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carolgreen481 posted on Aug 17, 2012 at 12:12AM
Hi everybody,

Many of you have seen the new German dictionary on WordReference. Hopefully, it will become a good reference source for you all.

I need your feedback to make it better. Please let me know if something is not working right, or could be better. Whenever you have a suggestion, please click the "Suggestions" link on the bottom left of the dictionary results page. This will lead you to the Contact Us form. I don't speak German, so please explain your suggestion well!

My main areas of concern:
1. Finding the right word. If you type in a word that is not in the typical "dictionary" form (masculine singular if it is an adjective, infinitive if it is a verb etc.), do you get the expected dictionary headword? An example in English: If you type in "walked", you should get the entry for "walk". An example in German: If you type "Herren", you should get the entry for "Herr".

2. Display. Does something not look right? Is it bolded when it shouldn't be? Let me know.

3. "Click any word for translation" feature (only with certain web browsers). If you do not understand a word in a definition or in an example, you need not type it in the search window. Instead, you can simply click on it. Let me know if your click does not send you to the right side of the dictionary or capture the right word.

Thanks for your help

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