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 아이유 for W Korea April Unpublished Pictorial Cut
Plaid is a great fashion choice no matter what time of 年 it may be. With the デザイン being a ファン favorite, it appears to be a coveted piece of fashion for idols as well. Recently, K-Pop アイコン IU(アイユー) and EXID's Hani were spotted rocking some similar fashion sense - but who wore it better?

It was a difficult decision choosing between these two lovelies, but despite their beauty I have to vote IU(アイユー) for wearing this plaid スカート from 'Feridot' best. Something about the way IU(アイユー) utilizes the スカート brings a new life to the style while Hani may have stumbled upon a spare from f(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum" wardrobe....
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