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When life gets too stressful, it's always nice to have a best friend who just gets you. The K-Pop world is definitely stress-inducing; and in the midst of paparazzi, rumors, crazy sasaeng fans, harsh netizen comments, and public misconceptions, some idols are lucky to have someone whom they can always count on to be on their side.

Suzy and IU: スイカ Sisters
Suzy and IU(アイユー) were not always close. Although the two were co-stars on the famous idol drama 'Dream High', they were known to be pretty awkward around each other. That is until one fateful night, Suzy first approached her fellow K-Pop cutie...
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Solo singer IU(アイユー) is known in the industry for having an incredible voice as well as a cute and charming personality.

And while the LOEN Entertainment singer has been known for her innocent image, she recently showed that she has a sexy side as well によって shooting a hot pictorial with magazine GQ.

Donning a black tank 上, ページのトップへ and matching shorts, IU(アイユー) showed that she can definitely pull of a sexy concept as well, wowing ファン with her new mature look.


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IU's official light stick has been revealed!

Along with the announcement about her official ファン club, Fave Entertainment released 写真 of the singer's official light stick. Light green and white are the theme colors. The light stick will be available in white and silver and it will illuminate a neon yellow light.

ファン are glad that IU(アイユー) is finally having an official light stick after 10 years since her debut.
How do あなた like the デザイン of IU's light stick?

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