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(Sam, Mercedes, and Quinn are in a classroom having a conversation together. A student, Joe, is standing outside making sure he came to the right place.)
Joe's Thoughts: From what I've seen so far, this school seems okay. The most awkward moment is when people are looking at me, wondering why the homeless dude with the ギター came here. Well, I'm not homeless. I can care less about what they say. If there's one thing God taught me, it's that あなた don't need fancy things to be happy. It's just love. In fact, he's the reason why I'm going to 登録する the God Squad team. we go.

(The door...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Dear actors/actresses/writers and creators of "Glee":

Christmas is coming soon, and I just want to acknowledge your efforts into making the best TV series in all of TV history. My life would never be the same without 'Glee'. I wouldn't have taken up drama または considered to be an actor によって the time I grow up if it hadn't been for あなた guys.

To all of the glee/グリー guys, I really 愛 あなた so much! Cory, you're really awesome. No seriously. They need もっと見る solos for your character. I really enjoyed listening to your voice when I heard link. I just don't want people to hate on あなた and say negative...
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Puck: (thinking aloud) Man, three days without beer.

(Noah "Puck" Puckerman was outside his locker, counting the number of days he has been without beer. He wanted to really prove to Rachel's mother, Shelby, that he really deserves to have his baby girl, Beth. He also couldn't help but think of Quinn. She wants to take care of the baby, too.)

Puck's Thoughts: Man, it was kinda harsh what she 発言しました to me at Booty Camp a few weeks ago. She didn't even seem that serious into wanting Beth back.

(Just then, he spotted Rachel in the hallway, hanging up もっと見る campaign posters. He walked over and held one...
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posted by gleek481
glee/グリー pushes boundries. so lets get into sex sey and sexuality..
when glee/グリー tries to be sexy it can be bad. when they preformed push it well i cried. heres en reasons why it didn't work.
1. kurts fanny pack
2. artie sweat band
3. arties sweater カメ neck
4.finns faces
5. rachels faces
6. knee pads
7.finns solo
8.kurts movements
9.arties facial expresssions
10. the song
then they did toxic and that made me melt. the cosumes the song and the dance were perfect and britts voice was amzing.
do あなた wanna touch me was an amazingnumber and was just organicly sexy.
glee/グリー handled the topic of sex early on when...
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posted by gleek481
 the glee/グリー cast at there fashion finest.
the glee cast at there fashion finest.
glees charecters have some of the best and the worst fashion so lets look into it shall we. lets start with the Rachel.

-Rachel has the style of a gramndmother and a toddler combined. she wears strange animal sweaters and argyle out the wazoo. her shoes are classic and fun pennyloafers. along with tights and crazy socks. her style can only be described as one very big fashion NO NO.

-Mercedes style is colorful mix. layers and mix match. its all quite fflattering to her darker skin tone. her choices are sometimes a monstrosity and alittle out there but mostly a very good relection of style. her...
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Sue: We're gonna bring this club down.
Quinn: And I'm gonna get my boyfriend back.
Sue: I don't care so much about that. (Showmance)

(To Celibacy Club, talking about cheerleading skirts) God bless the perv that invented these. Remember the power モットー girls. It's all about the teasing and not about the pleasing. (Showmance)

(To Celibacy Club) Let's pair up for the Immaculate Affection. Now remember if the balloon pops, the noise makes the 天使 cry (Showmance)

(To Sue about Dakota Stanley)I give it 15 分 until the first one quits, または tries to commit suicide. (Acafellas)

(Talking to Finn about...
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posted by ilovehouse345
The glee/グリー club after rachel and them graduate. How will mr.shue handle a new club? i bet were all curious of what the club is gonna be lke after the current one leaves. well i made up one.


William Schuester walked into the school building, it was a new year, new kids, new teachers and new problems. The problem? His glee/グリー club had graduated last year, and now he was memberless. It was hard enough getting teens to 登録する the last club, he didn't even want to imagine this years trouble. He put it in the back of his mind and walked to his first period class.

The ベル finally rung and his...
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can't even explain how happy I am right now!!! They are AMAZING together!! Finn and Santana obvoiusly have tiny feelings for each other!!! Did あなた see how UPSET Santana was when she saw Finn and Rachel's little smile at each other as Kurt's father and Finn's mother were saying their speech? <3 :D Santana was soo upset...all I know/think is that she REALLY wants to be with him. And the cute little moment how Santana put on Finn's tie? <3 That lead to an arguement, but their little argument was veryy cute!! :D Also there WAS a moment how Finn chuckled at Santana and...
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posted by fayerox16
i can't believe it?Kurt is going to a private school!!i'm going to miss him terribly,but i'm glad to see that Finn and Kurt are now brothers. Rachel and Finn make a cute couple.:) anyways...back on i was tweeting and apparently Kurt DOES indeed come back to school, and there are TONS of people who are going to stick up for him,and keep him 安全, 安全です from the honestly wouldn't be glee/グリー without Kurt. he's above all,my favorite.
so there was onetime i didn't watch glee/グリー b/c of marching band practice...and i was it true that Artie got raped によって one of the cheerleaders. i don't know if this is true または not,but that's what my choir teacher if anyone knows the answer...tell me
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