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Video Huddy, Spoilers saison 7 et 6. Les personnages sont la propriété de la série Dr House. Enjoy =)
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Transcript of Hugh Laurie's interview with Tavis Smiley...

Just sharing... XD...


Tavis: Pleased to welcome Hugh Laurie to this program. The six-time Emmy nominee continues his role on one of TV's most 人気 and unique dramas, "House." The 表示する just kicked off its seventh season earlier this week. It airs, of course, every Monday at 8:00 on Fox. Here now, a scene from "House."


Tavis: Hugh Laurie, good to have あなた on the program, sir.

Hugh Laurie: Thank あなた very much, good to be here.

Tavis: あなた doing all right?

Laurie: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Tavis: So I'm going to tell on you. There's a monitor...
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    “Who’s the sweetest boy? Who’s the most handsome? I could just hug あなた all day…”
    “Talking to my picture again?” Hugh cracked, coming around the corner of the set to find Lisa playing with the feline guest 星, つ星 of the 次 episode.
    “Who’s so handsome?” Lisa continued, as if she didn’t even notice him. “Who’s a handsome boy?”
    “I believe あなた are now comparing me to a cat,” Hugh said, coming down hard on the ‘c’ in the word. “I believe I am insulted.”
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Hey, guys--teeny weeny warning time: there are a few bad words in this chapter. Necessary because of the type of scene they were doing, and I usually don't like to do that, but just so あなた all know--if that sort of thing bothers you, please be aware...

    “In which I have to hold this little creature…” Lisa was talking with Deran before shooting, and did not look happy. “And it’s going to be crying, and I’m going to be crying, and I have to yell at it? So basically, Cuddy is the worst mother ever.”
    “Pretty much,” Hugh said, coming...
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Dear Houselover8195: Thank あなた for ever so kindly telling me to get off my butt and write something...

Thus beginneth the dreaded Author's Notes--I am so sorry this took so long, but I had no earthly idea how I was going to do this chapter. Nothing sounded right. Finally I just decided to push through, and hope it would get better 次 time... also there are no pictures with this particular episode that I could think of anything to do with, so I just used the best one I could find from Joy To The World and called it quits. :)

PS: Any X-Files ファン out there... spot the shout-out!

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    Days went by, and the cast did eventually find time to get together and celebrate the start of a new season. A while later, the filming of Birthmarks had begun, and Lisa was on set for her only 日 of filming before Hugh and Robert began their marathon of car-based scenes. She found Hugh sitting in House’s chair while the directors and writers were having a conference, waiting to begin filming.
    “Hey, you.” She took a シート, 座席 in the chair across the desk. “How’s life?”
    Hugh glared at her and she choked back a giggle....
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Hey, all--sorry these are all pretty short, but am 書く in between all manner of other projects, and figured I might as well post as it's written, even if it's not chapters upon chapters of prose... no? Here goes...

    “Biggest klutz in the history of mankind,” Lisa said, nudging Hugh as they left the set a few days later. “How many things have あなた tripped over this past week?”
    “About as many things as you’ve dropped または ‘accidentally’ thrown at whoever is making あなた laugh in the middle of your scenes.”
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Source: Dr. House フォーラ
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Disclaimer: I do not have any knowledge whatsoever of Hugh Laurie または Lisa Edelstein's private lives. No offense is meant によって the posting of this ridiculous story--it is only meant to be an excercise in "what if," a hypothetical situation that may have happened または may yet happen, and is not intended for anything beyond fictional enjoyment によって respectful fans. That said...

    “Oh, it is just disgusting how happy あなた two look,” Robert said, but couldn’t stop himself from grinning at them both. “How are あなた going to explain your sudden onset of compulsive happiness...
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    “You’re cleaning that up,” she whispered against his lips as he lifted her off her feet and deposited her on the edge of the table, standing between her legs and lowering his hands to her waist to pull her close against him. Lisa locked her ankles behind his back and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself so close she literally couldn’t tell where he ended and she began. Gasping against the side of his neck, Lisa suddenly remembered. “Oh my God…”
    “What?” Hugh was paying an inordinate amount of attention to a particularly...
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