Leyton vs. Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) Brucas(ブルック&ルーカス) vs. Leyton

ktlady posted on Oct 02, 2007 at 05:54PM
So... we're all here because of the big question...

Which is the better couple?

Who's right and who's wrong?


Now you have a chance to (drumroll please) discuss it here!

Please give a reason why you like the couple or why they should be together. None of these posts please:


lol... if you do write that... at least give a reason.

thanks guys!

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1年以上前 ktlady said…
I'll start... I guess. I like both couples for a few reasons. But I think that Peyton was the one meant for Lucas. And they seem to get along better. But Brooke and Lucas have great chemistry and they're adorable.

But I'm going with Leyton here, because I was rooting for them since the first episode... and I think they're great together! I also don't think Brucas is ever going to work out.
1年以上前 ClaireB58 said…
Nice view Katie, I have always liked Brucas from the beginning, because when they were together, they were just soooooooo......sweet and adorable and in love, I don't have anything against Leyton I mean they are cute so I'm not bothered who's with Lucas but if I had to pick it wuld be Brucas!
1年以上前 ktlady said…
Good reasons... I like how you're not so completely on one side that you can't see the other side can be good too. I think it's better when people don't have a huge prejudice towards one side or the other. I think shows are a lot more fun when you don't hate any of the characters (unless they're a villain of course... because that's their job).
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1年以上前 ClaireB58 said…
Thanks, I know it's better that way, and yes if they are a villian *cough*DAN*cough* it's fun to hate them but not over a love triangle!
1年以上前 ktlady said…
lol... I thought of Dan when I said villain too. whoohoo! there's fifteen fans now! ;)
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1年以上前 ktlady said…
twenty two! yay!
1年以上前 bjames238 said…
Leyton should be together because lets face it, Brucas has tried at least three times and it hasn't worked out. Plus, he's been infatuated with Peyton since before he knew Brooke existed. Plus, Brooke and Chase are really cute together!
1年以上前 SG1-090 said…
I'm a Leyton fan because....

In the beginning Lucas didn't want Brooke, he wanted Peyton - but she was to scared of commitment so she turned him down. Then when she told him how she really felt he chose Brooke, but i think that's just because he was still hurt that Peyton rejected him.

Because almost as soon as he started going out with Brooke he started trying to be with Peyton - he dumped Brooke and told Peyton he "had" to be with her. Brooke's angry so Peyton decides to stay friends with Luke because she didn't want to hurt Brooke more than she already had.

Then when Brucas did get back together it was cute for a while, but the cracks where clear, she didn't trust him any where near Peyton and ended up being really cruel to Peyton who was just being honest.

I'm not trying to bash Brooke - what i mean is i didn't think Brucas brought out the best in Brooke it made her jealous, suspicious and sometimes quite cruel. It's actually all of those things which lead me to almost hate Brooke as a character - i would watch and think "Brooke's so class!" then have to endure her being overbearing and nasty about something Brucas related.

As soon as Brooke and Lucas resolved there feelings for each other her whole character just became so much more awesome. More like the person who screamed at Phelix for what he did to Peyton or did the robot at the cheer competition (both awesome moments for Brooke!).

But when Leyton are together Peyton and Lucas always seem so happy and content, Lucas came back to tell her he loved her - and we saw in the vision that if he had died it was Peyton not Brooke who would be visting his grave when they where an old lady.
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1年以上前 Leyton4ever said…
Now I don't hate Brucas I just think Leyton make a way better couple than Brucas does.

Brucas has wonderful moments, definately had chemisty and were cute together, but that was pretty much it. Sure they loved each other, I won't deny them that, but I never really saw any emotional connection between to the two, more because of Lucas than Brooke. It just seemed that when Brucas was a couple both of them spent more time being unhappy than being happy. I've never been a big fan of Brooke but the whole Brucas relationship just made her worse. Season 5 is the first season i've come anywhere close to liking Brooke as a character.

Now as to why I like Leyton. First off when I watched the pilot episode I immediately fell in love with Lucas's character and till this day he's still my favorite. I think Peyton is great for Lucas.

I love that Lucas from the time her car broke down he could talk to her. I mean actually talk to her. We all he's got issues when it comes to letting people in.

Whenever you see scenes with Lucas and Peyton they've always had an emotional connection, from the very first scene the look they give each other when Peyton almost runs him over, it's undeniable.

They understand each other like others don't. I admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of Peyton in the beginning of season 1 i thought she was a bitch to be honest with ya, but still thought they'd make an awesome couple right from the beginning and they do.

I think it's great that they were really good friends before they became a couple. They got to know each other and understand each other. Because they have such a great emotional connection, they know what the other one needs or wants which is something that Brucas never had.

Which is on both Brooke and Lucas. Take for example the whole non-exclusive thing(which was beyond annoying by the way). Brooke tells Lucas they should date other people(which he clearly doesn't want to do)because she's afraid to hurt again(which to an extent is understandable) but then she throws the whole "I wanted you to fight for me" speech at him. Shows that he clearly had no idea what she wanted from him. He asks her how he was supposed to and she says you just are(and she's right) if they had a better emotional connection maybe he would have figured that(I say maybe cuz he's still lucas after all...lol). But Brooke does it to, i think most clearly shown by her throwing the party at the school after keith was killed(why on earth she thought Lucas would have wanted that I have yet to figure out). Just shows that she didn't understand what he needed either. There are more than just these two incidents but these are the two that stand out to me.

I don't hate Brucas but they just aren't a very good couple. Sure I see chemistry, I see a cute couple. I see two people that loved each other that wanted to be together but it just wasn't meant to be. They have their awesome moments they do, but it seems like their relationship was too many big speeches and apologies, it turned Brooke into a person that she normally wouldn't be.

A relationship should make two people stronger, make them better. Brucas does the opposite, especially to Brooke, who is a much better character without Lucas. She deserves someone that will treat her like he treats Peyton.

Even in season 5, with his current defects, Lucas does what he does because of Peyton. Lots of what Lucas does or doesn't do over the seasons is somehow about Peyton. He can deny it all he wants to but he's meant to be with Peyton, and he'll figure it out on his own time. And regardless of what happens or how long it takes Peyton will be there when he does, maybe not right away but she will be because they are meant to be together and deep down they both know it.
brenmyself commented…
at the annual バスケットボール, バスケット ボール appreciation gathering at dan and deb's did あなた notice how brooke was trying push peyton to get back with nate im glad peyton called her on it 1年以上前
brenmyself commented…
あなた could tell brooke was trying get peyton out of the way so she could get paws into him. 1年以上前
brenmyself commented…
Lindsey thought luke was going to wait forever cause when luke showed up for the 秒 book meeting i believe she had plans to start something new until luke bust her out and told her that his wedding is もっと見る important than some book tour.I was happy when i heard that. leyton4ever TLA 1年以上前
brenmyself commented…
When peyton got pregnant did あなた notice the look on brooke face she was hacked and then she wanted to put it on 72 hrs it took to make a dress for a skinny girl and then she had the nerve to say is it lucas lol 1年以上前
1年以上前 doyouknow said…
I agree with Leyton4ever. Everything Lucas does always revolves around Peyton. I mean sure Brucas was cute for a time but if you really think about it. The day after Brooke and Lucas got back together Lucas travelled with Peyton to see Ellie. Lucas ran into the school to save Peyton instead of staying with Brooke to see if she was ok. Lucas still spoke to Peyton at the wedding even though Brooke told him not to. And even better he told her she looked pretty. Lucas defended Peyton during Brooke and his fight at the wedding. He stayed friends with Peyton all throught the pre Leyton s4 even though he probs knew it was pissing off Brooke. And he saved her from psycho Derek and let her sleep in his bed!! Come on in all fairness! What has he done for Brooke? Write her a few letters, kiss her in the rain. Hardly a whirlwind (sp?) romance/.

I like Leyton because they compliment each other. And they've always been friends. And he has always cared for her .. A lot.
1年以上前 broody4cheery said…
i love lucas, peyton and brooke, and though i was originally a leyton fan i quickly became a brucas fan, now i simply can't stand leyton. although i think leyton need their chance i believe brucas will find their way in the end, because people who are meant to be together always find their way in the end. Brooke and Lucas not only have more chemistry but i believe their love is more genuine and stems for a more genuine place. i can't help but doubt Leyton, it seems to me they just think they should be together when all they really have is a great friendship. Brooke and Lucas compliment each other, they are opposites and bring into the relationship different aspects therefore completing one another. Lucas may save Peyton alot, but that's because she needs saving alot and he's a good guy, he's there for anyone who needs help, he pulled Dan his nemesis out of a burning building for gods sake, and he ran into a school knowing there was a shooter to go after his little brother, thats just the type of guy he is. Lucas and Peyton's relationship quickly seemed to me like a high school crush stretched to far, to people seeing the other as a safe place, to Peyton Lucas is a person who never leaves, to Lucas Peyton represents a dream. but Brooke and Lucas you see them fall in love, you see when they look at each other not for the first time but when they really see each other for the first time, they fell in love for who they are, faults and all, and he fights for her (even if she doesn't realsie it, silly Brooke) and he's chosen her over and over again, i'm in no doubt that in teh end he'll choose her again.
1年以上前 laffertybemine said…
okaaaay ,
well ill tell you why im all for Brucas !!
one cause , When rachel and lucas went on there date , Rachel told Lucas , if you get this shot in , you and brooke are ment to be ! and what happens , he got the shot in !!
honestly i dont know how people can like a homewrecker ?? she ruined brucas twice !
and what your gonna say what the heart wants what it wants , well maybe luc shouldnt of gotten with Brooke ... They should of known better .... i would BE FINE WITH LEYTON BUT THEY SCREWED OVER BROOKE WHO DID NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NOW IN LATER SEASONS , WHAT HAPPENS BROOKE HELPS PEYTON OUT SO MUCH , AND SHE JUST DECIDES TO GO HER MARRIED AS BROOKE GETS ATTACKED IN HER STORE , HONESTLY PEYTON IS THEE WORST FRIEND OUT THERE..
OTH_thebest001 commented…
Girl, chill. I 愛 Brooke, but the first time (Season 1), it was Lucas who went after Peyton. The 秒 time, Peyton kissed Lucas because she was dying. Then, she was being honest with her best friend. If Brooke was secure in her relationship with Lucas, she wouldnt have reacted like that. Of course she would've been upset. But it was a bit too much IMO. And Peyton didn't know Brooke was gonna get attacked in 6x01. How would she? I dont know how あなた are ' all for Brucas' if あなた hate what Lucas did to Brooke. Honestly, then あなた should ship Brase または Brulian! They are adorbs! 1年以上前
1年以上前 littleretrogirl said…
I dont really mind who lucas is with but i have to say that i think he is better with peyton.Plus i like Brooke better when she isnt going out with anyone,i think her character is better without her being with someone.
1年以上前 Derena_Brucas said…
I agree with laffeetybemine
1年以上前 brenmyself said…
I didnt like when brooke started taking private pictures of peyton and flashed them over the internet,hell she act like peyton dont know how to pick a man,or either she's gettin peyton out of the way so she can get hooks into luke again.
1年以上前 brenmyself said…
Watching Brucas eskimo kiss along with the kiss on her lips was cute but.... watching leyton kiss was awesome and then watching luke slowly rub his nose in a circular motion against peyton nose was so dam hot and sexy.Woooh!!
1年以上前 brenmyself said…
Brooke was too bossy,she leads luke follows,she wants her cake and eat it too.When she broke up with luke she said kissing peyton wasnt it huh!! she'll lie. when she told him she probably will always love him and she said she use too miss him. i knew she was ending it because she didnt want to share the space with peyton in lukes heart.