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Having picked up some useful cooking tips from 'Chief Lee Hyori', while working part-time as a maid on JTBC's 'Hyori's ベッド & Breakfast', singer IU(アイユー) decided to 表示する off her impressive skills in the kitchen.

On July 20, Sulli 投稿されました a series of 写真 capturing the moments of her friend busy inside the kitchen. The idol 星, つ星 can be seen wearing a purple シャツ and preparing necessary ingredients such as chopped and steamed vegetables, noodles, and savory soy sauce for a bowl of homemade noodle soup. Along with the photos, Sulli wrote, "Cooking genius Lee Ji Eun (IU's real name)."

Seeing the 表, テーブル all neatly set up, netizens commented, "Isn't that what she learned from Lee Hyori?", "It appears IU(アイユー) has gotten better at cooking since appearing on the reality program."

Amidst the news of Lee Tae Im's car accident and the growing controversy over IU's "Zeze," tvN's 'SNL Korea' has jumped in headfirst with a parody that has caused its own controversy.

On November 10, the show's official フェイスブック 投稿されました a picture to make light of the situation involving Dongnyok Publishing Company criticizing IU(アイユー) for her lyrics referencing 'My Sweet オレンジ Tree.' The picture's post used the title, 'Ms. Lee Tae Im. Sae Yoon is not that kind of child.'

The content borrows the voice and words from Dongnyok's official statement, saying, "Sae Yoon, as a 36-year-old nerd, is a child...
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IU(アイユー) still managed to be all smiles at her コンサート in Shanghai, China despite her ongoing "Zeze" controversy.

On November 8, the singer held her first コンサート in China since she debuted 7 years ago. ファン were ready with their green IU(アイユー) banners in hand, excited to see IU(アイユー) in コンサート for the first time in their country. They especially loved her cover of TF Boys' new hit track "Young".

IU(アイユー) will be holding another コンサート in Beijing on December 20 as her 秒 stop in China.


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