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well we been dating for 6 または 7 years now and we where in are 20's now :P-
Greyson: knocks on Erin;s door-
Erin: Hi Greyson!
Greyson: Erin i need to ask あなた some thing
Erin: ok
Greyson: bends on his knee and holds out a ring - Erin will あなた be my Mrs.Chance? will あなた marry me?
Erin: crys of happiness- Yes!
Greyson: smiles-
- it was the 日 of the wedding-
Erin: walks down the Iile -
Greyson: thinking wow shes beautiful-
Erin: stands across from Greyson-
Greyson: ;)-
person: Greyson do あなた take Erin to be your Wife?
Greyson: i do
Person: Erin do あなた take Greyson to be your husband?
Erin: i do!
person: あなた may...
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posted by MoonlightSeeker
~25 Greyson Chance's Secret~

A - Augustana
He is a big ファン of this rock band from America. Because of that, he uploaded his video which he sang a song of Augustana (Fire) on YouTube. Greyson admitted that Augustana's songs are his inspiration.

B - Black チェリー ice cream
When he buys his お気に入り ice cream in Bahama Ice Cream, he always orders black チェリー flavor. And there's Greyson Chance Snow Cone, which is the name of an ice cream in that stand based on Greyson's name. Maybe that ice cream tastes as sweet as Greyson. ^^

C - California
Greyson had ever felt an 5,4 scale Ritcher earthquake at California...
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posted by erinlabadie
He is very talented
he is really Grexy
He plays the ピアノ really well
he sings good
and hes funny
and how he flips hes hair!!!
:) well commet what あなた 愛 about greyson btw part 3 of my story is coming either 次 week probally
please ファン me :) and fave my storys well bye bye bye:) :) :) :) and please ファン my club and yeah i hope あなた like my storys so bye enchancers:P btw i 愛 hes voice and how he sings and hes hair my 一覧 can go on and on and on and on and on well bye again sorry ファンポップ told me to make this longer so yeah please ファン me i 愛 Greyson :) :3 <3 :P

Started to cry, the doctor told me,
She was going to leave us tonight.
So I stifled my tears, now went into her room,
To my surprise she had a twinkle in her eye.
She 発言しました I know that i am leaving あなた behind,
But don't worry I'll be fine.
I will be high in the blue sky,
Among those beautiful stars.

'Cause in the sky oh so high,
There are beautiful stars which shine in the night.
She'll be dancing in the clouds and she'll be singin' in the rain,
Among those beautiful stars.
Cuz in the sky oh so high,
There are beautiful stars which shine in the light.
She'll be dancing in the clouds and she'll be singin'...
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Greyson: Calls Erin- Hello sweetie
Erin ( me ) : Hello !!
Greyson: so what do あなた want to do today?
Erin: i dont know D: how bout tacos?
Greyson: yea! meet あなた there
Erin: ok
Greyson: bye ;)
Erin: bye see あなた there ^-^
- at the タコス place probally タコス ベル :D -
Erin and Greyson: eats tacos ^-^-
Greyson: your eyes are so pretty
Erin: starts blushing - Thanks :) and あなた have cool hair
Greyson: haha Thanks ;)
- we were done eatting tacos and then we went to the mall -
Erin: lets go to the party store!
Greyson: ok lets get silly string!!
Erin: haha ya
- we walk in holding hands -
Erin: grabs ピンク silly string-...
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- at school out side at lunch- it was a nice 日 out side so we had lunch out side and it was a friday .. -
Erin: sitting alone - i wish greyson was here - crys -
Skyler: こんにちは Erin i need to tell あなた something
Erin: yeah skyler ?
Skyler: Greyson is my cousion
Erin: WHAT!!!! awesome! あなた know where he is??
Skyler: hes on tour
Erin: :( and he dident tell me D:
Skyler : he 発言しました he called あなた but あなた did not awnser
Erin: Oh - crys-
Skyler: don't cry please
- it was time to go home-
Erin: sighs - i miss Greyson - starts to cry-
Greyson: calls Erin-
Erin: awnsers phone while Crying- Hello?
Greyson: こんにちは Erin! whats...
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Disclaimer: I own none of this 記事 nor the information in it and I got this 記事 off:


If I had upset someone using this article, please send me a message. I only use this 記事 to help others to learn about Greyson Chance and no other reasons. As repeated I own none of this.

Greyson Michael Chance, a 12 year-old school boy from Edmond, Oklahoma became an instant internet 音楽 sensation when his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” got noticed によって millions of ファン on YouTube.

Greyson is a a sixth-grader at Cheyenne Middle School. He is the youngest son of Scott and Lisa Chance. He...
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Me and my friend Chris were hanging out at my house for the day. We were watching TV then she said,"So Taylor what do あなた want to do now?" "I don't know go on YouTube," I said. "Sure," 発言しました Chris. After watching a couple of 動画 Chris got the perfect idea. She said,"We should make some 動画 of our own." I said,"I don't know." I am terrified of 歌う in front of people, especially in front of the camera. She said,"We'll use my YouTube account." Before I could answer Chris was already on her account. She said,"First we'll make a video of us goofing off then a video of me singing, then you...
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*This is not true* (Based on me!!!)
One day, Greyson was sitting at home, watching Ellen. He always watches Ellen now to see if any other kid who's a pianist and sings will be on it. Today, he gasped and saw the most prettiest girl he had ever seen sit down at the grand ピアノ and play Rolling in the Deep. Her voice was so clear and beautiful.
He jumped up and called Ellen after the show. He asked who that girl was. She said, "That was Brooklyn Attica."
Greyson added Brooklyn on フェイスブック and followed her on Twitter. He was sad because Brooklyn didn't even care who he was. But one day, he was invited...
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me and Greyson went to the same school
Me: whispher so Skyler - Omg its greyson chance
Skyler: ohh :l
- i had got the same classes as Greyson so i sat によって him in the class acorse-
Greyson: hi
me: h . hi!!
Greyson: nice shirt!
- he 発言しました that becuase am waring my greyson chance シャツ ^_^-
me: thanks!
Greyson: so your a big ファン of me ? becuase i can tell
Me: yea
Greyson: thats cool
Teacher: since its the 1st 日 we stay in ホーム room the whole 時 till we leave
class: ok
Greyson: your so nice :)
me: thanks - blushing -
- its was a week または so now -
Greyson: um Erin may i ask あなた something?
Me: yeah acorse
Greyson: Erin well i know we knew each other only for 2 weeks now but your so nice and cute and so um do あなた want to be my um Girl friend
Me: Yeah!
Greyson: :)
Me: - blushing-
End of part 1 part 2 coming soon :3
The Greyson-Palooza!

If あなた haven’t noticed the Greyson Michael Chance ファン club has reached 100 fans! (Well, it’s actually been a while, I’ve been busy) So to celebrate I was to give away props! This will come every milestone we pass like 1000, and 10000, stuff like that. The Greyson-Palooza will last two weeks from today (July 26th, 2010) ending on August 9th, 2010. There are many ways to earn props:

1)    Write a Greyson ファン fiction- This is the only one that will continue out of the week. The story is up to you! It of course has to be about Greyson. This is for all...
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posted by TeyChrisSchal
Creyson chance your my 愛 my harte and my life i hope あなた read this and be my friend and my fan
Greyson Chance Waiting Outside The Lines debut single with onscreen lyrics
1st original Lyrics video of this song on YouTube
It should be blind instead of behind in 秒 verse after chorus my mistake =]
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Greyson Chance Waiting Outside The Lines debut single with onscreen lyrics
1st original Lyrics video of this song on YouTube
It should be blind instead of behind in 秒 verse after chorus my mistake =]
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March 3, 2011
I saw Greyson on youtube, I was amazed によって his performance on YouTube 歌う paparazzi and I also learned he was inspired によって Lady Gaga.

March 9, 2011
I got onto YouTube again to watch another Greyson video, I saw a video thumbnail named ''Waiting Outside The lines'' watched it and cannot stop watching it.

March 16,2011
got to the internet again and now on facebook, saw Greyson Chance on my suggested pages bar, liked it and I was shocked when I saw how many likes he's getting

March 29, 2011
I started to have a crush on him, and I wanted to let everybody know, they kept comparing him to...
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Broken Hearts

I remember the first time I saw you
With your pretty brown eyes that sparkled
In the light
And your long brown hair
And the way あなた could dance so well

And あなた took the air I’m breathing
And ストール, 盗んだ my heart
I don’t know what happened
But we fell apart
You left me with a Broken Heart
Oh, oh oh, Broken Heart

Broken hearts never fade away
Broken hearts are here to stay

I know what we’ve been waiting for
But that doesn’t give あなた the excuse tooo
Then all the reason あなた can
Especially, my best friend

Cause あなた took the air I’m breathing
You ストール, 盗んだ my heart
I don’t know what happened
But we fell...
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One 日 Greyson Chance was hanging out at the mall with his buddy Cody Simpson:

Greyson: Cody i'll meet あなた at GameStop soon cause i have to go to bathroom.

Cody: Ok man meet me back here soon and don't let the girls go to your head if y'know what i'm saying?

Greyson: Ok i won't let all your fan's go to my head but あなた have no say over my fan's!

Cody: Just go all ready!

After going to the bathroom Greyson saw a girl and then went up to her to ask her out:

Greyson: Hi i'm i'm i'm Greyson Chance and i....

When trying to ask her out he gets really nervous and walks away but the girl just stood there...
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*This is not true*
So, after Greyson's little tiff with Bryce over Brooklyn, he had to explain his behavior to her. And on live TV.
"Well, um, I'm really sorry Bryce, and I did it only because..."
The crowd seemed to be closing in on him. "Because I have feelings for Brooklyn!!"
The crowd gasped, and they looked over at Brooklyn for response. She looked really surprised. Bryce looked confused.
"I um, am sorry Greyson, but I belong with Bryce," she said. "But we could do a duet sometime, if あなた want!"
Greyson almost started crying. He mumbled an okay and ran backstage. He never saw Brooklyn again...
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Greyson has been packing like crazy for his tour and Anna has been calling him every 日 to ask when and where are we going and Greyson would tell her and she would get over excited but Greyson thought it was cutest thing ever. Today Greyson and his girlfriend Anna are going to the ビーチ with his buddy Cody:
Greyson: I just 愛 the beaches here!

They get out of the car:

Anna: Me too! The beaches here are so pretty!

Cody: あなた guys have to see the beaches in australia now that's where it's at....

Greyson: Well where touring in the U.S. but maybe we can make it a after touring vacation.....

Anna: Can...
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Days have gone によって and Greyson and Anna are still together but one 日 it all changes:

Greyson: Hello?

Anna: Hi Greyson!

Greyson: Hi....

Anna: Aww what's got あなた so down?

Greyson: Well we need to talk...
Anna: Why?

Greyson: Well i'm going on tour soon and....

Anna: WHAT???

Greyson: Yeah i'm be gone like a year....

Anna: Why didn't あなた tell me sooner? Did あなた think i'm going to cry my eyes out?

Greyson: Well.... yes but i just didn't want to hurt your feelings
Anna: Hurt my feelings? Greyson i know あなた have to go on tours now and then but can あなた tell me sooner so i don't have to get mad!

Greyson: I knew...
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The 次 日 nothing much happened except that there were 2 times もっと見る viewers than yesterday. We were so happy then Chris said,"We might be stars and meet our idols, our お気に入り stars, our future lovers." I said,"That would be so awesome." Then Chris left around noon, and she 発言しました that she will text me later. Around 1:30 we texted eachother forever. That was the end of my Sunday.
Then on Monday that's when everything changed. First it started out like any other Monday.I got up, showered, the same old, same old. Then 3rd 時 that's when I was called down to the office. This is weird because...
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Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance are not just having a blast touring together right now, they’re also learning so much about each other on the road and Cody felt like sharing it with あなた guys! He 5 facts あなた may not know have known about Greyson on his website. Here they are:

He has an awesome record collection (Elton John, Prince) and LP player on the bus.
He loves to pull pranks (especially with silly string!)
He’s a night owl!
Greyson loves to sing the new Lady Gaga song on the bus! “Judasss Judasss!”
He has the fridge stocked with Lunchables. (Actually they are sponsoring our tour!)
He also 投稿されました a 写真 of him and Greyson 表示中 them lounging on the bus in pajamas!
Can あなた guys come up with your most creative, funny and original caption for what the boys are thinking in the 写真 above? 提出する your 回答 in the コメント below!