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Well, あなた know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on YouTube
slow motion
lisa edelstein
Thanks so much to huddyeva @ YT :D
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Before I start.. I knoooow It's been too long since I've written anything.. and I just felt like 書く a one shot.
It's a sad one, so if you're not in the mood, SKIP IT.

I mean that with all the 愛 in the world.
Hope あなた like it, though.
And I recommend あなた play this song while 読書 it
link just to make it もっと見る dramatic </3
And please don't hate me for what I'm about to do.
Love my sinners forever <3


Cover my eyes, cover my ears, tell me these words are a lie.

She rushed down the hallway, trying to catch her breath. Her ハート, 心 pounding fast, she could hear its...
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    It is an inevitable fact of life that when a woman reaches Lisa’s age, and her フレンズ are mostly paired up and settled, those フレンズ will attempt to reach out and fix the life of their not-so-fortunate comrades. Well, James was not your typical girlfriend, but he had nevertheless been attempting to get Lisa out on a myriad of dates over the past few years, and had met with nothing but stubborn refusal on the part of Miss Lisa E. That last conversation with Hugh had been the final straw. Maybe a few dates were just...
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    Days went by, and the cast did eventually find time to get together and celebrate the start of a new season. A while later, the filming of Birthmarks had begun, and Lisa was on set for her only 日 of filming before Hugh and Robert began their marathon of car-based scenes. She found Hugh sitting in House’s chair while the directors and writers were having a conference, waiting to begin filming.
    “Hey, you.” She took a シート, 座席 in the chair across the desk. “How’s life?”
    Hugh glared at her and she choked back a giggle....
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The House MD Season 5 taping season ended 秒 week of April. The break allowed Hugh to go back to ロンドン to finish his divorcement papers but of course he did this after Lisa’s approval of him going home. Lisa stayed with Giammario in California but she promised Hugh that she will tell Gi about them before Hugh come back in LA. The couple kept in touch with each other and it couldn’t be deny that they missed each other so much. によって then, both of them were certain that they really belong to each other.

Lisa opened her eyes and all she could see was her empty room. The closet, drawers, mirror,...
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Giammario woke up early than usually. He was the one who prepared their breakfast and planned to serve Lisa to make it up to her. She entered the dinning room and smiled when she saw him washing the pans he used for cooking. She stood によって the キッチン counter as Gi turned to looked at her while doing the chore.
Lisa: Since when あなた did あなた learn to wash the dishes?
Gi: Since the 日 I live alone. --- Don’t worry, I’ve been washing dishes and doing the laundry myself for six months so this isn’t new… <placed the washed pans in the shelf and dried his hands while facing her>
Lisa: How...
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Later that night, Hugh was wearing a smile when he got home. His children were playing scrabble in the living room as their father closed the door behind him. He walked straight to see his kids unable to notice his wife coming down the stairs. He sat near Charlie whose turn is coming. Jo stopped in mid-way to see what her husband was up to.
Hugh: <to Charlie> How’d あなた doing?
Charlie: <looked at his dad> Fine <looked at the board game again and his dad did the same>
Hugh: Add some letters to what Bill had placed over there and you’ll get Neurocysticercosis.
Rebecca: <looking...
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