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posted by DamonLoverr
Thought L.J. Smith ファン might enjoy this..

The Mourning After

"By E.F.G.

“Can we go upstairs?” Bonnie whispered to Elena, as soon as Elena came out of Mrs. Flowers’s first floor bedroom. Elena didn’t need to ask why Bonnie wanted a quick conference. The younger girl had seen her taking Mrs. お花 aside. She must have at least guessed at the subject that was being discussed behind the closed door, and she certainly must have noticed Elena’s freshly reddened eyes and the tremor in her hands afterward.

No getting away from it. Elena excused herself to the “powder room”—and if there...
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posted by ObsidianSoul
When I started this club it was the summer before I went to 大学 I think. Unfortunately my degree has eaten up alot of the time I used to spend on ランダム internetz stuff so I apologise for my absence. At the end of this week I may give it something of a makeover in my spare, not revising または 書く a paper time.
I'm finding it funny at the moment my 受信箱 keeps throwing up アップデート from here all of a sudden. I'm guessing the re-release of the 本 and the Vampire Diaries t.v series has brought some new followers into the fold.
For us old fans, I read Nightworld, Forbidden Game, Dark visions...
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