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Check it out, guys. I have compliled 30 名言・格言 exchanged between Lucas and Peyton over the years. These two didn't always know the truth of their own words, または that they were even in 愛 at the time; all either knew was that their unexplainable bond would never be broken.

So, go ahead. Read the following quotations. Smile. Laugh. Maybe even wipe away a tear as あなた remember what it felt like to hear these simple reminders that true 愛 doesn't die. It lives forever. BTW: when you're done, vote for your fave!

I'm trying to get every LP ファン on this spot involved, so spread the word. Now is everybody's...
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あなた know what I've never understood? Some people like to claim that LP's story is all about re-writing history, and is mostly based off of things that we never really saw happen, right?

And a big thing that I've heard that concept applied to is Peyton's role in Lucas' UKOR book. People say that it doesn't make sense, doesn't coordinate with the timing of Lucas 書く it in high school, that he wrote about all of the characters, not just Peyton, her supposedly being such a big part of the book was forced...blah, blah, blah. Basically they just mock the book supposedly being all about Peyton...
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these are the best leyton qoutes によって me.........
here we start.....

1…Lucas: oh my god Peyton i would never say that i would never cut あなた out of my life.

2…Peyton: First of all, あなた don't know me. 秒 of all, あなた don't know me.

3…Lucas: Peyton sawyer is not a human she is an エンジェル she is my angel.

4…Peyton: People always leave, but sometimes they come back.

5…Lucas: who wouldn’t fall in 愛 with あなた Peyton sawyer.

6…Peyton: You’re always saving me. Please let me find a way to save you.

7…Lucas: I never told Peyton I 愛 her. I want to go back.

8…Teacher: Passing notes, Mr. Scott?...
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posted by ggseason8
So when I first started watching the 表示する I thought:


Brooke just had to find someone, but as the 表示する went on it changed:


And Peyton had to fend for herself, until I realized that there was a perfect guy out there for her: JAKE!!

Well that pretty much stayed the same since I had only seen the 1st and 3rd season, well I'm watching the 4th, and Brooke has broke up with Lucas, and Peyton and Lucas are really good friends, but then they start going out, and I'm not mad, I don't want to fast フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして through the scences, I want to watch.

But I still 愛 Brucas, but I also 愛 Leyton, I still like Jeyton too thought.

I don't know what should I do??

Please Help!!

P.S. It's not that Brooke has Chase, cause personally I don't like Chase, but I like him better than Owen, I don't like Owen, sorry Bowen fans!!
posted by Laurencia7
 True 愛
True Love
So, we have all noticed how much HOT LP scenes have been lacking the past few years, so it got me thinking. What if that is the plan?

What if Mark weighs 愛 vs. Lust. Think back to how many couples have had some really risky 愛 scenes, and how many have had sweet "afterglow" scenes. Perhaps he thinks True 愛 doesn't need to be as graphic ....and others need it because they lack the emotional bond.

DO NOT get me wrong, I want another HOT LP scene as much as the rest of you, but in the broad scheme of things if it is 愛 vs Lust, I rather have Love.
I can make up the Lust!

Speaking in terms of Naley(ネイサン&ヘイリー) as well, how many really raunchy scenes have they had?

Just something to think about.
Sarah, Addie, Sabina and I decided to write Mark a letter and tell him what he should do to make OTH like it was! AWESOME♥! Here it is.....

From: LLT Girls!♥
To:OTH’s “writer”, Mark Schwan!
Subject: ONE JAMIE HILL…Not to brag but we’re better than you!

Dear Mark,

I’m sure that when あなた finish 読書 this letter which, with so much love, I decided to write to you, in your mind there will be two thoughts: 1. SUICIDE! 2.Follow my advice! I hope you’ll do the second, not because I care about you, but because あなた know I’m amazing! LOL! Well enough with that....Me and some of my...
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posted by markKaii
Students of 木, ツリー 丘, ヒル Highschool had just been informed to head straight to the theatre for a very special announcmant. They made their way to the theatre and once arrived found seats.
Principal Gibson: あなた were told earlier this week to locker share but あなた were not told why. I'm about to tell あなた why. As most of あなた will know Cornwall's Highschool was burned down almost three week 前 and I am delighted to say that Cornwalls students will be joining us this 年 as part of 木, ツリー 丘, ヒル Highschool.
There was a roar of very angry voices coming from the audience because 木, ツリー 丘, ヒル High and Cornwall...
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posted by othobsessed92
 あなた still 愛 me don't you?
You still love me don't you?
LUCAS (V.O.): Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. We graduated high school, saying goodbye. That feeling that あなた get at seventeen または eighteen that nobody in the history of the world has ever been this close, has ever loved as fiercely または laughed as hard または cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like someone else’s memory.

LUCAS'S BOOK: Peyton Sawyer is destined for greatness. Actually, she's already great, becaue Peyton Sawyer has a thing called integrity, and nothing and no one is ever going to change that.

PEYTON: Hi. How long's it been?
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I'm not trying to start drama, but my OTP is obviously Leyton. I fell in 愛 with them from the beginning. I always knew even throughout the Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) years that it was going to be Peyton. I actually enjoyed Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) together I thought they were cute, but I knew it wasn't meant to be. Any who, I made the decision to 登録する Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) ファン club and currently someone has 投稿されました ランダム things that irriate them about the whole Brooke/Lucas/Peyton 愛 Triangle. (It's on the Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) spot if あなた want to see the whole thing under: "Random things that annoy me about PEYTON/leyton/lucas" in the 記事 section....
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ok so this is like a fanfiction i've edited for myra and those people who don't read any other fics than leyton. this fic is amazing, original 作者 is italhunni28. if someone could give me somewhere to post this other than fanfiction.net, then i won't need to keep articles, so please help. :)


1. 5 Months 24 Days

I feel it everyday it's all the same
It brings me down but I'm the one to blame
I've tried everything to get away
So here I go again
Chasing あなた down again
Why do I do this?

“20 out of 30 shots missed. That’s not the Lucas Scott that I know.”

Lucas stopped dribbling and looked...
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 You're always saving me
You're always saving me
Season 2

PEYTON: Kind of ironic, it says ‘Naley Forever’ but it’s a temporary tattoo.
LUCAS: It’s symbolic.

LUCAS: あなた miss Jake, huh?
PEYTON: あなた should go.
LUCAS: Peyton!
PEYTON: No. OK. あなた can’t just walk in here and ask me something like that! When is the last time we even had a conversation about something real?
LUCAS: I just thought あなた could use a friend.
PEYTON: Yeah, I could use a friend, あなた know but あなた don’t qualify as that anymore, Lucas, because a real friend would know about all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately.

PEYTON: Why do あなた have to treat him like that? Could’ve...
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posted by gwennylou
I keep getting asked on tumblr why I ship Leyton, how I could possibly condone cheating and homewrecking and being a terrible friend....

And so here it is. I didn't watch One 木, ツリー 丘, ヒル from S 1-4 when it aired on the WB/CW. I knew of the show, I knew people who watched it and liked it. I simply had no desire to watch it. I think the only episode I ever saw of highschool was the one where Brooke/Nathan had sex on the video and Peyton watched the video. I was in a hotel room that night and I caught literally those 5-10 分 and then I switched the t.v. over to something else. I had no idea...
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posted by addiee
Tortured artist nearly runs over tortured athlete.
That's me inside your head. Why did あなた just tell me all that? We don't even know each other. Maybe that's the point.I'll be seein ya.Nice hands. Nice legs.
I guess misery really does love company.
Lonely. I want to draw something that means something to someone! I want to draw blind faith, または a fading summer, または just a moment of clarity. And if I can't be great at it, then I don't want to ruin it. It's too important to me. They are not you. Could あなた take a look at these? あなた won't be disappointed.
You're art matters. It's what got me here.
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posted by elinochka
Leyton ファン Fiction...
well Laurencia inspired me to write a fiction..so here it goes...
Starring:Lucas Scott
Peyton Sawyer
Nathan Scott
Haley James Scott
Brooke Davis and many もっと見る

あなた Found me

Lucas playing バスケットボール, バスケット ボール with his best friend Skills.Then Brooke Lucas's oficcial girlfriend drives to river Court..
Brooke:Hey Sexy!!What are あなた doing?Lucas:nah just playing バスケットボール, バスケット ボール with guys...!!Brooke:so i was thinking maybe あなた can come over tonight,so we can eat some food,dance a little and あなた know....Lucas:i am not sure if i can,i am kinda busy..maybe 次 time? Brooke:sure whatever...Brooke...
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 Honey Grove Prom ♥
Honey Grove Prom ♥
Episodes 4.11-Finale

LUCAS: I slowly but very gently take her in my arms, and I bring her in real close like this. Wow. Last time we kissed, it was so damn good, I collapsed. I'm joking.

PEYTON: I've been holding in my feelings because I'm in 愛 with him.
HALEY: Which makes no sense whatsoever.
PEYTON: Well, it does to me. The last time Lucas and I kissed, like, really kissed, he had a ハート, 心 attack, and he almost died. I'm bad luck.
HALEY: Oh, shut up. あなた are not.
PEYTON: Yeah, I am. Think about every person I've gotten close to-- my mom, Jake, Ellie, Derek. Where are they all now? Even my dad...
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I have had quite a few people ask me how to embed 画像 throughout their article, so I figured it would be helpful to make an easy to follow guide for everyone to follow!

I'll use some LP 名言・格言 for my "body" & put the code under each image I use. [Just remember to remove the **'s that I put!]


"Hey, I was waiting for you."
"I think we've waited long enough!"


[*img*1 *center*, *large*]

"You are such a mess, あなた can’t just call a girl from the airport."
"I know this sounds crazy."
"You’re a mess Lucas Scott, but you’re my mess. And I 愛 you."


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I just want to give a HUGE NOSNDNAS TO AMBER for winning FOTM! :) I think we can all agree that this spot would NOT be the same without her :) We 愛 you, Amber, and あなた totally deserve this.

Thanks to the 前 LP FOTM's for assisting me with some of these questions! :) And a special thanks to Rach for trying to teach me how to make it pretty. Key word: TRYING (Steph=FAIL)

First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of images/organization in this article. Rach tried to explain it to me and scared me away from it. Kidding (thank あなた Rach). I was just tired out. It took a long time...
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We all know Leyton are meant to be, but for some totally obsurd and ridiculously crazy reason, some people have doubts that its peyton that lucas calls.

I am here to prove otherwise.

So first things first, Mark has 発言しました that Leyton is happening 次 season. We don't know if its just for a short while または if its finally for good, but this DEFINATELY gives Peyton a bigger chance of being the one Lucas calls, no? And earlier in the season, when she kissed him, he full on kissed her back! あなた don't just effing キッス someone who あなた don't like. and people- he wrote to whole freaking novels about the...
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 March FOTM: Laura!
March FOTM: Laura!
NOSNDNAS Laura! あなた defintely deserved this, and this spot would not be the same without you!

1. How does it feel to be the LP FOTM?

Freaking amazing and I feel so loved, lol XD

2. How did あなた get into watching OTH?

Well a few years ago, a girl moved down my street, I went to welcome her and we got talking. Then she randomly 発言しました I know あなた remind me of, Peyton from One 木, ツリー Hill. I had never even heard of OTH so was like ur, ok... lol. Later on I was thinking of what she 発言しました and wanted to know if she was secretly insulting me so decided to watch the first episode of OTH. I instantly...
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So first of all to state the obvious, if あなた do like Lindsey and/or Lincus あなた probably shouldn't be 読書 this...and if あなた do read it あなた shouldn't be taking offense.

Well, most people who know me, know that I really don't like Lindsey and Lincus. And many ファン assume the reason is because I'm a hard core Leyton and Peyton ファン {okay I admit, maybe that's just a little bit of the reason} But their was also a lot wrong with the couple and character!

Why I don't like Lindsey as a character:
I know a lot of people see...
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