fist (planned) date. Suprising, Brian, being...
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There's guy number 1, guy number 2, and guy number 3.

Guy number 1:

It was 発言しました a few months back that he has a crush on me. He has freckles all over his face, we insult each other a lot. He's funny, and he's awesome at bowling.
I crushed on him once in 3rd grade, but that was it. It only lasted like 1 day.

Guy number 2:

He's really cute, almost every girl in the class is crushing on him. We're pretty good friends, when I used to crush on him, I'd slip-up a lot, but I learn from my mistakes.
He has really good grades, all A's.
We both know how to play chess, but he always beats me.

Guy number 3:

We're pretty good friends, and we discovered two years 前 that we're both left-handed. Which I think is really cool. Sometimes he'll sing songs made によって rappers, and I'll get an interest in that and ask who wrote it.
Most of the time I don't get his jokes, but I pretend to laugh anyway. This is the guy I just got over 2 days ago, but I'm still not sure.
This was written によって a long-lost friend of mine who was dreadfully heartbroken によって a guy she was certain was her Prince Charming. It gets to me every time I read it, so now I'm turning it over to you. I'm curious...is what this 記事 is saying the truth? Will true 愛 forever be a myth? コメント and let me know.
Love, the definition is a tender affection for someone または something..but does the true 愛 thingy ACTUALLY exist? Sure, the family and フレンズ claim to love, but how would anyone know it is a TRUE love? We are all still individual people...
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beeing heartbroken is really bad one of the worst feelings

_ あなた cry a lot
_you are listening to sad songs
_keep thinking of the good memories あなた have with the hearbreaker
_maybe 書く poems または songs
_prefer to be alone
_hate when someone starts asking 質問 about this

here is a way to stop beeing heartbroken または feel better

STOP beeing alone
talk to someone express your feelings
keep saying to yourself ''i can overcome him\her i'm strong
keep the feith
start hanging out with your フレンズ when あなた can
stop thinking about him\her think about something else that makes あなた happy

あなた will see that u'll feel better :)
I walk on the golden, silk like sand that warms my toes.

I find myself looking out to the shimmering, エメラルド green sea.

Wishing, just wishing あなた were here with me.

I zone out, for what feels like hours on end, but is really only a few minutes, but someone brushes their hand onto my shoulder.

I snap out of my trance and look into the persons eye's.

Warm, チョコレート brown eye's that look so inviting, i literally drown in them.

"My 愛 for あなた grows everyday sJs, あなた know that, dont you?" the voice that belonged to the person with those gorgeous eye's mumbles into my ear.

It sends shivers down my spine...
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posted by gublerlover1
i sit looking out at the midnight black sea
the moon with bright comforting rays
smiles down upon me
i hear the shuffle of feet
as people walk by
couples hand and hand
mothers and fathers swinging their children
will someone come and save me

the smell of blood and death surrounds me
year after year
time goes by
but i never do
sitting and waiting for someone i can trust to come along
will it finally be あなた to come and save me

as i sit there looking across the world
like i have done many times before
i hear u come up behind me but i do not move
i feel your touch and i shiver
your skin is soft and caring
and i know...
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