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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: So, new chappie =)) Not muchh to say about this but if あなた read the first chapter closely you'll realizer the truth and dare part was in the past. So we are now back to present =))

Thank あなた for all the reviews I've been getting!!! Keep them up!!


Hugh walked out from the bathroom and stepped into the room he had waked up. It wasn’t familiar to him in any ways. He glanced at the bed, all the sheets were crumbled but luckily for him, there was no recognizable partner. His head was killing him. He realized he was only in boxers, he picked up pants from the floor, his シャツ was nowhere...
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posted by Noeloe
Thanks for the reviews! And yes Stephen & Robert are officially partners in crime! In part 9 & 10 we'll find out a little bit もっと見る about their plans, but first this part in which our beloved Blind Birds start to open their eyes a little... Enjoy!

After listening to the message Hugh called Stephen. ‘Hey, I got your message.’ ‘O, hey! So, lunch tomorrow?’ ‘Ehm… I kind of already have plans tomorrow afternoon…’ ‘Those plans もっと見る important than having lunch with your best friend?’, Stephen joked. ‘Ehm… it… How about brunch? Say 10ish? I have to be somewhere at...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: Ok so SO SORRY guys!!! I feel like I haven't updated in YEAAARSSS! (well only two days) but as I 発言しました school started! And it is being evil!! It's the first time I get on the computer tonight so I am reallly really SORRY! But anyways I'll update 次 chapter on Sunday!

I hope あなた like this chapter... It's a bit weird to right drunken Hugh...

Review =)) They make me get もっと見る inspiration!

“Truth または Dare, Lisa?”


“I’ll go for truth.” Hugh laid his head on a cushion and nodded his head.

“Ok, the 質問 is, have...
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posted by huddysmacked
So here's part 2 from Truth または Dare. I hope あなた enjoy it. Leave a review (;C And school is starting soon from me so I'll be updating one 日 yes one 日 no. Just to tell you, so あなた don't think I am giving up this fic....again.

Oh and just a little teaser before the chapter: If something doesn't make sense, it's because I was trying to write as a drunk person would XDDD

“Let’s play.” She 発言しました as she spun the greenish empty wine container.


The bottle spun until it stopped, head to Olivia and toes to Robert. She wiggled...
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posted by Noeloe
Wow so many lovely reviews! ^^ Thanks girls! So here's the 次 chapter! Kind of fluffy, so enjoy!

@Alex About Robert and his wife and sister-in-law... were they really that stupid to send someone like Mindy? または was it actually an extremely clever thing to do...?

Hugh walked happily back to Mindy as he knew their 日付 would end in a few minutes. ‘We got the free drinks!’, Mindy 発言しました excited as she was gulping down a very expensive wine. Hugh smiled polite as he also took a sip of his drink. ‘So… ehm… I heard あなた work in a museum...’, Hugh 発言しました in his American accent. He didn’t...
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posted by Noeloe
Thanks for the reviews! And about Mindy... well lets just see what あなた think about her after 読書 this chapter... And did I mention Justin already? No? Then あなた better get reading!;) Enjoy!

Hugh arrived at Mindy’s house a few 分 to 7. He walked to her front door and was just about to ring the doorbell when a woman opened the door. ‘Hi! I heard your car so I thought I would open the door already! O, I’m Mindy によって the way, but I think あなた already got that!’, Mindy giggled. Hugh gave her a polite smile. Mindy was quite tall and slim, had curly blonde hair, which was obviously not...
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posted by huddyislove

That I didn't update sooner, but I was sick :/
I hope I make it up with this :)))))))))))))))
Oh, thank あなた for your lovely reviews :D
Enjoy :))))))))

Chapter 18: Booty call unwanted

Four months later

“Ugh... Lisa.. what time is it?” Hugh muttered being just awoken in the middle of night によって his pregnant wife.
“Three am” Lisa kissed Hugh's 襟, 首輪 bone while she ran her hands up and down his chest.
“We have a shooting tomorrow, I need my sleep” Hugh muttered again, and rolling himself on his side, started to drift off.
After a minute, he felt Lisa 's hands on his waist....
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posted by huddyislove

To humor my nagging mother (read: REGI!! XDDD) I'm gonna post this now :)
It's not a first chapter, it's a prologue...
(it's a new thing, what is Hilly up to?? O.o)
Yeah, I have my reason, and NO! I'm not telling them XDDDD
OH, boy, how I'm gonna...


leave あなた intrigued?
Let's put it that way (:C *wriggles eyebrows suggestively*

(I meant the A/N notes XDDDD)
Love ya all...
(but if I'm 表示中 it the right way, I'll leave あなた to find out)

It's coming

Are あなた ready?

Just a little scroll more

*slaps Hilly* 'GIVE US TE FIC ALREADY!!!'


He walked...
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lisa edelstein
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posted by rue0613
Disclaimer: I don’t own House… whoopss… wrong disclaimer. I don’t own Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, because we have abolished slavery long time ago… But if somehow I can control their free will, Hugh Laurie will be divorced and they will be doing some smexy stuff right now.

Hello! Rue0613 here. As I 発言しました in one of my post, I’m a FF writer, who specialize with Hameron. Yes, あなた heard me right, I’m a Hameron fan, and now kinda Huddy fan… but a CRAZY HULI FAN!!! >:)
This is the first time I’ll be doing a real person FF. Oh, for those who are familiar with, I’ll...
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posted by maverickangel35
A note from the author: I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to write for such wonderful... kind... understanding people as あなた all are. I bow to you.
    “Jesus, Lisa!” He burst out, sitting straight up in bed. “I am fully aware of what I am! Do あなた honestly think that I would be doing this—saying these things—if I had a choice? I’ve tried to stay away from you. I’ve tried to stay angry with you—I’ve even tried to ignore you, and あなた just won’t go out of my mind.” He breathed hard, laying back down. He could hear Lisa’s breath grow...
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