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Justin Bieber is at the Summertime Ball today entertaining ファン in the United Kingdom. As ファン have been super loyal and growing によって the minute, one might think that the popstar would let the fame go all to his head. Well, as much as it sounds like it could be the case, it isn't. The entertainer will be performing at the Summertime Ball in the UK and 画像 of the rider items have been exposed. A rider, for those of us not in the 音楽 industry, are items an entertainer requires to be in the dressing room when they arrive. Some rock stars demand things like only オレンジ M&M candies または peeled...
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-Include details in your answer.-

Also say

The songs あなた like,
Have あなた seen hime live before,
Do あなた have a medal for this spot

And so on...

Please use good grammar. Don't use the number 4 to say for. Don't use 2 for to または too.
Spelling doesn't matter.

Whatever, PEACE!





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Justin Bieber is not a regular 15-year old boy. He already has singles on the Billboard Hot 100, 10 million hits (and counting) on his personal YouTube account, and he hangs out with R&B superstar Usher. A self-taught singer, dancer and musician (he plays the guitar, drums, ピアノ and ttrumpet) who still maintains his 4.0 average in school, Justin is made of pure talent. Not to mention a boyish charm that sent tweens, and even some adults, swooning.
It seemed that his journey to success was already paved for him. He joined a local 歌う contest called Stratford Idolat the age of 12. Though...
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posted by shafiqua
First I'll acknowledge
Your trust has been broken now
A successful recovery
I pray for us at night

Blessed me with a 秒 chance
Never thought I'd see your face again
Learned a lot through trial and error
Tryna make it right

Make it right
Make it right
Make it right
It's time to do ya right
Woooooooah woah, wooooooooaaah

Missin' ya good intentions
Missin' ya from a distance
Hope ya did the same

I know that I caused a problem
I Know that I left あなた livid
Pushed あなた far away

Learned it don't pay to lie
Costs もっと見る to see あなた cry
Sayin' nothing gets あなた nowhere fast
Imma hold it back inside

Well now that I'm back around...
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posted by Peacegirl108
oh oh its jb
My フレンズ say I'm a fool to think
that you're the one for me
I guess I'm just a sucker for love
'Cuz honestly the truth is that
you know I'm never leavin'
'Cuz you're my エンジェル sent from above

Baby あなた can do no wrong
My money is yours
Give あなた little もっと見る because I 愛 ya,
love ya
With me, girl, is where あなた belong
Just stay right here
I promise my dear I'll put nothin above ya
above ya

Love me, 愛 me
Say that あなた 愛 me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how あなた do me
Kiss me, キッス me
Say that あなた miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me あなた 愛 me

Love me, 愛 me
Say that あなた 愛 me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how...
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I thought this was interesting, so i wanted to put it somewhere, because people are always asking him how he can write about love.

What he 発言しました was that he writes some songs about past relationships (Caitlin Beadles, wink wink, some that he thinks people can relate to.

But what got me was he 発言しました he writes a lot of his songs like he's telling a story.

Like, he has the ハート, 心 of a poet または something.

How BEAUTIFUL is that?????!!!!

I think it's beautiful that he writes a story with his songs, because I was kind of wondering where he got his materiel. Like, did all that happen with Caitlin?
He 発言しました his...
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posted by mrsjb923

J-Just so adorable!!! ;D
S-Sweet as a thousand pounds of sugar! :D
T-Thankful for everything that has happened to him!
I-Interesting and very intelligent! 8 ) <---- 8= glasses
N-Never says never!!! (ok, maybe sometimes!)

D-Dating Selena Gomez
R-Really hott
E-Everything in one little bundle!!! (bundle is such a cute word!!)
W-Women of all ages 愛 him!

B-Beautiful on the inside and out!
I-I love, love, 愛 him!
E-Energetic and funny!
B-Brilliant and bold!!
E-Exciting to watch dance and sing!
R-Real, not fake!

I hope あなた enjoyed this acrostic poem and i hope Justin sees this!!!
Thanks ;D
posted by ImUnbroken
"One Less Lonely Girl"

Alright let's go

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl

How many "I told you"s and "Start over"s and shoulders have あなた cried on before?
How many promises? Be honest girl
How many tears あなた let hit the floor?
How many bags あなた packed
Just to take them back?
Tell me that how many either "or"s?
But no もっと見る if あなた let me inside of your world
There'll be one less lonely girl

(Oh oh) Saw so many pretty faces before I saw あなた (you)
Now all I see is you...
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1:- They shall Never Say Never
2:-They shall never Download Justin Bieber's songs illegally
3:-They should Let their Swag following it is in every belieber's veins
4:-They shall respect Justin's privacy.
5;- They should not suicide because Justin has got a girlfriend.You are over-reacting.
6:-They should at least wear one item which is purple in color
7:-They shall be happy whatever Bieber's decision in life
8:- they should scream like a hobo in his concerts.
7:- They should not hate on his friends, family and his relationships.
10:-they should 愛 him for what he is.
theres a hot gie that loves to ging about girls some people meke fun of him others 愛 him i am one of those people. the gie who every one loves is the one the onley justin beiber. people who heat his guts are just jelous the songs によって this wonderfull pearson are the world greatest lyrics preformed によって the worlds greatest gie hes hot and sweet and has a great smile any girl would be lickey to have him as there man. a short story about him he became famouse of of u tube he has an awlsom personality i 愛 あなた justin あなた rock my world
posted by MarylovesSelena
Justin Bieber kicked off his My World tour in Hartford, CT on Wednesday night. The 16-year-old pop 星, つ星 had been on vocal rest all week, but it looks like he made a full recovery. Justin made his entrance in front of a huge crowd of screaming ファン as he launched the summer leg of his first tour as a headliner. Dressed in white, the Canadian singer opened with "Love Me" as he showed off some karate moves. He delivered もっと見る impressive moves throughout the night, climbing walls and taking to the air in suspended cages.
The teen heartthrob performed a classic 移動する as he serenaded a young lady with...
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The Hills 星, つ星 Heidi Montag has publicly 'made a move' on 16-year old Justin Bieber. The Somebody To 愛 singer may have confessed he has a thing for older women, but Montag may have taken the pint-sized star's claims a bit too far after suggesting they 'get together' on Twitter. Montag, who スプリット, 分割 with her co-star Spencer Pratt a few weeks 前 tweeted: "@justinbieber Now that I am getting divorced, I really think あなた and I should do a 写真 shoot together! Cutie ;)! I'm closer to your age."
However, Heidi has since blamed her estranged hubby Spencer for the tweet, claiming: "I didn't write...
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He is now one of the world’s biggest-selling artists but there are some days when Justin wishes he could lead a もっと見る normal lifestyle. Yesterday was one of those days, with Justin being unable to talk despite being at an amazing party because he had to rest his voice.
“been resting all day. Vocal rest still sucks but needed. Gotta chill but trying to party. My baby ジーザス likes to party,” he wrote on his Twitter page. Justin was feeling frustrated and grumpy によって the end of the day, but was instantly cheered up when he ran into some of his fans. The teen girls had the singer laughing in seconds, and he thanked them in a short post on the social networking site a few hours later.
“my ファン are a good time. they have amazing sense of humor and always lift the spirits. thanks for being there. vocal rest still sucks :)” he wrote.
Justin Bieber tried to pull a fast one at a movie theater this past weekend — and it didn't exactly work out for him. On Saturday, at the Showcase Cinema de Lux at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Mass., “Justin was in general admission seating for the 2 p.m. 表示中 of Get Him to the Greek,” an eyewitness tells Star. "He was with a bodyguard, his manager, Scott Braun, and another person. Justin snuck out of his シート, 座席 and tried to get into the premium seating. The problem was that it’s only for people 21 and over. He was caught red-handed and turned away によって the theater manager!” The Biebs,...
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The Jonas Brothers are going to have to fight to keep a hold of their popularity, now that another musician has come to steal the hearts of girls everywhere.

あなた know who we are talking about. Yep, Justin Bieber, who has won over thousands of ファン internationally.

And what do the Jonas Brothers think of Justin? They had never 発言しました anything about him, until now...A few days 前 Nick told the magazine J-14 that there is only room for one JB on the stage. So how should we refer to Justin Bieber? According to Nick, Bustin Jieber would be the best bet, that way no one will confuse the JB of the Jonas Brothers and the JB of Justin Bieber!

We hope he was joking, but what a mess anyway! It looks like the Jonas Brothers are a bit jealous of Justin Bieber.
Swedish police have found drugs on the tour bus of singer Justin Bieber after officers detected "a strong smell of marijuana" emanating from the vehicle.
The officers had been 投稿されました outside the 19-year-old's hotel to control a frenzied crowd of his fans, known as 'Beliebers', who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the Canadian singer.
A police officer on crowd duty smelled マリファナ on the empty tour bus outside the hotel where Bieber was staying just before his コンサート in the capital on Wednesday night, police spokesman Kjell Lindgren told Reuters.
"The police went onto the bus and searched...
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In my school everyone hates Justin Bieber ..But I dont understand why?If there is any Justin hater here please tell me why do あなた hate him...In my school when I ask my フレンズ why do あなた hate him?
here are the reasons:-
1:-He has a squeaky voice
2:-He has a stupid Haircut
3:-He Showoffs all the time.
and I think he never does these things..Okay are they jealous of him that he is just 16 and is a big Pop singer..and everybody loves him.Well I dont know
and besides these are not the reasons to hate someone.If he is a Dork why are his songs big hits?
Do u have a answer for that?and when I say I 愛 him..They dont talk to me for 日 and are making this a big issue.
Well I will Keep loving him..Do u have any problem with that?
Lets Shutout for Justin!
Justin Bieber seems to have caught the eye of Willow Smith, with reports suggesting the 10-year old 'has the hots' for him.

According to ShowbizSpy, the Whip My Hair 星, つ星 is 'crushing real hard' on Bieber, with sources claiming she is 'infatuated' with the U Smile singer.

The insider revealed: "Willow can’t stop talking about Justin. She’s crushing real hard! Her eyes light up whenever she sees him.”

Bieber has shown his continuous support of Will Smith's daughter, recently taking to Twitter to 表示する his appreciation over her performance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, earlier this week.

The 16-year old tweeted: "everyone watch @TheEllenShow today and see lil sis @OfficialWillow KILL IT with her first performance of WHIP MY HAIR!! SHE IS 10 YEARS OLD!"

After the show, Bieber, who brought Willow out on stage with him last week, added: "proud of u @officialwillow - the performance was incredible."
The 秒 season of "Glee" already has ファン buzzing about some exciting new musical possibilities. After initially declining an offer from "Glee" producers, コールドプレイ has finally come around to the idea of being featured on the show. “Coldplay and Bryan Adams were really the only rejections. But コールドプレイ called a week 前 and said, ‘We’re sorry, あなた can have our catalog,’ ” Glee‘s creator, Ryan Murphy, tells the Hollywood Reporter. With 上, ページのトップへ selling albums like "X & Y," "Parachutes" and "Viva La Vida," producers will have a wide range of musical possibilities to choose from....
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