Kim Possible Who is going to the convention

imipak posted on Jan 16, 2012 at 03:30AM
There's a Kim Possible convention later this year - who's planning to go?

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1年以上前 imipak said…
*listens to the many sounds of silence*

Well, how about I help start you off. Here are the people you will meet if you DO attend:

Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle (Creators / Executive Producers / Writers)
Steve Loter (Producer / Director)
Chris Bailey (Executive Producer / Director)
Brian Swenlin (Story Editor / Writer)
Clay Renfroe (Line Producer)
Nicole Dubuc (Apprentice Staff Writer)
Kurt Weldon (Line Producer / Story Editor / Writer)
Tom Hart (Story Editor / Writer)
Mark Palmer (Story Editor / Writer)
Bob Roth (Story Editor / Writer)
Bill Motz (Story Editor / Writer)
Shaun Fleming (Voice of the "Tweebs" - Jim & Tim Possible)
Lisa Schaffer (Dialogue Director)
Alan Bodner (Art Director)
Andy Ice (Background Designer)
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One link, complete with nacos: link
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