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I have so been wanting to vent my opinions about this issue for the longest time.

Ok so we all know how people have been calling Jake a pedophile for imprinting on Nessie. This 記事 is on behalf of us who strongly oppose this accusation.

If あなた truly paid attention to the books, あなた would know that imprinting is nothing like that. It goes far deeper than any physical attraction または romantic desires. The 愛 that imprints share is indescribable. もっと見る indescribable than that of your average lovers. Jake explained it in Eclipse. When she's a baby, he would be like a big brother to her. Then when...
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It was only a couple 分 after the reception and Aunt Alice was practically jumping out of her skin. “Esme can we 表示する them please, please, please?” Aunt Alice begged. “Ok but calm done Alice we don’t want to give it away.” Grandma told Aunt Alice. They tied a peace of cloth around Jacob and my eyes. We walked a mile and Grandma and Aunt Alice took of the blindfolds. Jacob and I stood in front of a beautiful three story house. “Grandma, Aunt Alice its beautiful. Thank あなた so much.” I 発言しました turning back to them giving them both the biggest hug I’ve ever 与えられた any one. They...
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Chapter 6: Growing up with a rite of passage.
Edward slowly walked into Renesmee’s bedroom, while she was still asleep. He knelt down in front of her bed.
“Hey Ness, I‘m going now sweetie” his hand stroking her forehead. Her eyes threatened to open.
“When will あなた be back” her eyes opening as her voice went from groggy to normal.
“I‘ll be back in a week または two” he smiled when she grabbed his hand and said.
“Be safe, dad”
“I 愛 あなた Renesmee” he kissed her forehead and walked out of her bedroom. Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle were going on a camping trip, leaving Renesmee...
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