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SnapeSoulmate posted on Sep 27, 2011 at 12:13AM
Gee, lately I've been really hyped on L... Every day, I think, "Man, I remember back when Death Note was on adult swim and Hot Topic had its DN shit all over the place and people were going nuts about it.... I wish it was like that again"

So, I keep hearing rumors. That there would be a new anime, about L. That there would be an american remake of the DN movie(s).

I'm really hoping that the DN craze will be back, and that L's name will be recalled by many people. Who the hell wouldn't love that!? So for the love of L.... Wish and pray with me every night that this happens... XD I'm sure if we all pull together and believe it'll happen enough, it may come true.

*Sincerely a wishful, VERY wishful rabid fan*

 Gee, lately I've been really hyped on L... Every day, I think, "Man, I remember back when Death Note

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1年以上前 Ryuzakiluver18 said…
maybe Adult Swim should put it back :)
1年以上前 SnapeSoulmate said…
Thats what I'm sayn'!
1年以上前 Ryuzakiluver18 said…
HELL YEAH even if their just rumors :)
1年以上前 YannCookie said…
I feel such a noob...
I didn't become a fan of Death Note till last year. So I didn't get see the hype of it.
So it would be awesome if it came back so I can be apart of it this time.
I have a thing for joining fandoms... REALLY late.
1年以上前 SnapeSoulmate said…
D'aw, you know, my best friend irl developed this huge thing for L last year too... Took no part in the craze years ago. Because she never watched it(She said it scared her xD The 2nd OP I mean); she curses herself for not doing so lol xD She's really praying something comes up. That's why, as horrible as America can be- I'm hoping this americanized movie is legitimate and will become huge to the point*...SLIGHTLY hoping) it'll be a bit like mainstream. I normally hate mainstream shit, but if it's really successful, people will just fall in love with it.
Bah, I've had my share on being late to fandoms as well, so I know how you must feel- But it's better late than never, right? I'm sure L understands you. ♥ =3

So lets all wish with all our might |D
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1年以上前 ILoveL2 said…
I have the same fu*king problem as your best friend and YannCookie! I fu*king hate myself,I used to be afraid of Death Note when it was popular! Call me crazy but i even ask every store if they'll consider selling death note stuff again. I get fucking pissed off at my sister because she used to like death note when it was popular and now that i love it she doesnt fucking give me her death note stuff! Shes a fucking ass hole! I would fucking love it if it became popular again! I already fucking wish and try to convice adult swim to re show it!

Sorry for all the cursing...i'm fucking pissed off! >:(
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