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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
big smile
Well...I went out with this lad yesterday, and is was really good and that. And then he sent me an awesome message on facebook saying-
'kay i think it would be easier if i told you on here tbh so here it goes.
i like you, alot and wondered if you felt the same way'

And I do feel the same way, but I don't know what to say :L x
It's a dilemma, but it is a good dilemma :) x
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1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
well obviously if you like him you should tell him <3 durrrr
(btw sorry it took me ages to reply, I was looking for ze pic :D)
 well obviously if あなた like him あなた should tell him <3 durrrr (btw sorry it took me ages to reply, I w
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
^yes but, I don't know what to say without looking like a div :L
Plus now I'm worried that he thinks I don't like him because I haven't answered :L x
This is too damn stressful

But I got ma prom dress today :D
I officially bought it :DDD x
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
aweshome :D
buuut erm I dunno what to tell you to say... the only time I ever told a guy I liked him I wrote him this million-page story type thing :D
(wait I'll see if I can find it)
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
lol so I decided it'd be faster to find it in my old email account's sent folder... I'm finding a lot of interesting stuffs :d like a no-subject message to this very same guy stating merely that cowards run away. O_o
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
I FINDED IT :D do ya wanna see it?
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
A Story

Main characters:
* A Girl
* A Boy

Okay, so once upon a time, about five years ago, there was a Girl and a Boy in the same third-grade class. Nothing odd about this.

In third grade, girls read magazines and then think they have to have a crush on someone, so they basically pick a name at random. The Girl chose the Boy. Normally, nothing happens, but one of the Girl’s friends found out about this and decided, oh, well, could be fun to hold a wedding. So they very nearly did. No one can remember why, but for some reason it never came to be. The matter was left to stew.

Over the years, the Girl had other ‘crushes’, but they were mostly fake long-distance admiration. But by the beginning of sixth grade, the Girl’s friends started to say, “That boy likes you”, and point to the Boy. The Girl thought nothing of this, but noticed it herself. Just little things here and there.

This had become a favourite subject of discussion at sleepovers where the Girl was, but still, nothing happened.

Then, one day in December, some kids in the class decided to stay in the class during break between two art lessons. It is debatable whether this is allowed, but, still, it happened. The Girl was minding her own business, reading at her seat as usual, when she became aware of a commotion at the other table. She looked up, and saw a group of people around the Boy. It seemed they were pressuring him to do something. She heard her own name, but thought nothing of it. She turned back to her book.

At home, the penny dropped. They were pressuring him to ask her out. She thought about this for a few days, and the sent the Boy an email, asking whether this was the case. She had to go to bed after that, though, instead of waiting for a response, because it was rather late.

The next morning, she turned on the computer. Nothing. She went to eat breakfast, and when she got back, there was an msn message from the Boy saying, yes that was the case, but he felt uneasy doing it in front of so many people. So now that there’s nobody else around, how ‘bout it? The Girl thought for a bit, then sent the Boy an email (he had already logged off) saying sure, why not? When both were finally on msn at the same time, they arranged to go and see The Golden Compass. They had both read it, and liked it, so it seemed a logical choice.

On the day they had agreed on, they left school together. They were halfway out of school grounds, having walked in silence the whole way, when the Boy said “Well, this is awkward.” After that, they started talking about a common hobby of theirs, CISV. That subject brought them all the way to the movie theatre.

After the Christmas holidays, the Girl was waiting in front of the French room when word spread that the Boy had been to the movies with another girl. Suddenly, the Girl’s friends were pressuring her to dump him. To this day, the girl still can’t remember exactly what happened, but it seems, looking from all points of view, that the Boy was dumped. The Girl was confused; how can you dump someone when you’re not even together? It was just one movie. Or was it?

But it seems that the Boy didn’t take too mush offense from this, because he and the Girl were work partners for a RE project in March. Again, some of these emails seemed to imply the Boy liking her, (or maybe it was wishful thinking?) but for some reason, she took no notice of it.

The rest of the year passed uneventfully.

Seventh grade began, and nothing happened. But as the year passed, the Girl began noticing the same kind of little things as in sixth grade. Sometimes, if she was waiting for a class in front of the class room, reading, the Boy would just stand of sit a few meters away, doing nothing. As I said, little things. As winter turned to spring, the Boy got a bit bolder. He sat next to the girl in health class, basically making sure they were partners if a pair assignment was called for. Also, the Boy seemed to respect her wishes in a small way, for example one break-time: the Girl was sitting on a hill in the school yard. There were lots of other people from her class there, and the Girl was reading. The Boy began running down the hill and jumping over people. They would ask him to stop, but they didn’t. However, when the Girl asked him to stop, he stopped.

By now, I forgot to mention, the Girl and the Boy were sometimes having normal discussions. Mostly about books. Also, the Boy seemed to be playfully dissing her when she messed up, especially in geography class where they sat at the same table.

Around the beginning of May the Boy asked the Girl to his birthday party. There was a healthy mix of girls and boys, and the Girl liked knowing what other people’s homes looked like, so she agreed. (At least these are the reasons she gave herself). Consequently, she spent three days making his birthday present.

The present was a home-made CD. The songs varied from Apulanta to KISS, and though she didn’t realise it at the time, were full of hidden messages.

So, when the Boy pointed this out at school, she denied it. But she couldn’t stop thinking about it, so when school broke up for the summer she wrote on his wall on Facebook, asking what’s the deal with this hidden messaged stuff? The Boy replied in an intelligent way: it means it has hidden messages. I mean, no shit, Sherlock! Anyhoo, this made for a long Facebook discussion during which the Girl realised she (still?) liked the Boy. This was made painfully obvious when she saw that the Boy’s profile page said he’d gone form being “single” to “in a relationship”. (Btw wtf is the deal with that anyways?!?). But still, she felt that she owed the Boy the truth. The whole, unabridged truth. So she told the boy she’d explain in her own way, and for the boy to be patient.

Then she sat down, opened Microsoft Word and wrote down the heading: “A Story”. This story began like this: “Okay, so once upon a time, about five years ago, there was a Girl and a Boy in the same third-grade class. Nothing odd about this.”

oh well you ain't getting the chance to say no :D this is completely unedited -- I didn't change a single thing. no typos, nothing :D
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1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
or something
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
Go write you smutfic NAOOOO :D x
And then do some more healing stuff, I wanna know how what's next :) x
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
lol okai I shall go :D I might not finish it all in one but I shall try :D
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
Try your bestest :) x
I've decided to look for a decent gif to explain how I feel- semming as I'm not great with words, but I;m great with tumnblr so...x
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
lol that's exactly the point :D play to your strengths

oh and just so we're clear: I would also like to know what's next in healing xD
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
(just find one flashing I love you)
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
Ohh :L
I've decided to show this song instead- the first 30 seconds are freakishly fitting :) x
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1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
what song? :O
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
ah okay never mind :D
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
niiice :)
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
now I just need to actually do it :L x
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
I had to go into school to do chem revison. (Im on holiday now) and all I could do for the first 20min or so was stare at my chem teacher. You know when you see someone in a suit then you see them in jeans its like; "fuck man." Plus, they were some tight jeans.... ;)
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
just do it.
that's the easy part.
the hard one is waiting for answers.
and that's what he's doing RIGHT NOW.
so do it.
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
nice moo :D

guess what I'm doing nao? ;)
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
I meant "fuck me" as in a show of shock, not as in,"take me on the floor."

Im gonna stop now. My brain hurts! ;)
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
are you suuuure? ;)
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…

are you writing healing?
I may post some smut on here in a few days, I'm not sure yet.
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
ugh I keep wanting to spell defence with an s D:
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
no I'm writing the other thing ;) the one we talked about ages ago :D
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
but it's defence really :D I just keep writing defense for reasons unknown
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
what thing we talked about?

Also, cast your mind back, I wrote a smut fic with Bellatrix and a Young Riddles. But unless I told you it would not of become clear. What do you think of that style, of write odd pairing in that way? Coz I have some more pairings you may like
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
I think I didn't quite understand what you mean, but please write more :D
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…

I'm very distracted tod...oh look a rainbow
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
that's nice :D but lol basics please write more?

and that thing we talked about ages ago is my very own smut ;D gosh this is harder than I thought (no pun intended)
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
lol hard things
sorry what?
I shall write some more, maybe this evening.
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
yays :D I just got to the good bit ;)
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
Good. Also check out what I wrote on Best's wll. :)
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
ohkai :D why?
and alsoo I might have to finish this tomorrow D: but I'm staying home (sick) so it's fine :D
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
aaaah okay then :D
1年以上前 harrypotter1fan said…
in harry potter the character have a history. in twilight the characters have no history.
1年以上前 lauracullen66 said…
i cant believe you guys are still using this forum thread!42741 comments...all coming staight to my email! lol
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
lol yes we are :D
(you do know you can disable email alerts, right?)
1年以上前 lauracullen66 said…
yeah i do but i like to see which ones are still going! :)
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
big smile
hey LC :) x
1年以上前 lucius_malloy said…
lol well this one is :D strong
ACCIO did you put the poor boy out of his misery?
1年以上前 lauracullen66 said…
heyy :)
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
Urrr..nope :L
I'm waiting till he's online :) x
1年以上前 harrypotterbest said…
Hi guys! :D
1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
Did you see what I put on your wall Best?
1年以上前 CheekyCheese said…
Hola everyone!

Does anyone want to read half of my story?? Its rubbish so be prepared for the utter rubbishness :P


1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
I'm writing too soooooooooooooooooooooooooo

1年以上前 mooimafish17 said…
ohh spooky CC :)