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posted by livethislifeup
Post メリダとおそろしの森 Heart, Happy Belated-Halloween Huddies. Let's just say this compensates for the lack of episode this week. :)

"Duck? Again?" House asked Wilson. In his office, House just kicked back in awe of Wilson's costume. He was also wearing an outfit--Batman--but at the moment there was no contest.
"It's my お気に入り costume, so what?"
"You expect to give scares with that?"
"I'm appealing to the younger demographic."
"Do I need to repeat myself?"
"I'm taking Rachel out with my godson tonight and wearing your spilled guts costume might frighten them a bit."
"She's one, how are あなた taking her trick-or-treating?"...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete story please visit: link

Sorry, for the delay in posting new chapters, fans. School is now out for the summer. I think that’s enough of a reason but I’ll also add that I’ve been out of town on family vacation. Good. Let’s begin. I’ve decided to make this little fiction into a full-blown fic-isode. Yes, I made that up. I’ve done some medical research and some of the facts are from personal medical experiences, but please remember I am not a doctor nor do I even play one on TV so be kind and just take it for what it is. I promise it won’t get into the unbelievable....
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posted by SissiSunshiner
Hi guys, this is the first fanfiction I アップロード here.
I’m italian so English is not English mother-tongue. This is a translation of my original fic writter in Italian.
If there are any mistakes, please, feel free to tell me and I’ll correct them..
If あなた want to read the italian version here is the link: link

I’d 愛 to know what do あなた guys think about it.

“Happy Birthday”

At 8:30 am, Lisa Cuddy opened her office door like every single day. She took off her コート and hid it with her bag, in the corner, between the ウォール and the couch.

She run into the bathroom and half shut the door behind...
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posted by lizzie22xo
OK so, I wrote a ファン fic a while back about House and Cuddy in college, well im making a new one about them in college! So, hopefully this one is better! Anyways, here あなた go!

Greg House had been accepted into John Hopkins University. Lisa Cuddy then got into John Hopkins three years later. When Cuddy was on her way to the unviserty little did she know she'd find 愛 there.

Once she had gotten to the university, she got the things out of her トランク and headed to her assigned dorm. While she was walking to the dorms, she happened...
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posted by emzypemzy
Wilson and Cuddy had an idea, it was the annual charity event coming up and it was going to be a Bachelor Auction. Knowing full well that House would only grudgingly come to the event, Cuddy and Wilson had a plan; Cuddy was to engage House in a bet of some kind and make sure he lost, the price being he had to be the auctioneer at the event.

When House came barging into her office for the 'meeting', Cuddy began to discuss his patient manner and the fact that he constantly belittled and put down his staff. House replied that he did it because they were idiots, but Cuddy countered this saying...
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So for all those who are lazy to 検索 for them. Here they are and they SO fit Huddy!!!!!

You've had a hard time
Livin' with a hard heart
You hardly feel a thing
And あなた don't know where to start
It's all あなた want, all あなた want, and あなた run,
but it won't change a thing
So it won't be long, won't be long, won't be long, long
Before あなた can make it sing

It won't go away
It's comin' after あなた all day
You're surrounded
When あなた look at me that way
I don't ever think to say
But I just found it
C'mon, c'mon and drive
C'mon, c'mon and drive

Maybe it's bad luck
Leaving while I'm not for loan
When あなた leave everything...
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posted by potter-girl
hey, sorry i think this is kinda crap but go easy on me im young and this is my 1st article. btw this sounded betta in my head! :b pls leave feedback ways 2 improve it if あなた want もっと見る または if u think i should just quit!

House and his team were all in his office working on a case. For weeks now every one seemed to think house has melowed out a bit, he's less sarcey, doesn't try to make every one miserable and even もっと見る wierdly he had been taking a back シート, 座席 in the diferentials.

The case had been farly easy so house hadn't bothered giving his opinion just kept looking at his watch every few minuits....
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
In the 救急車 cuddy just couldn't stop staring house and blaming herself for it. The paramedic noticed that her arm was broken so he wrapped it around in gauze .

" cameron! clear a space!" cuddy yelled as they entered the ER startling cameron as she did so. Cameron ran to get a 宇宙 ready and asked cuddy who is it. Cameron's face went from happy to horrified in a few 秒 when she saw house on the gurney. She saw that house's leg was broken his clothes were a bit burnt from the crash with blood all over his face and no シャツ on. Scratches and bruises all over his body cameron immediantly...
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posted by Irene3691
The 次 morning when Lisa gets out of her dorm to have a shower, she stumbles upon him and falls to the floor. ‘What the hell...’ She looks at him angrily. ‘What are あなた doing sleeping here?’
‘Ssssh, shhhhh, ssshhhhhhhhh!!’ Whispers Greg because of the hangover. ‘Why do あなた need to make so much noise?’
‘When I told あなた to go to sleep, I meant to your dorm, not here.’
‘This was closer...’ He tries to stand up and Lisa helps him.
‘Oh... あなた look horrible...’
‘Oh no... I can't go to class with this look!!’ He bites his fist mocking at her. ‘I'd better take a shower!’...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Finally, Rachel’s birthday had come. It was held on a Friday afternoon at Cuddy’s family house and was celebrated with only a few フレンズ Cuddy’s close with, most of them were from Michigan alone since the ones from Jersey can’t come aside from Wilson. Her parents had gotten back a 日 before. The good news is that, her parents, Audrey and Stephen liked House that good enough. In fact, her father and her “lover” shared a bottle of whisky the night before the party.
For the whole event, Cuddy was a hands-on mom, attending to the guests and kids and with her sister, Joanne, she served...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The broken pieces of a glass House threw 分 after Wilson left had been cleared によって the nurses and all things are back to normal now, well, not really. The diagnostician hasn’t been himself since the argument broke out and he feels nothing but guilt and deep regret. He wanted so many things as he sat によって his window sill and he wanted all of them to be granted right on that moment. He wanted a time machine to bring back time, he wanted a bang to his head for him to come back to his senses and he wanted Cuddy to go back to his life. Unfortunately, none of those can be granted. He wasted everything...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
" Let me go"

Greg managed to croak out before John pressed his arm deeper into Greg's neck.

" Boy I taught あなた better than to do this."

Greg kept grasping his fathers hand trying to relieve the pressure.

John forcefully punched Greg in the stomach and walked away when Greg fell down on his knees grasping his stomach in pain.

When Greg looked up to see John walk away he yelled- または croaked out-," HEY!" He 発言しました as he attempted to stand up.

" あなた still being stubborn boy?"

Without the notice of the 2 boys Cuddy sneaked into the hallway and stood behind a table.

Greg Cleared his throat and said," You...
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posted by Cuddles
I've found some 愛 名言・格言 on the internet that made me think of Huddy when I read them.
Enjoy ^^


I self destruct every relationship so that i don't get hurt... but in truth i just hurt myself worse in the long run..


I laugh, I love, I hope, I try,I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know あなた do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.

Colin Raye

The couple that fights the most is the one most in love... it shows they care enough to notice the other one screwed up and care enough to mention it to the person...
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 What type of man does Cuddy really like?
What type of man does Cuddy really like?
It’s a rare thing to see Cuddy give a genuine smile in an episode of House, which is why it was pretty much incredible to see her give three all in the 宇宙 of Adverse Events. And yes, I can hear あなた saying they weren’t directed to House and this is the Huddy Spot, but くま, クマ with me for a moment. It's relevant to the Huddyness. ;)

Whilst I was 書く this, I saw a コメント that bainmoussant 投稿されました on another 記事 in which she 発言しました that Cuddy, instead of dating “successful, suit-wearing, clean-shaved guys” would rather go out with もっと見る “fun, laidback guys, like Lucas”…and which...
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A 10 年 old kid called julio entered the hospital because of an anaphilactic shock caused によって Karly (House's niece) and Fer (Karly's BFF).
In the ER House asked Karly "Did あなた give this kid something ?","I just gave him a 落花生, ピーナッツ バター sandwich,what's wrong?",Karly said,"This kid is allergic Karly あなた could kill him",House said,Karly didn't answer,a nurse 発言しました Dr.House he has something wrong,Julio was 表示中 swine flu syptoms,13 asked Karly and Fer "Did anyone give him CPR または something?",Karly 発言しました "Yeah that girl Naomi who has a crush on him",Foreman went to meet Naomi a regular 10 年 older...
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C'était un lundi, il était 20h30 Cuddy avait travaillé bcp, elle en pouvais plus, mais heureuse de s'être mise à jours dans ses paperasses. Son téléphone sonne, et a peine la 1ere sonnerie eut finit de retentir quel avait déjà décrochée.

-Cuddy : allo

-Samuel : Oui c'est moi je suis pas loin de chez toi, je voulais savoir si tu voulais que je passe ?

-Cuddy : je suis encore au bureau, mais je peux être chez moi dans 20 minutes

-Samuel : je t'attends alors.

Elle raccrocha avec un petit sourire de satisfaction. Apres cette journées harassante et ennuyeuse elle allait passé la soirée...
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posted by migle
Hy Huddy ファン it's my 記事 about House's holidays, how he spend his クリスマス and New year, with some Huddy, but not fro the start, so Huddy ファン may skip few parts till third chapter

House were sitting on his ソファー, ソファ in his apartment with bottle of Vicky watching some kind stupid TV-show. It was late 時 and he expected to spend his evening alone, doing nothing. But when he was about to finish drinking half of bottle, he heard loud knocking at his door. House were already quite drunk so it made quite difficult to climb to the door. before opening he tried to shout something, but alcohol...
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posted by tammyr50
This was on Twitter. Thought it was funny and right on. Maya is the name of the young woman who came up with this.

Couple Counseling – House, 7×06 “Office Politics”
Cuddy alone in session.


Cuddy : House was right, it’s not gonna work.

Maya: Why are あなた saying this? What happened?

Cuddy: He lied to me.

Maya: About what?

C: Why do あなた care? A lie’s a lie.

M: Yes… and no. Some lies are meant to hurt, some are meant to protect. There’re all sorts of lies… So which was it?

C: He faked a blood test to get my approval on a risky procedure.

M: How did あなた find out?...
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posted by mchuddymerderek
Here i am again with one もっと見る chapter! 次 one will be a plesant one for us(the huddies). It will include last Lucas lines. hehehe

Enjoy and let me know what あなた think!

ps. i'll have longer chaps from now on!

Chapter 7

During their way to the hospital, Cuddy had a huge smile in her face. She was so relieved now that she knew her little baby was 安全, 安全です and sound! House was staring at her, and a grin wouldn’t go away from his lips. He knew that thanks to him Cuddy was happy again and her child was good.

After 30 分 of driving, they arrived at...
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posted by migle
“- So, what can I do for her,”, he repeated his 質問 again, Wilson was sitting with small smile on his face, he knew that House still care about Cuddy. House sit in chair face to his friend, his face was sad, his head was boiling with minds of her, of her cancer, of his girlfriend.

House hated to care of something it makes him miserable , when he cares of someone he stop to thinking rational , he just thinking about that person not like doctor anymore, he heated that feeling. He felt like that, when Amber was sick, and when he was heeling psychiatric Kate.

“- First, tell me what happened.”...
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