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 "hey wait for me"
"hey wait for me"
Kenta has an adventure with Kyoya, Sabrina and Yu

where can she be? "sabrina?" not here. "Sabrina?" not here either. here? nope. how about here? no. this is getting frustrating. "Sabrina! where are you?" i rounded the corner and ran into Yu. "oh こんにちは kenji. what ya doing?" he asked. "i am looking for Sabrina. have あなた seen her lately?" i ask practicly begging for a yes. "yah i did. she went to bey park with yoyo and Ginky and Madoka. can i go with you? i am so bored there is nothing to do around here at all!" ok? i guess he really must be bored. thats why i am looking for Sabrina. she always...
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 kyoya tategami
kyoya tategami
Kyoya Tategami layed down on his crates in his warehouse and sipped on his soda laughing at benkei and the other members of the face hunters.He couldnt help but laugh. When an angry girl came through the door."Kyoya Tategami!!!!" she yelled and the looks of it she wasnt happy. Kyoya got up from the crates and smirked while walking to her.He sighed and took out his leone.He put it on his launcher and smirked evilshly."Is this what あなた want?" he asked. she chuckled and took out her bey and laucher and 発言しました yes.they both were fighting against each other as their beys spinned and after a while...
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The days passed by.I was al alone. Like nowhere in the world. One day, I opened my eyes and found my self on a bed. "Where am I?..",I asked myself. I felt like someone is on the door so I hid myself under the blanet. A girl with a red headed boy came in. "Hi..",the girl said. "Hi,how are あなた feeling now?..",the red headed boy asked. I remained silent. "Its okay...we aren't going to harm you..promise...",the girl said. "My name is Madoka and this is Gingka...",Madoka said. I came out of the blanket."Hi...",Gingka said."Hi..",I replied. "What's the 日付 today?...",Madoka asked. "Well, today...
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kyoya tategami
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Hello this is my first story and I really hope あなた enjoy
The main characters: Kyoya Tategami from 爆転シュート ベイブレード and Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid
Secondary Characters: Hagane Ginga, Madoka Amano, Yu Tendo and Benkei

First 日 of summer just went.What could be better? Sun, beach, parties and of course "Beyblade"
And to celebrate the first 日 of summer, Kyoya and his フレンズ went to the park to participate in different bey battle.Hours passed, and Kyoya gone. The only opponent he was suitable for him was Ginga but Kyoya knew that it was not strong enough for a new confrontation.Boy walking alone in the...
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爆転シュート ベイブレード 愛 story

Nagi: hello amu
Amu: こんにちは nagi
Nagi: want to go to the beach
Amu: sure can I invite yaya and rima
Nagi sure I was going to invite them
Amu : I am going to call them
Nagi: ok meet あなた there
Amu : no let me come to あなた ok
Nagi :ok
Later in the car
Nagi : こんにちは amu do あなた have karaoke
Amu : ya
Rima : what song should we play
Yaya : five finger to the face
Amu : ok
Nagi : あなた know I want あなた cuse girl I really want あなた
Amu : and あなた looking nice
Yaya : got me クーラー than a bag of ice
Everyone: now freez frezz freez
Rima :now go
Nagi : draving fast then moveing real slow
Amu oh what
Yaya: you...
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