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posted by Random9747649
A/n Heyy guys! This is my Nizzy story!!!!! Enjoy!!
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Noah, Izzy, または tdwt… I wish
Pairing: Noah and Izzy!
Warning: Spoilers!
Noah’s POV
On a sunny 日 at Camp Wawanakwa (A/N I think that’s where they all went after the 表示する ^^’) I am calmly sitting on the porch of my cabin. I am 読書 my お気に入り book. It was the only book I brought, sadly, so I have read it about 100 times.
“HI NOAH!” I look up and see Izzy walking up to me hyperly. I let out a small sigh.
“What do あなた want Izzy?” I have a lot of mixed feelings about her. She’s my friend. But something is...
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posted by izzysawsome
Izzys POV:

There I was staring at Noah, the man of my dreams, Finally! I can talk to him I go over to were he is and say "Hi Noah" I blush a little, dispite him seeing it. "Hey Izzy, did あなた know.....?" "KNOW WHAT?!" When it comes to knowng things I like to be the first to hear about it. "Your single...." "Gee, thanks for reminding me" I roll my eyes then that's when he 発言しました it: "And I'm single to......" "Woah, woah, woah! Are あなた asking me on a date?" I 発言しました a tear almost came upon my eye.

"Are あなた saying yes" a giant smile came to both of our face'es "Yes *chuckles* I'm saying yes!" "I've waited almost 2 years for あなた to ask me that!"

We hugged, then we looked in each-others eyes we got so caught up in the moment, we shared a little キッス <333.