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posted by JadeRox

1st of all dont 日付 someone on ファンポップ because あなた never know they might be younger thn あなた または maybe 8 yrs old and あなた dont know what they look like または there persaniloty + its a legal (not kidding) those are some reasons too be careful others are that there are some nasty people on the internet who want s** (THATS A WARNING) so be very careful and also if someone over the internet asked me for s** i would just exit the chat または probally say 'NOOOOOOOOO! GO AWAY' and call the police because thats a legal too!

hope あなた enjoed this 記事 from Jade!
ok why do like 99% of the guys in the world like girls that are picture perfect and HOT$ like srs if i were i guy i would prefer a girl with a good personality that is sweet and nice not a girl thats 人気 and hot cause those girls are bitches well most of them are its not really fair for the girls who have a sweet ハート, 心 but not a sweet look like if ur a guy out there that would prefer a hot dumb girl then an girl thats got a great personality and a good ハート, 心 UR A JERK! because most girls change they become from this sweet smart nice girl to this slutty 雌犬 thats not what we need in the...
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