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OmegaFan posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 08:02PM
Okay, who is stupid enough not to have thought of a character for Kim Possible. I have one. Like all my other forums. I'll put up my own character after I create the forum. Tell me who you'll be if you were able to be with KP as an ally, enemy, crush, rival or any other relationship. I enjoy making up my characters and wish to see who else is this good.

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1年以上前 OmegaFan said…
My character's name is Tim Passable. An old friend of Kim's. Tim is as skilled as Kim, but he moved away when he and Kim were both six. He comes back due to some parental trouble to stay with his aunt from now on in Middleton. He has a communicator like Kim's but his is in fact smaller and is kept in his right ear at all times, other than when he's in water. The person who tells him of trouble is a smart, young woman named Kristen. Tim's fighting style is one that he worked on that ironically serves as a perfect combo with Kim's fighting style. Tim isn't exactly like Kim, he pretty much is laid back and wishes to remain alone on missions as he says he is skilled enough to tackle everything on his own, even though half the time he becomes a captive. At Middleton, he is a kind and caring person whose personality belies his looks. He enjoys relaxing, ready martial arts books, watching movies with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, and finally some peace and quiet after a mission, despite his little sister Pim, short for Pamela's attempts to get him to dress up for every little event. Dislikes bullying, sports other than martial arts, sea food, and his sister sometimes. Tim's helper Kristen later on decides to no longer act as Tim's informant on trouble which causes Tim to work with Kim and Ron, much to his immediate disdain. He begins to warm up to them and in fact forms a friendship with them. He remains single at all times as he wishes to not having something to worry about other than school work and missions. His hair is a bed hed brunette, he has green eyes. Usually seen in a blue shirt with a brown tunic underneath, shorts most of the time, and finally tennish shoes.