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Kiko looked at bloom he felt really happy to be part of winx club well he was an important guy and being a pet of dragon flame fairy and a princess he must be the luckest bunny in world he smiled at this thought as bloom pick him up and began to cuddle her her wmarth of hug he felt very happy je felt like he is the one in world he was funny art cut fluffy youmg and had carrots whenever he wanted to he was just great he was lucky to have such good フレンズ he opened his mouth and sang lalaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaalalalalala being the lucky huy
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added by aizakhan16
posted by Winxlove
Kiko is Bloom's pet rabbit. His 毛皮 is a blue color and he is shown to be smarter than most rabbits. Kiko is suspected to have some sort of magical power, because early in season 1, he passes through a barrier that only allows magical creatures. This is confirmed in the season finale when he is shown flying to get himself and Icy's pet アヒル, 鴨 to safety.He is also seen in the the secret of the ロスト kingdom,where a little girl in the 花 store saw him floating.He is shown flying again in the episode 1 of season 2, while carrying Bloom's headband. In the last episode of the 秒 season Kiko...
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