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Ok so yeah after some thinking I came up with this Little fic and yeah it's brand NEW… Cpomment if あなた wish me to continue =)) I personally don’t like it but well Huli is always good! And lol I couldn't came out with a better タイトル XDDD

“What the heck is this all about?” Hugh 発言しました as he threw the magazine at Lisa.

Lisa glanced at the magazine and there it was in front page Lisa has new toy! She then looked back at Hugh.

“This is a rumor.” She 発言しました hanging the magazine to Hugh again but he threw it to the floor. They were in the set, almost leaving they were actually the two last...
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A little vid with some pics. For the Huli's ファン all over the world :D ♥ ♥ Eyes never lies and speak もっと見る than thousand words ♥ ♥
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hi sinners! this should be a one shot, but maybe it´ll be a two または three shot...i don´t know. hope あなた like it starts after the end of season 6...enjoy!;))

A long Day, a stressful procedure and lot´s of talking and smiling in front of the press, producers and co-workers. “Thank God! This 日 is over.”, he muttered によって himself while he stretched out his legs on the ソファー, ソファ in his hotel room. A few 分 later his cell rang and he groaned while getting up to answer the call. “Yes?” “Hi, am I disturbing you?” “Ahm, no…well yes…I´m a little tired after all that,...
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posted by Noeloe
Is this a quick update または what?;) Thanks for your reviews!

‘Mmmm’, Lisa almost moaned as she took another bite of her curry. Hugh smiled, ‘You want me to leave あなた two alone for a minute?’ Lisa smirked, ‘It’s just so good, I could eat this every day.’ ‘Well than maybe we can come back here another time, like one of our Thursday nights.’ Lisa nodded and smiled, she was happy that he apparently still wanted to spend his Thursday nights with her. She had been a little scared that if he got a girlfriend they couldn’t do that anymore. ‘Is your カレー good too?’, Lisa smiled....
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posted by Noeloe
Thanks for the reviews! Susan is gay, although Hugh won't see much of that yet as he first has to suffer through this date...

‘You are going to tell me… right?’, Lisa asked as she showed the 3th dress at the 4th store they went too. ‘My honest opinion about this dress? Sure I am…’, Hugh 発言しました while giving her a full body scan with his eyes and then subconsciously licking his lips as Lisa turned around to 表示する the very low-cut back. ‘Well… that too, because you’re British, but I actually meant your 日付 tonight…’ ‘Oh, well of course I’ll tell you, that is if あなた won’t...
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I'm really busy, just busy! I have a friend from Czech republic staying over, so I'm with her most of the time... and I only managed to drop によって today! :P
When the we're home,she usually uses PC to go on FB XD...
So, enjoy till あなた can..
She's going ホーム in 3 days.. Until then, very little または NO Hilly on FP :P

“I just can't believe that he's doing this to me” Lisa exhaled as she leaned into her ソファー, ソファ pillows.
“He's your best friend, Lisa... あなた need to understand him...” Lisa's girlfriend, Robyn, 発言しました sipping on her coffee from the アームチェア, 肘掛け椅子 near the couch.
“He needs to understand...
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こんにちは everyone! I just want to say that I left this spot for a while b/c I stopped believing, but than my unconscience didn't agree with me, so here I am again. This is going to be a very short multi-chap, もっと見る like a one-shot スプリット, 分割 in pieces (simply b/c I don't have the time to write more). Don't expect to much from it, just well... enjoy

Lisa heard her phone ring and immediately panicked as in all the chaos of this afternoon she couldn’t remember where she put it. She was trying to hear where the sound was coming from, but with Eileen on her arm that wasn’t the easiest thing.

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posted by huddyislove
I know I post with break of like FOREVA, :P,
but I just can't make it. I don't even think I'll be here from Friday to Tuesday cause I have a friend from Czech republic coming.
So, enjoy while あなた can, I really hope あなた do :)))
I 愛 あなた all so much,
and just remember, Huli and Huddy will live!
No matter what! <3


“Dad?” Hugh heard a familiar voice coming down the hallway. He had almost forgotten his daughter was in the house. Becca had came to visit a few weeks before and she just never left.
“I'm in the bedroom!” Hugh shouted from the door, starting his way to Rebecca's room....
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A/N: So, new chappie =)) Not muchh to say about this but if あなた read the first chapter closely you'll realizer the truth and dare part was in the past. So we are now back to present =))

Thank あなた for all the reviews I've been getting!!! Keep them up!!


Hugh walked out from the bathroom and stepped into the room he had waked up. It wasn’t familiar to him in any ways. He glanced at the bed, all the sheets were crumbled but luckily for him, there was no recognizable partner. His head was killing him. He realized he was only in boxers, he picked up pants from the floor, his シャツ was nowhere...
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Thanks for the reviews! And yes Stephen & Robert are officially partners in crime! In part 9 & 10 we'll find out a little bit もっと見る about their plans, but first this part in which our beloved Blind Birds start to open their eyes a little... Enjoy!

After listening to the message Hugh called Stephen. ‘Hey, I got your message.’ ‘O, hey! So, lunch tomorrow?’ ‘Ehm… I kind of already have plans tomorrow afternoon…’ ‘Those plans もっと見る important than having lunch with your best friend?’, Stephen joked. ‘Ehm… it… How about brunch? Say 10ish? I have to be somewhere at...
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A/N: Ok so SO SORRY guys!!! I feel like I haven't updated in YEAAARSSS! (well only two days) but as I 発言しました school started! And it is being evil!! It's the first time I get on the computer tonight so I am reallly really SORRY! But anyways I'll update 次 chapter on Sunday!

I hope あなた like this chapter... It's a bit weird to right drunken Hugh...

Review =)) They make me get もっと見る inspiration!

“Truth または Dare, Lisa?”


“I’ll go for truth.” Hugh laid his head on a cushion and nodded his head.

“Ok, the 質問 is, have...
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posted by huddysmacked
So here's part 2 from Truth または Dare. I hope あなた enjoy it. Leave a review (;C And school is starting soon from me so I'll be updating one 日 yes one 日 no. Just to tell you, so あなた don't think I am giving up this fic....again.

Oh and just a little teaser before the chapter: If something doesn't make sense, it's because I was trying to write as a drunk person would XDDD

“Let’s play.” She 発言しました as she spun the greenish empty wine container.


The bottle spun until it stopped, head to Olivia and toes to Robert. She wiggled...
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