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Gossip Girl: Are Chuck and V Really Hooking Up?



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I hate this! I would take Chuck and Blair never getting together over Chuck hooking up with Vanessa! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!
posted 1年以上前.
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UGH this is gonna be so hard to watch it. I dont know if i can even take it, maybe i'll just read what happens. UGHHH whyyyyy?! CV?! WHY?!
I told myself that there is only a few reasons why i would stop watching the show and one of them was if Chuck and Vanessa hooked up, or had a little fling but i was like NAAH that wouldnt happen they;re not that insane,,,apparently not. UGGHH.
They really want to lose some viewers.
But of course I'll still watch it, just while vommiting, but i swear this better last no longer than one epi or im gonna cry and lose GG=(
posted 1年以上前.