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I cannot stress strongly enough the contempt I have for the franchise of Twilight. または at least the book. The films are もっと見る funny than anything else, and honestly I don't hate any of the cast an crew working on it. Having read the 情報源 material, I can see they had little to work with.
Harry Potter, on the other hand... I like. I don't 愛 it; I'm no Potterhead によって any means, however much I might have been in the past. But it will always hold a very special place for me. I grew up with the 本 and films, 読書 and seeing them years apart from each other - growing up along with the characters...
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posted by LavenderBrown
Some people (not necessarily Americans) have admitted having trouble with the British words in Harry Potter. To solve this problem, I give you...An Americans Guide to British words!

1) Prat
Someone who is described as being dumb または self centered. Usually acts against logic.
e.x. Jeez, Roldolfo is such a prat!

2) Git
Basically, a jerk. Shallow and/or childish.
e.x. Look at that git, strutting around like he owns the place!

3) Err...
The British equivalent of umm...
e.x. "Errr.... is it 42?"

4) Barmy
e.x. That old mans gone barmy!

5.) Blast
Equivalent to "Dang!"
e.x. Blast! Some git's taken...
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1. The 書く is better

Is it f**k Stephanie Meyers is diabolical and quite frankly paint drying on a ウォール is もっと見る f**king exciting than her 書く and compared to Stephanie Meyers writing, J.K Rowling's 書く and detail about each and every character even if some of the characters are only briefly mentioned are absolutely genius

2. The Actors/Actresses who film the movie are talented

What a load of ブル for one Kristen Stewart can not act the emotion she shows throughout the entire saga is moody, moody and a little bit もっと見る of moody and don't get me started on Robert Pattinson he's not that...
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posted by BedIntruder
95 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks
Opinion によって BedIntruder 投稿されました 4 hours 前

1. Bella is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), which Meyer hides によって calling her clumsy.
2. Being clumsy is not a flaw if Edward always catches her.
3. She can’t do anything without Edward.
4. And when he leaves she attempts to commit suicide.
5. Meyer is living out her own fantasies によって 書く about Bella, who is clearly herself.
6. The 本 aren’t well written, just because every other word is a fancy adjective doesn’t make it good writing.
7. All the rules Meyer sets for being a vampire are broken によって the end of the...
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posted by june13
were are あなた harry asked ron over here can't あなた see me am right in front of you.
no i cant see あなた it's so drak a cat even could not see in here.

hah ron very funny, lets try to find a light swicht for あなた can see.
ron i found one. well then turn it one then
i am don't worry

boo am going to suck your owls blood.
right then the sun came toungt the window and then edward begin to spark

look harry this vamiper sparks how sad is that.

ron is he waring girls cothing
yay i think he is

no am not but am in 愛 with a human girl

harry and ron at the same time laghed them selfed silly

and that's the end of this fine story
Alright everybody! I've been going around this spot a lot, and I have seen many people giving the same points over the series they like, over, and over again and never come out with something fresh and new. I have also seen that some people had made very rude コメント on other user's posts(questions, フォーラ entries, pictures, etc), and those rude コメント end up in arguements, user's being flagged, and other things. I personally believe we should stop giving the same opinions and posting rude コメント in order to defend your side.

First of all, don't post the same facts and opinions! Here's an...
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Ok, well I'm going to be perfectly respectful in this 記事 because I don't want to make anyone mad, I just want to make a point. If あなた agree または disagree with it, that's up to you. Please don't be rude inthe コメント section, and give reasons for opinions. Thanks!

Now I can start. May I just start によって saying that I am on the Harry Potter side (with all due respect to Twilight fans)

I've noticed that one of the things Twilight ファン say is that Bella is a もっと見る relatable character than Harry. I think that that is a good point because technically, あなた can be a normal teenager who goes to school...
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posted by DracoLuver
Some people wanted me to post my answer as an 記事 ...

Since TwilightGurl made an account and will be seeing my response, I decided I would respond because she doesn't know why people don't agree with her. So, here I go:

1.Theres too much swearing. Ron says “blo*dy H*ll” all the time, and Molly weasley calls Bellatrix Lestrange a B*TCH in the last book! Thats seriously unaceptable! I mean little kids are 読書 that stuff!!! That kind of language is really bad!

I don't particularly like Ron's swearing either, but he's the only character that excessively swears and I'm sure あなた know someone...
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It all started when i was little. My father invited me to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I declined for the reason that I do not like these kinds of stories before.

Many years have passed...

My best friend, who is a Harry Potter fanatic convinced me to watch the series which I was to choose between Harry Potter parts I, II and III. I chose the third one because of the cool CD illustration.

I did became a fanatic.

Today, I have watched all released 映画 and read all 本 including the book Quidditch Through the Ages.

Last 年 when I was first 年 in high school (school levels...
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posted by nessienjake
Credit:Alice W.

This Jokes we're also 投稿されました on the Crytical Analysis of Edward Cullen

Q: What to Edward and a クリスマス 木, ツリー have in common?
A: Their balls are for decoration.

Bella: You're pale white and ice cold...I know what あなた are.
Edward: Say it. Say it!
Bella: Vanilla Ice Cream!

Edward: Bella...
Bella: Yes?
Edward: I just want to know how much あなた mean to me.
Bella: Aaw...
Edward: あなた know, what with me being an ancient VIRGIN vampire and everything...
Bella: Yeah?
Edward: Well, people were starting to think I was, y'know-
Bella: Gay?
Edward: ...
Edward: Old fashioned.
Bella: ...
Bella: Oh.

Q: How do あなた kill a brain?
A: Put it in the same room with Ms Meyer and her 本 and wait for two minutes.

Q: What did bella say when the shops ran low off the glitter?
A: yeeew!!! Edward あなた suck!!!!
Warning: This is quite long.

Before I begin, I would like to say that this is my personal opinion along with evidence to support my opinion. あなた are free to disagree with me, but please, no hating. Also, please do not accuse me of not 読書 the books. I have read each of the novels in the Twilight "Saga", from Twilight to Breaking Dawn. I have also read all of the Harry Potter 本 (numerous times), from Philosophers Stone to Deathly Hallows.

It annoys me enormously, hearing people say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I personally believe that Harry Potter overshadows Twilight in...
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posted by Queenoftard
We've all seen and/or participated in discussions regarding who is "the better Bella". Many of あなた are also aware of the Charlies, and the two Alices. This got me thinking, exactly how many characters from these two series have the same names?

Out of boredom, I compiled this 一覧 of characters with same または similar names as another character from the opposing series.
You'll notice this 一覧 only includes first name comparisons.

NOTE: I am not accusing anyone of stealing anything. This is just for fun.

Twilight names are to the left, Harry Potter names on the right.

-Isabella 白鳥, スワン vs. Bellatrix Lestrange...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Dolores Jane Umbridge… can ANYONE forgive her? And yet, despite being so horrendously evil, she is a very interesting character.
She is very loyal, because we know how she remained on Fudge’s side through the whole dilemma. She is also very easy to hate, for she gave Harry countless detentions for telling the truth. We know very little about Dolores; surely Rowling knows more. She has always planned her characters to the death – one reason why Harry Potter makes a very interesting read.
Back on the topic of Umbridge, we have to accept that she could have had a childhood like Snape –...
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Many Twilighters 愛 to say how "Edward and Bella 愛 each other sooooo much!" I'm afraid I have to disagree on this point. Their relationship is pure lust, not love.

Here is my reasoning.

How do Bella and Edward decide they are in love? Well, Bella moves in to Forks. Her first 日 of High School there, she looks across the cafeteria, and she sees a totally gorgeous guy! He catches her attention immediately and she decides right then and there that he is the only man in the town who is good enough for her, despite the fact that she has never spoken to him once in her life. She swats off the...
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Credit: mugglenet.com
I didn't write this, I just thought it was really funny.

1. "What did I ever do to y..oh, nevermind."

2. "Oh, ha ha, あなた got me!! Am I on Punk'd? Where's the camera guy, huh? Where!?"

3. "Wow, you're even dumber than あなた look, and that's saying something. What kind of idiot tells their victim what they're about to do?! I'm ready for あなた now!!" *Prepare yourself によって getting into various Matrix positions, beckon him with one finger*

4. "And she's all 'F.Y.I., he's so into me and not you.' and I'm all 'Yeah, right, whatever.' Oh, I'm sorry! Did あなた say something?"

5. "Why do you...
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Hiya everyone! I saw this on the LOTR section and I thought, "Hm, this sounds like fun." I don't have much knowledge on LOTR (although I'm 読書 the books, it's taking some time to digest) so I thought it would be equally as fun as making an HP または Twilight character so I decided to make this. Okay, so answer these 質問 and you'll have a character:
Personality Flaws:
Good traits:

For Harry Potter:

People he/she hates:
People he/she admires:
Favorite Teacher/Class
Hated Teacher/Class
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posted by HaleyDewit
Chapter 1 part 1
It was 8.30 am. A 17 年 old girl lay asleep in her bed, a naughty smile on her face. She was obviously dreaming. She put her arms around her 枕 like she was embracing it. She could dream on forever. But unfortunately…
“Isabella Swan, if あなた wish to be on that plane in time, あなた better get your pretty 尻, お尻 out of your ベッド right now!” a female voice shouted from downstairs.
Bella groaned and with her head half underneath the sheets she touched for the alarm clock. She opened her eyes a little a checked the hour. The knowledge she gained, made her eyes almost fall out...
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The plain text is a copy/past of link.
The bold text is my own add ins to relate the situations to Bella and Edward

愛 is a tricky emotion. There are some things that feel like 愛 but they are much too superficial to be the real thing. Real 愛 takes time and doesn't happen overnight. Here are three things that people often confuse for love.

I don’t personally believe that 愛 can really be defined によって anyone, but oh well. People like to try new things.

Lust A.k.a, Twilight

Lust is the feeling that is often mistaken for 愛 at first sight. Lust is an intense and sudden attraction to somebody...
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posted by Aquilia
Oh do あなた not see, the language so cruciated,
によって your most unfortunate attempt in grammars?
Do あなた believe, for that moment that we're mirthed?
Well, then あなた are as mistaken as the Balaclava Brits.

Don't あなた see, your own insults to your common decency?
Do あなた not hear, our desperate attempts to save your sanity?
I hope あなた hear, I must hope あなた see.
But I think, あなた only see your vanity.

Vanity, vanity, everything vanity...
But then where are your humanity? The World wonder'd...

Dedicated to iluvtwilight, ellietwilight12 and every other rabid ファン in the whole wide world. I plead to you: Stop this madness...

Inspiration: Alfred, Lord Tennyson; the Charge of the Light Brigade
Whoa. Its the final battle already? It seems like this all started a week ago....which it did....so...yeah.
NOTE: I am a Twilight fan, so do not suggest that I think all Twilight ファン are crazy. I also think HP is better than Twilight, though. Just a little.
NOTE:I like HP and T, I am not trying to make fun of either, I'm just having fun with some of the ideas.
NOTE: okay, I'm just putting this note in to build suspense.
NOTE: This is it. The big one. The end. The last one. The one and only. The awesome one. The one that is the end. The climatic one. The one that, if あなた do not read, will send...
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