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Title: What a Wonderful Life
Pairing: Jemi
Summary: Joe reminisces about how his life just keeps getting wonderful each year.
Author's Note: I don't own anybody but Rosalinda Anne and Alexander William. I dedicate this story to the person who came up with some of the details of my story, A_Wa. Hope she likes it.

Joe Jonas couldn't believe how much his life has changed over the years but his life had changed only for the better. It has started to get wonderful when after three years of denying that he only loved Demi Lovato as a best friend and honorary sister, he had finally got sick of denying...
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Even though reps deny any fighting between Ashley and Demi, a new レポート says otherwise!

Remember how the reps were adamant that it was all sunshine and バラ between Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene when the ディズニー starlet was sent to rehab? And remember how あなた really didn’t really believe it? Yeah, neither did we. And according to a new story, Demi took her anger toward Ashley online…

X17online is reporting that when Demi, 18, found out her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and Ashley were going to take their new couple status on tour, she sent a “very nasty e-mail” to the 23-year-old Twilight star....
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