ロスト・ガール Season 5 Wishlist

LLheart posted on Apr 08, 2014 at 01:04PM
- Kenzi being alive (C'MON she is the heart of the show)
- 22 episodes (13 will never be enough)
- More swordfight scenes for Bo
- Evony becoming Fae again
- Lisa Ray as a guest star
- More outdoor/night scenes
- Bo & Lauren in the yellow Camaro
- An Aife backstory episode
- Lauren's family
- More Paul Amos plus more scenes with Vex+Kenzi & Vex+Lauren
- More Lauren+Kenzi scenes
- Trick paying for his past crimes/mistakes
- More geeky Dr. Lewis
- More Doccubus
- Emmanuelle Vaugier on a horseback riding scene
- More Succubus Bo (where is our SEX machine?)
- A light Fae leader who isn't going to die (AGAIN)
- Lauren's bedroom (the woman does sleep right?Where is her damn bed?)

- Bo chi sucking Lauren (God Damnit! I NEED this to happen already! I mean she has chi sucked almost everyone except the good Doctor....I want this to be intimate,beautiful & perfect)

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1年以上前 servanttosilk said…
I Totally agree about the Lauren's bedroom comment from above.

My wish list would have the following:

- The grateful Fae should pull a Habitat For Humanity moment and everyone put a new board on Bo's crack shack or buy her a new place! She's the Queen and she ended the Una Mens terror! Give the woman a House!

- I just want Inga Cadranel back before this show ends. Lover her character.

- A foursome: Bo, Lauren, Dyson and Tam Tam - just think on it.

- That Lauren will turn Evony back to Fae and then immediately Bo will suck her dry of chi from five blocks away. Poof!

- That Bo will finally admit to having the ability of precognition and that she knew Tamsin was in love with her at the end of season 3.

- Someone will be able to tell us why Bo's dawning was 200 years too early? No one has ever thought to wonder if Bo's body was artificially accelerated so that she would mature sooner and free her father? Doesn't that also mean that Bo would age quicker and die sooner?

- That someone will remember that Bo's blood could possibly enslave her father and if he were injected with it she could send him back home and technically be "free" of him.

-That Bo would do a solid for Tamsin and free her of Freya.

- That Bo would be able to spend time with mom or Grandma (if she went back to Valhalla to deal with Freya) and learn whatever else she needed to know about being a succubus. (it has always irked me how someone else: Trick or Lauren has to tell Bo how to use her powers.)

-That there would be one more round table meeting of the cast and let them tell us/EXACTLY WHY such a popular show is being trashed!

- At the very end of the 16th show - I want to see, "Bo will be back in her new show "The Dark Queen Rises" in January 2018 starring (some actress who doesn't mind being hyper sexualized and Bi-sexual and on the hit list of the Christian right and the Must watch list of everyone else on the planet)

-That the new show will have a dedicated director and writing staff and a well paid crew that will keep our heroine in great outfits, beautiful sets, superb lighting and well crafted story lines. (think Soprano's/Breaking Bad writers meet Succubus - oh the dialog!)
LLheart commented…
^ Ohhhh I want a pre-show episode too! This round 表, テーブル cast meeting MUST happen!!!! クロス fingers that we will get that on the 秒 half. As for Bo's Dawning this bugged me as well!!! There are so many plot holes & 未回答 staff that it's a pity this 表示する ends prematurely!(For the 愛 of all Fae please don't have Bo die! That would be like Xena all over again & I doubt I will have the sanity to endure! I hope it doesn't end this way 'cause it would suck big time!) 1年以上前
1年以上前 servanttosilk said…
You know Lucy Lawless originally demanded that the show end that way because, "she was tired and didn't want to do the role" but then in one of the many interviews on YouTube she admitted that she screwed up and that she regretted doing that because she would have done a movie after about 9 months of sitting around the house. I think the show will end with Bo and just Bo being left of the current gang. Perfect for the "Dark Queen Rises" - she might be able to hunt down Kenzie in Spain, but that will be up to the writers.
My money might be on the girl they auditioned in season 4. Remember Julia? That so smelled of an audition to find a replacement for Ksenia Solo.
1年以上前 LLheart said…
^ You are reopening old wounds here @servanttosilk!
Well whether it was Lucy's demand or not that was a shitty way to end the show! Why did Xena had to die in Japan? As much as I love Gabrielle as a Samurai warrior (Renée was really badass) I will always hate Akemi & her backstory with Xena (what an awful plot line)
If they wanted to have Xena dead why didn't they have Livia kill her (that would make more sense) Anyways after all these years Xena's finale still sucks! (If only they had shown us Gabrielle bring Xena's ashes back to the family tomb in Amphipolis)

But let's just focus back on Lost Girl. I don't think that the case here is Anna Silk's unwillingness to continue with this role.On the contrary. I think that despite the whole family bliss with newborn Sam, Anna was in for more seasons but alas! (Proof that she was in a sharp shape pretty fast after the pregnancy.Plus both her husband and baby boy were quite often on the set so there was no plausible reason for her to feel homesick) I think Ksenia's departure for new roles was the milestone for the show's premature finale. (Among other reasons that we may never find out) Anyways I would rather not see Bo all alone by the end of the series. Also I highly doubt we would ever see Julia Jenkins from Lovers. Apart. episode again. Although I must agree with you that this Julia kiddo did smell as Kenzi replacement in Bo's life.
1年以上前 servanttosilk said…
Well, I was just watching the most recent ConPanel on YouTube and bless them - Ksenia let slip that she will be there in the end for Bo.

Please note: That I didn't think Anna was the culprit regarding the show’s demise. My feeling was that Ksenia got too much of the show in the beginning. Essentially making her the de facto lead. Even though Doccubus fans account for all the voting, it seemed like Anna was upstaged by Zoie and Ksenia. When Ksenia left - the air in the Lost Girl balloon went too. Based on the huge pauses in season 5 (the break up scene with Tamsin and Bo in 7 and the elevator scene with Lauren/Bo/Dyson/Marc in 8) I feel like there wasn’t enough faith to keep trying on the part of the writers.

My #1 wish for this show is to have the rights bought up by someone else and have it spun off. Hey Oprah do you still need TV shows for your network? I would suggest E! TV, but it may take $$ to buy the rights off of Jay.