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Ilovemusic98 posted on Nov 22, 2011 at 05:46AM
Nyotalia or Hetalia?:
Brief Bio of character:

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1年以上前 JapanHetalia said…
I am both chibi Belgium and Chibi Netherlands
 I am both ちび Belgium and ちび Netherlands
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
I am sorry but you have to fill out the form to get your character,you can't just simply say your that character without filling out the sheet so fill it out and wait for my approval.
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
big smile
Gender:male of coures
Dislikes:forgetfull people
Nyotalia or Hetalia?:hetalia nosey
Brief Bio of character:spain a tuff country in the past care taker of romano belgium and netherlands
Crush:to nosey
Hobbies:being online hanging with friends video games and reading
Personality:kind curtious happy loves to make others happy always kind to woman
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
what why am i re jected
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
Check the Rules.
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
i cant find the rules
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
I just made them
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
ok what would they be
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
Look at the forums .
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
ok ok im sorry
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
your mean i have a writeing and reading disorder
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
How am I mean?! an /how the hell was I supposed to know that?/
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
what ever i wont join ive broken a few rules already
1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…
Then leave already
1年以上前 Spainofhetalia said…
wow your a mean person
1年以上前 JapanHetalia said…
Name: Brielle M. N. Brown
Age: 14
Character Age: Netherlands-5, Belgium-4
Gender: Female
Character: Chibi Netherlands and Chibi Belgium
Nyotalia or Hetalia: Hetalia
Likes: Rp my boyfriend and mild to serious drama
Dislikes: Bad Grammar and the color pink
Brief bio: generally I will stay and Character and I don't care what style I rp as long as I am allowed to.
Bio of Character: Siblings who get along well and protect each other. Netherlands more than Belgium. He wants to protect her from spain
Crush: My boyfriend
Hobbies: Being an Otaku and reading
Personality: Happy go lucky and can be easily angered, curious about most things and likes friends, shy
Character names: Emma ((Belgium))
Owen ((Netherlands))
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1年以上前 Ilovemusic98 said…