Leyton Family<3 name meanings of some of my お気に入り characters ; which NAME MEANING do あなた like the most?

Pick one:
雲, クラウド ; (english) 雲, クラウド
luna ; (latin) moon
tidus ; (japanese) sun
sora ; (japanese) sky
noctis lucis caelum ; (latin) light the night sky
yuna ; (brazilian portugese) dark river
squall ; (english) squall
hope ; (english) hope
aqua ; (latin) water
regis ; (french) kingly
stella ; (latin) 星, つ星
terra ; (latin) earth
ventus ; (latin) wind
kairi ; (japanese) sea
roxas ; (spanish) red
naminé ; (japanese) sound of the ocean wave
garnet ; (english) dark red gemstone
snow ; (english) snow
lightning ; (english) lightning
 rachel713 posted 1年以上前
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