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 Lesbian/Bisexual アニメ Art
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Well, I know I have been coming out as a lesbian here for several months now. Honestly, I didn't even consider bisexuality. I was still figuring it out. I'm not taking it back または anything. Okay, let me explain.

I "realized" I was a lesbian last January. I was totally into girls. But I was wondering - I'd had a couple crushes on guys. A few weeks 前 I realized I'd made a mistake - I was bi.

I go through a spectrum, I realize. Like right now, I'm like 70% into girls, 30% into guys. But it shifts around a lot. That's where I though I was lesbian and such.

Just to let everyone know, I did make a mistake. Good luck to あなた all!
(Just so あなた know, when I say Americans, I mean the US, not North America.)

I used to be proud to be an American. I believed we were such a great country. But, as time went on, that pride began to fade. The reasons to be proud diminished one によって one. Recently, my eyes were completely opened and I realize just how far behind my country truly is.

All it took was one video. A commercial. It was for the Israel Gay Youth Group. I did research. I realized. South Africa is allowing gay marriage, as well as several other countries. Israel is very pro-LGBT rights. Most of their commercials 表示する this sort...
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Animated Gay AIDS Awareness TV ad (commercial) 18+ Music: Sugar Baby 愛 によって The Rubettes
gay aids awareness
安全, 安全です sex
tv ad
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we are all gay
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 An image from "Weird Al" Yankovic's 音楽 video Virus Alert.
An image from "Weird Al" Yankovic's music video Virus Alert.
A lot of people on the Internet are link. That is, there is a lot of homophobia on the nets. Some of it’s trollish, but a lot of the time it’s from people being purely honest in their anti-homosexuality. For a lot of them, I get the idea that the communication based entirely in text causes them to forget the kind of tact they would otherwise employ in a face to face conversation. Admittedly other homophobes are intelligent and write carefully written and basically civil arguments, but they all tend to follow certain trends that are often as flawed as the little trolls. I’ll cover some...
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I've been bisexual for quite some time now... since I was 10 years old to be exact. Generally, one would assume I was just going through a phase due to puberty and hormones, but almost 5 years have passed, and I still feel the same.
One thing I dislike about being bisexual is the possibility of being compared to the other bisexual chicks at my school...
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against other bisexuals, it's just that the bi-chicks at my school are rather... irritating. These girls are the type of people who are constantly in your face about their bisexuality, and bringing...
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Jenna Talackova tells her story to Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview.
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