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posted by s3ptamber
"I Am"

I'm an angel, I'm a devil
I am sometimes in between
I'm as bad it can get
And good as it can be
Sometimes I'm a million colors
Sometimes I'm black and white
I am all extremes
Try figure me out あなた never can
There's so many things I am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I'm miserable
Sometimes I'm pitiful
But that's so typical of all the things I am

I'm someone filled with self-belief
And haunted によって self-doubt
I've got all the answers
I've got nothing figured out
I like to be によって myself
I hate to be alone
I'm up and I am down
But that's part of the thrill
Part of the plan...
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posted by s3ptamber
"Dangerous To Know"

Some secrets need to be kept
Some stories should never be told
Some reasons shouldn't be understood
They just might turn your blood cold

Who needs all the answers?
Who takes all the chances?
Who 発言しました the truth's gonna save you?
When the truth can be dangerous

Like the way I feel
It's alright to steal
What I need from you
Do what I have to do
Say what I have to say
Go where I have to go
And that's dangerous
Dangerous to know

I was a law onto myself
When あなた found me out on my own
Together nothing was sacred
Together we where alone

Who needs all the questions?
Who ロスト their direction?
Who said...
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posted by s3ptamber
"Workin' It Out"

Some days I start off draggin' my feet
Some days I want to fly
Some days it all makes sense to me
Some days I just don't want to know why

Hey, hey- I'm not giving up, no
Gonna stand up and shout it
Oh oh oh no way im not slackin off または backing out または cracking up with doubt
I'm workin' it out out
I'm workin' it out

Sometimes I'm just surrounded によって friends
Sometimes we've never met
Sometimes I pray for something I need
But hey, あなた never know what you're gonna get


It's hard enough to be what あなた are
Harder to be what you're not
It's hard to know what あなた need to get
Harder to know what you've got

posted by s3ptamber
"Come Clean"

Let's go back
Back to the beginning
Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned

'Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect
Trying to fit a square into a circle
was my life
I defy

Let the rain fall down
And wake my dreams
Let it wash away
My sanity
'Cause I wanna feel the thunder
I wanna scream
Let the rain fall down
I'm coming clean, I'm coming clean

I'm shedding
Shedding every color
Trying to find a pigment of truth
Beneath my skin

'Cause different
Doesn't feel so different
And going out is better
Then always staying in
Feel the wind


I'm coming clean
Let the rain fall
Let the rain fall
I'm coming...

[Chorus x2]

Let's go back
Back to the beginning
posted by s3ptamber
"Hide Away"

Hiding Away
Losin' the day
As if it doesn't really matter
Saying Goodbye
Scared to say why
Afraid it will shatter our world
Show me some faith now
Trust me somehow

Why are we keepin' our secret
Why are we hiding ourselves away
Anyway we can hide away
I dont wanna fake it
I wanna make あなた believe, what I say
I wont let you...hide away

Where do we go
How do we know
What we're ever really after
Sometimes it's clear
When あなた are here
Nothing can shatter our world
I need some faith now
To trust あなた somehow

Why are we keepin' our secret
Why are we hiding ourselves away
Anyway we can hide away
I dont wanna fake...
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posted by s3ptamber
"Why Not"

You act like あなた don't know me {You Think you're going nowhere}
When あなた see me on the 通り, ストリート {When you're walking down the street}
Yo're makin' like I turn あなた off {Acting like あなた just don't care}
When I know あなた think I'm sweet {When life could be so sweet}

It don't have to be like that {Why あなた wanna be like that}
I guess you're insecure {As if there's nothing new}
If あなた say what's on your mind {You're not fooling no one}
I might answer "Sure" {You're not even fooling you}

So I walk a little slower {So walk a little slower}
And I try to catch your eye {And open up your eyes}
Sometimes it's...
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posted by hillovechad
A new update on Hilary’s highly anticipated appearance on Gossip Girl!

Hilary’s character, Olivia Burke, will be “getting her movie-star cooties on the entire cast.” No, not head lice. That means that Hilary will be interacting with the whole ‘Manhattan’s-elite’ cast, not just her roomate Vanessa and 愛 interest Dan. The ‘elite’ cast include stars like Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, roomie Jessica Szohr and more!

Today, the cast was spotted shooting a new episode with a new cast member! Examiner.com reports, “It is unlikely Duff will be on set today as they are only shooting the 秒 episode but things are sure to hit up once she joins the cast on the streets of NYC later this summer!”

Unfortunately, Examiner.com’s レポート is true. There are no pictures of Hilary from the set today, but it can always be so soon! We hope so!

Keep checking back for もっと見る アップデート about Hilary’s arc on Gossip Girl!
Meet Luca Cruz Comrie!

Hilary Duff introduces her 2-week-old baby boy on Tuesday, Tweeting out the first 写真 of her son to her million-plus followers.

“Baby Luca, 2 weeks old,” the singer and actress, 24, wrote above a picture of her wide-eyed little guy, wrapped in a muslin swaddling blanket.

He’s the first child for Duff and her husband, retired hockey player Mike Comrie, who married in August 2010.

“Thank あなた for all the messages and well wishes,” adds Duff. “I 愛 あなた all so much.”

– Sarah Michaud
Hilary Duff was named the 41st ranked Sexiest Woman Alive によって Smartasses.Net on Thursday, March 17th 2011, when the online men's magazine revealed their everpopular who's who of the hottest women on the planet. 2011 marked the sixth annual 年 for the increasingly 人気 Smartasses 上, ページのトップへ 100 Sexiest Women List, which comes out every St. Patrick's Day, to coincide with March Madness. For Duff, surprisingly it was her first 年 on the list. For more, visit Smartasses.Net.
posted by s3ptamber
"Gypsy Woman"

Was it her face that invaded your mind?
Her kind isn't very hard to find
She lets あなた think she found あなた first
That’s how she works
Her sick and twisted gypsy curse
She can 飲み込む knives
She can 飲み込む lives
Golden black stare
Brought the night of your demise..

Tried to run away with a gypsy woman
Here today then gone for good
Can’t get away with a gypsy woman
Thought no one would know
Your secrets down below
But あなた can’t go
Can’t go with her
Can’t go
Can’t go with her
The gypsy woman

This is a お気に入り game to play
She’s got あなた stumbling
Stumble, st-st-stumbling
Talks with a grin...
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"The Last Song"

Someday あなた will find the place
It's the place where 愛 takes over hate
Then you'll see all the things あなた do
Affect everyone around you

Then you'll see there's no fear at all
You held my hand, we took down that wall
As I looked at あなた with nothing to say
Now I understand why あなた pushed me away
I went far and now I see
That the only one I needed was me


"My Generation"

[Originally performed によって The Who]

People try to put us down (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Just because we get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
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posted by s3ptamber
"Rock This World"

Everybody wants somethin
That seems to hard to get
So i sit here on a 通り, ストリート in Venice
Waitin for the sun to set
Watching people live their lives
Wonderin what it means
Sometimes getting what あなた want
Is easier than it seems
I dont want to save the day
I just want to get my way

And rock this world
Read my lips and watch 'em curl
Rock this world
It dont take much to please this girl
I don't need the glitter
Dont believe the hype
あなた might say im the simple type
Just like any other girl
Who wants to rock this world

Everybody's goin somewhere
So why not あなた and I?
We're all part of the same parade
Just people passin' by
And anything can happen
When the sun goes down like this
Maybe its just a miracle
When あなた find some happiness
I dont want to save the day
I just want to get my way

[Repeat Chorus]

People, can あなた hear me?
I want あなた to come near me
Can あなた feel the pull?
It can be so beautiful

[Repeat Chorus]
posted by s3ptamber

Dont spit on me and shame yourself
Because あなた wish あなた were someone else
You look so clean but あなた spread your dirt
As if think that words dont hurt
You build up walls no one can climb
The things あなた do should be a crime
You're クイーン of superficiality
Keep your lies out of my reality
And when you're nice it's just a pose
You're one of those

Traitors to the human race
What a drag
What a waste
I'd like to see them disappear
They dont belong anywhere

Spinning a web thats hard to see
Of envy, greed and jealousy
Feeling angry but あなた don't know why
Why dont あなた look me in the eye?...
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posted by s3ptamber

Cry love
Cry war
Cry innocence
That is ロスト forever more
Cry joy
Cry thief
Cry beautiful
That is just beyond belief somewhere

Cry at the end
Cry cause it all begins again
Here あなた are
And so am I
And we cry

Cry alone
Cry to me
Cry freedom
Then let yourself be free
To shed the tears
That have to flow
To hold somebody close to you
And then to let them go

Cry at the end
Cry cause it all begins again
Here あなた are
And so am I
And we cry

Cry peace
Cry hate
Cry faithlessness
Then just have a little faith

Cry at the end
Cry cause it all begins again
Here あなた are
And so am I
And we try to be true
Try cause we're only passing through
posted by s3ptamber
"Mr. James Dean"

All the king's horses
Wouldn't make me believe
Even when the walls come crashing down
あなた still can never be
A rebel without a cause
A rebel to the first degree
Why don't あなた stop trying so hard?
Cause there's no men, man enough to be

Another James Dean
You're nothing like him
So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning
There will never be another James Dean
You'll never be James Dean

All the faces you're making
Save it for the scene
All the people you're faking
Why was it only me?
Who saw right into your eyes
And you're just not so deep
I've had too many cries
Mr. Prince Charming
Sorry, あなた could never be

Cause you're nothing like him
So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning, the world stops turning
Now あなた 移動する to the 次 town
次 set, 次 girl, have fun baby
I'm taking back my world

Here we are face to face
Same energy, あなた and me
Don't wanna be enemies [x5]
posted by s3ptamber

I like the way あなた never sleep
And the promises あなた never keep
I like the way あなた say hello
And make it sound like time to go

I like the scar above your lip
The way あなた let your feelings slip
But they're never what あなた feel
Oh so fake but completely real

Don't あなた think it's weird
Weirder then weird?
That's what あなた are
That's what あなた want to be
What I like about you
Is what あなた like about me
Don't あなた think it's weird?

You like the rules that don't apply
And let the good things
Pass あなた by
Standing here without a plan
That's why your such a happy man

Don't あなた think it's weird
Weirder then weird?
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posted by s3ptamber
"Sweet Sixteen"

Today I'm gonna ride away
And feel the sun throughout my hair
Finally free to be who I wanna be
Who that is I don't really care

'Cuz I've got フレンズ who 愛 me
Blue skies are above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much もっと見る to life
Sweet sixteen

Drivin' down to the club where we go to dance
Radio is blastin' and the 上, ページのトップへ is down

There ain't nothin' in my way
'Cept the traffic of L.A.

And I've got フレンズ who 愛 me
Bright stars shine above me
My blonde hair is everywhere


Mamma loves me and a sister who shows me, and a daddy's always there


I wanna know what it feels like
I need to see it from the inside
I can taste a bit of what I will find
So much もっと見る to life
Sweet sixteen

posted by s3ptamber
"So Yesterday"

You can change your life - if あなた wanna
You can change your clothes - if あなた wanna
If あなた change your mind
Well, that's the way it goes

But I'm gonna keep your jeans
And your old black hat - cause I wanna
They look good on me
You're never gonna get them back

At least not today, not today, not today

If it's over, let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday, so yesterday
I'm just a bird that's already flown away

Laugh it off let it go and
When あなた wake up it will seem
So yesterday, so yesterday
Haven't あなた heard that I'm gonna be okay

You can say you're bored - if あなた wanna...
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posted by s3ptamber

Bum [x16]
I'm at the grocery store and there あなた are just watchin' me
Bum [x10]
Pick up my clothes from the cleaners and look who I see
Bum [x10]
I try to loose あなた in my car but あなた won't go away,
Come on buddy don't あなた think you've overstayed your stay?
Don't あなた have better things to do with your life
Then hang around and stare at me and complicate mine?

Your eyes must burn so bad 'cuz あなた haven't blinked
You and me will never be if that's what あなた think.

Oh, you're such a dreamer
But I'm not a believer,
In all the things that あなた dream.

Stop watchin' me, stop watchin' me
[End of chorus]...
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posted by s3ptamber
"No Work, All Play"

La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
Some people go through life like it's a breeze
They float their way through days
And never feel the grey
And their tears fall
But they don't sting
Their temporary marks
Not always from the heart
They live lightly
Breathe so easy
No digging in
To what's within

No work all play
What a mistake
Let the clouds roll in and fill the sky
Get that melancholy feel inside and
Work on yourself
Don't run from the pain あなた felt
You don't have to slide
Life's not one big high

La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
Sometimes it's hard lookin' at yourself
You'd rather place...
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