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Jv611 posted on Apr 19, 2010 at 09:18PM
Post your character info here.just follow this
Dragon Partner:
other: (You can post anything about your character that you'd like us to know)

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1年以上前 Jv611 said…
Name: Justin
Dragon partner: Silver
1年以上前 SuperFCGirl said…
Name: Maria Thorahalla
Age: 15 1/2
Personality: happy,moody(somtimes),couragous,kind,carin­g,o­pen­-he­art­ed,­stu­bbo­rn,­
Dragon Partner:Sunrise
other:was usally picked on cause of the fact that she didnt have a dragon.thats when she decided to go on the road and look for one,she has 2 dragons.her partner,sunrise (sunfury),and her compaion/pet dragon,flame (terrible terror).sheis also very quick and light on her feet,and has excelent reflexces.but,she hates,HATES,bigheaded jurks and snakes.
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1年以上前 Jv611 said…
(Cool I like your character)
1年以上前 SuperFCGirl said…
(gracias,i like yours,too.btw,when will we rp?just
1年以上前 Jv611 said…
(Well I need about 2 more people before we can start or else it'll be boring)
1年以上前 SuperFCGirl said…
1年以上前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
I'll join!

Personality:Very quiet,barely ever speaks,mysterious,very secretive,and can sneak around without a single sound.
Dragon partner:Kana
Other:I am strong yet very sensitive.I have seen many dragons,but have never harmed a single one.One day,when I saw something out of the corner of my eye move,I finally got to meet my friend,Kana.I named her that,even though her species was unknown to me.
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1年以上前 SuperFCGirl said…
(lets start!!)
1年以上前 YugiohFanatic1 said…
(I made the RP.Start it up!)
1年以上前 dargox said…
Hey can I join

Name: dargo
Age: 20
Personailte: keep to himself most of the time but opens up to people easy, loyal and protective to his firends, and love to train and fly with his dragon.
Dragon: crimson
Other: dargo's dragon crimson is female darkscorn a new type of dragon that is in the same family as a night fury.
1年以上前 Harpaw8 said…
Age: 25
Personality: Vary kind tword dragons. Wears a dragon tooth necklace
Dragon Partner: Midnight
other: Midnight is a shadowdragon. She can melt into shadows to sneek up on there foes.
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