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~Demi's P.O.V~
The 次 morning I walked downstairs to see my mom and her new fiance キス on the couch.I faked a cough so that they would stop.They both looked at me.
Dianna:Hi,Demi.Ohh,by the way your フレンズ should be here any minute.
All of the sudden our doorbell rang.I quickly went and answered it.My friend's,Selena,Miley,Nick,and Liam came in.
Demi:Hey guys!
Everyone else:Hey Dems.
We all ran into my bedroom.
Selena:Hey,Dems who was that hot guy downstairs? Demi:Ohh,that's my soon to be stepdad.
Everyone else gasped.I knew what they were thinking.They were thinking..OMG that's sick the dude's...
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Why is life so hard?all it does is cause あなた pain.You might be wondering why I'm saying this.I'll tell あなた why.My parents died and to 上, ページのトップへ that I'm an only child which means I have no one to look up to when sad.So,here I am in front of my mom's friend's house.
あなた might be wondering what my name is so, I'll tell you.My name is Demi.I knocked on the door to my mom's friend's house.The door opened and a very handsome man walked out."You must be Demetria Lovato.I'm Mr.Jonas.""Yes I'm Demetria ,but please call me Demi または Dems,"I said. "Well,Demi come inside and meet my wife and children,"He replyed.We...
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In May, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato broke up. And in August the “Camp Rock” co-stars will embark on a tour together. It’s hard to imagine many things もっと見る awkward than hitting the road with your ex of three months … so is Joe nervous?

“Demi has been a friend of mine for a long time,” Joe told Ryan Seacrest when he called in during the host’s KIIS-FM “On-Air With Ryan Seacrest” radio 表示する on Friday (July 23).

“I think that our friendship is so strong that it surpasses a lot of things, and I think touring will be a lot of fun,” Joe said.

Plus, Joe added, the former lovebirds...
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Title: Rumors Hurt
Author: Jewel_2
Sumarry: Title: Rumors Hurt
Author: Jewel_2
Sumarry: Demi gets a hurtful e-mail from a suppose friend.
Author's Note: I don't own anybody but Georgia. This is one of my takes on the whole Demi sad thingrumor thing. I will be doing another one that i thought of as i was typing this one so keep your eyes peeled. Please review.

Ok so coming ホーム to find my wife sobbing at the computer with her phone in her hand isn't the welcome I was hoping for. I was hoping that my wife would greet me at the door with a キッス and a hug so I need to go over there and make my girl...
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