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Found this and wanted to share (:

There comes a time in every TV fan's life when あなた just gotta stop, drop what you're doing and let out a nice, big... Squeee!

Today is such a 日 because in just a few hours, this season's most addictive guilty pleasure returns to our living rooms: the CW's Gossip Girl.

First, a little exclusive casting news: The CW confirms that Lydia Hearst (heiress of William Randolph Hearst and daughter of Patricia Hearst) will be guest starring in the season finale of GG. She plays Amelia, an interior designer for Bart and Lily’s apartment and has a “moment” with Chuck...
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Now that Bree Buckley is out of the picture, and Carter Baizen looking like he could be soon as well does that clear the way for Nate and Serena to get together?

All signs point to yes, at least according to what we've seen on the 表示する this season, heard up until this point, and read in E! Online's spoiler Q&A this morning.

Excerpts below ...

Q: I'm dying for Gossip Girl scoop! Will Nate and Serena get together? または Dan and Blair? I keep hearing rumors, but I have to know if they are true.

A: One of them is. And I know あなた smarty-pantses will figure it out: Nate and Serena are definitely circling...
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I absolutely loved this scene where Blair posed before the camera's after Serena gained publicity from being arrested :)

Like the title, it is time to say Goodbye to our most loved series. Okay I'm kidding, most of our series are meeting their finale stage and don't seem to be coming back. Gossip Girl is not falling into this category as it was picked up for another season.

Confirmed によって Gossip Girl Insider

In fact Gossip Girl did say Goodbye ...to high school.

'The Goodbye Gossip Girl' marked the end of high school and the beginning of college, for Gossip Girl as well. Which could also mean that Gossip Girl is a part of the Serena, Blair, Dan...etc 年 group.


posted by Serenahatepage

Literally everybody calls her a クイーン and all that stuff but she’s not.

She’s just a selfish, PRIVILEGED LITTLE RICH GIRL!

For example she think Donovan (or whatever the prison teachers name is) is suppose to forgive lily. I can’t remember what episode but she got mad when Donovan didn’t want to help lily be he didn’t think that anybody should be hurt doing stuff for her! HES RIGHT! SERENA LITERALLY GOT MAD AT HIM🙄! LIKE BABE SHE PUT HUM IN JAIL!! あなた CANT EXPECT HIM TO RISK HIS (limited) FREEDOM JUST BECAUSE SHE’S YOUR MOTHER!!

Spotted: Our お気に入り Upper East Siders scattered around the world for one sizzling summer. If あなた think Manhattan had enough secrets and scandals to keep me busy, just wait until あなた see the souvenirs our sexy socialites have brought back ホーム with them. Looks like gossip is global as "Gossip Girl" returns for its hotly anticipated fifth season!

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) has spent a fabulous summer with her fiancé, Prince Louis (guest 星, つ星 Hugo Becker), in her future kingdom of Monaco. But when Blair returns ホーム from the holiday, this Princess-to-be will quickly learn that planning...
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Getting There

A/N: こんにちは Lovelies. Wow I'm in a good mood today! Anyway I only just finished chapter four and I know I was late doing that but tonight I got into such a 書く mood so I thought I'd finish chapter five quite fast this week. Anyway I was watching the awesomeness chick flick which is Bride Wars, I don't care what anyone says I am a sucker for a good romcom, and I 愛 that movie so much Kate Hudson is just so awesome and Anne Hathaway is perfection. I 愛 them both together. So I wrote this while I was watching that for the 100th time. Anyway hope あなた enjoy it and thanks to everyone...
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 "Are あなた okay Dan...?"
"Are you okay Dan...?"
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[GRRRRR i hate ファンポップ when i try to アップロード my fics...it either duplicates them または doesn't load:( so srry if theres two of them, i'll try to 削除 them asap]

THANK あなた SOOOOOO MUCH for the people who reviewed, they mean so much to me=] To be honest the beginning of the week I didn’t get many reviews which sucked,...
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 What's that noise B?
What's that noise B?
Read Part 1 if あなた haven't already:)

Read Part 2 if あなた havent already:)

Read Part 3 if あなた haven't already:)

Hey! Okay to start off I just want to say I’m so sorry with the lack of update! I’ve been extremely busy with homework, and tests. So I’m soooooo sorry. And thank あなた to everyone who continue to read my chapters, and for the reviews.
I really wanted to get this chapter done so I wrote this in one night (and didn’t do my homework ahem lol) so I had to make it up によって hiding my laptop the 次 night so I wouldn’t go on it. Oh wow, I know..loser =]

Oooo and, I cannot wait...
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“S, can we talk?” Blair Waldorf sniffled into the phone line.
Serena flipped on her light switch. “Yeah, B, what’s going on?” She rubbed her eyes. “Are あなた okay? It’s 2 am.”
Her breathing quickened. “Can あなた meet me somewhere?” She wiped away her tears.
“Can’t it wait—“
“No, it really can’t!” She hyperventilated. “Please. Serena” Her voice lowered.
Serena nodded. “I’m coming. Where do あなた want to meet?”
The blonde pulled on her coat, slipped on some shoes and called a cab. She was stumbling a little on her way towards the door,...
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posted by Yankeesam32935
Title:Road to Happiness Part 7
Rating: PG-13 for sexual situations and language
Word Count: 2,363 words

Summary: Chuck and Blair fall in love, but have to fight the obstacles in their way.

Road to Happiness Part 7

What was this thing that was pressed up against her side? Blair opened her eyes and was confused. This wasn’t her room, where was she? Then it all came back to her, she was with Chuck. In his bed. They had been basically spending all their time together for the last two weeks.

Blair looked at him sleeping peacefully and felt the pitter patter of her heart. God did she love, Chuck. Blair...
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After taking a short break, our お気に入り teen drama series is back with a brand new episode to entertain our manic

Monday night. It is time to indulge ourselves with high class drama as the Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 10: Gaslit

premieres on The CW on Monday, November 29 at 9:00/8:00 PM (ET/PT). The Gaslit episode was directed によって Tate Donovan

and written によって Joshua Safran and Robert Hull. This episode is the 75th episode of the entire series and the 10th of

the current season.

In the 前 episode of Gossip Girl, Serena have to choose between Dan and Nate and Blair wanted to become the

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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
Chuck's thoughts after episode 1 of Season 2 (his frustrations in not being able to say those words) and how he plans to win Blair back...or the beginning revelations of it...PLEEEEEEEEASE REVIEW! =D


"That's all I need, Chuck. Three words, eight letters, and I'm yours," she spoke with such sincerity and yet such an extreme bitterness.

Chuck stared on at her in disbelief of what she had just requested of him. He had to spit something out. He had to say something. He just didn't know it would be this difficult. Of course, he had very strong feelings for her and he knew he loved...
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posted by nataliaryanfan
The first episode of the 秒 season is set in the Hamptons and is titled "Summer, Kind of Wonderful," a take from the John Hughes' film "Some Kind of Wonderful." The premiere aired on the CW on September 1st with 3.4 million viewers, an impressive number for The CW network. Season 2 is set to have 24 episodes in all.

It was also announced that The O.C. alum Willa Holland will be reteaming up with Josh Schwartz and will 星, つ星 in three または もっと見る episodes of Season 2, playing Agnes, a 16-year-old model working for Eleanor Waldorf. Her character is set to create havoc for Jenny Humphrey. John Patrick...
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posted by melanieacbaer
 Big Bad Bart
Big Bad Bart
Let’s be honest, I started watching Gossip Girl to see beautiful people 白鳥, スワン around beautiful places in beautiful clothes getting with other beautiful people. This 表示する did not have a lot to aspire to. Surprise! It vastly exceeded my expectations with its risqué banter, themes of loneliness and popularity, and the dark past of its characters. So, I cast aside my initial evaluation and prepared to enjoy. Surprise! It is now hammy and convoluted. Whether this is due to what many former O.C devotees refer to as the S3 spiral of hell または the much-feared college decline, things have gone badly...
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 yep, thats me bitches..; )
yep, thats me bitches..; )
I just did this because i absolutely 愛 this song!! and for everyone who wanted the lyrics..well here they are lol its my first time doing "lyrics" so sorry if some are messed up but i checked it like 5 times, so ENJOY!! ;)

Your Loves A Drug

**i like it i want it the way あなた make my body move.
i think im addicted, im high off everything あなた do, im going to call あなた baby dont あなた worry about a thing, cause your ill i need, ill become a slave to my **habit?** feaning/feeling? For your love, got it have it now,

your all i need, your loves a drug cant get enough your loves a drug and i cant sleep,...
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 Can't believe the truth S?
Can't believe the truth S?
Episode 18: While あなた Weep

GG: Rise and shine Upper East Siders, The クイーン is...Alive, Long live the Queen. あなた didn't honestly think B was leaving us did you? Oh poor little 'mean girls' you'll have to wait if あなた want to replace B...

(At the Belleview Hospital)

After Blair has woken up.

The doctor has just finished talking to Blair, Eleanor and Harold about Blair's problem.

D: If there is any information that あなた need, don't hesitate to call me, any time and lets hope Blair makes a full recovery, Aye Blair?

(Blair is lying in ベッド ignoring the conversation.)

H: Thank あなた so much doctor, and you're...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
Forever Begins Now; Chapter One

Just less than half an 時 ago, she had called him, only saying, “Chuck, I need you; we need you. Please come.”

And he could only say, “I’m on my way.”

Blair and Chuck had always known each other better than everyone else. From the very start; even when they first met each other in pre-k. And if Chuck knew Blair, he knew that she never called または needed anyone, unless it was urgent, または an emergency. Sure, he didn’t exactly know what she meant によって ‘we’, but he still cared about her, even after that night at the Palace bar when she had come to him,...
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 Where is the Bass?
Where is the Bass?
Episode 1: Back to the Bass

GG: Yes. It's that time of 年 again, When Gossip Girl goes crazy for gossip like she isn't always but yes it's Gossip Girl's birthday, but あなた know the only thing I want is a juicy story on one of our elite...Anyone wanna make Gossip Girl's dreams come true ?

At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give あなた Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S...
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Story: "Don’t leave me behind"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip girl または used songs.

Summary: Chuck is going to leave New York for good after he saw Blair with Nate. Will Blair see who she really has 蝶 for and what if it’s too late?

Hi here's new update and last chapter of this fic. I'm going to start new soon so check it out when it will 表示する but I will be still continuing 'Sparks' and 'Season of love' is on hiatus for now as I don't really like 書く it at this moment.

"But there is not enough time,
And there is no, no song I could sing...
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A Million 愛 Songs Later

A/N: Hey, Right so first I would just like to say how much I 愛 Gossip Girl, And how pleased and overjoyed I am about these new set 写真 of Chuck and Blair. Yay. But I kinda get the idea that it is a dream cos of the Nate one too! But anyway, It'll be a great scene. Can't wait for that episode.
Anyway back to this chapter, So for all your Nate and Blair haters あなた probably wont like this chapter, But it had to be done, It's really about how they got engaged, And how Chuck reacts to the news. Anyway I hope あなた all like it the same. Remember to review, I really appreciate...
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