Leyton Family<3 Songs that remind me of some of my お気に入り couples // Which do あなた agree with most? {icons used = couple the song reminds me of ♥}

Pick one:
Alone Again || Alyssa Reid
愛 あなた Like A 愛 Song || Selena Gomez
Womanizer || Britney Spears
Toxic || Britney Spears
Teenage Dream || Katy Perry
I Want It That Way || Backstreet Boys
How To 愛 || Lil Wayne
Breathe || Taylor 迅速, スウィフト
Realize || Colbie Caillat
Haven't Met あなた Yet || Michael Buble {*Ted/The Mother}
Smile || Avril Lavigne
Fall For あなた || Secondhand Serenade
Jar Of Hearts || Christina Perri
It Will Rain || Bruno Mars
The One That Got Away || Katy Perry
I don't agree with any of these.
My option!
 xoheartinohioxo posted 1年以上前
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