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posted by rosehustle1
"She should have told you." Wilson 発言しました as he turned to the classic rock channel on the car radio. House closed his eyes and leaned against his seat.
"Well, there are so many things we both should have done...I'm too tired to think about that now."
Wilson looked over at his friend and sighed.
"I'm sorry that あなた were hurt... what the hell does she see in that bumbling idiot?" Wilson asked.
"He's clever. He isn't as dumb as he tries to seem. He knew what he was doing bringing up the delusion and 芝居 as if it was... insignificant." House 発言しました as he opened his eyes.
"You think he was purposely trying...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Sorry for the long chap! Hope you'll still like it! Thanks for reading!

House had been seated for almost an 時 in a place he least expected himself to be, a park. He must be the saddest form that was there that afternoon since every corner was filled with happy people playing, fishing, running and talking. Some were によって two's while others come in a bunch, yup, a family. The view is something he wasn't sure he wanted to see so he then stood from the bench where he was seated as the thought of Stacy breaking what they've agreed upon was running in his head. He had walked a few steps when his...
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posted by emzypemzy
It's dead short, but i suddenly got inspired to write something, and this was what i came up with...

Everyone thought that their arguments had a little extra fuel to the fire, but no-one (not even Wilson) knew just how far that 火災, 火 had burned または for how long.

Behind their eyes, their secrets were hidden, tucked away down deep, not seeing the sunlight until they were thrust roughly into the light によって another scathing remark, another blasé insult.

It was when they were angry that they were most vulnerable, most likely to slip up and let out a little too much. Their secrets forced nearer to the...
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posted by huddysmacked
Three Days After
House was playing the ピアノ when someone knocked on his door.
“Go away!” He shouted. It was a lonely afternoon, his only mate was his piano, and he didn’t need any other kind of company. In fact he had been absent from work these three days. But he headed to the door and open it to discover Wilson standing there.
“House, あなた missed Cuddy’s funeral.” He heard Wilson replying.
“Go away. I don’t need あなた to scold me.” He 発言しました closing the door but Wilson held the door back.
He had to admit that House looked like crap. His beard had grown, his eyes were red caused...
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Cuddy sat in her office and watched House walk away, ‘what will I do if he dies?’ she thought ‘I won’t be able to take it; it will rip my ハート, 心 in two. I will do ANYTHING to keep that from happening!’


House walked into his office, almost exactly like before only this time Kutner had the common sense (and the enjoyment of being alive) not to be playing on House’s computer; instead he borrowed someone’s laptop. Everyone heard House come in but had decided it would be best if they just ignored him and let him start any conversations, about anything.

“Well do we have...
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posted by huddycallianfan
One girl linked me link, so I am just posting it here. I did NOT write this. I just wanted to share with あなた girls, because this was so fun to read! ;))
Attention: This is 'M' (or maybe even MA?!XD) rated fictional story! Very smutty! XD Anyway, enjoy! :P

oh, BTW, I added a couple of pictures because this way it is funnier and もっと見る real. :P


[my input: ignoring everything that had happened after...
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