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Source: Jimmy Two-Shoes, the main タイトル character
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Source: Jimmy Two-Shoes in his werewolf form.....
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A fic about my oc アナスタシア and how she comes to miseryville.BTW,Ucan see pics of her on my profile! Anyway, enjoy!
It was a normal 日 in miseryville.The monsters were roaming the streets with saddened looks on their faces.The お花 were in perfect wilt and dry, and the bugs were devouring other animals.
Suprisingly,Jez,lucious heinous the 7th's 'girlfriend' was walking to the death trap of a factory with a smile that would make a depressed man perk up.
She started to walk closer to a blonde haired, boyh with a green and white stripe シャツ with denim pants play...
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It's true! Everyone in Miseryville can whistle... well, except for Jimmy! To learn the art of whistling, he recruits the help of a cockney pickpocket.
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Jimmy and his friends' お気に入り band, Runny and the Nosebleeds, are having a concert! Problem is, they can't afford tickets. In order to make some extra cash, Jimmy and Beezy offer to babysit Molotov's obnoxious son and baby daughter.
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baby blamo
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'baby boom'