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Chapter 2 Where Am I?

Disclaimer: I didn't write Enchanted. All that credit goes to ディズニー Studios. I just tried to make this exactly like the movie. (Sorry if some of the dialogue is wrong. I try to make this as exact as possible.)

Giselle was gasping for air to breath, but it was hard because she wasn't ever this afraid in her life. She looked at her hands. They looked strange to her. Then she touched her hair. It felt strange. She didn't know where she was. She saw that she was sitting on some sort of porthole. She opened it slowly, not knowing what would be on the other side. When she opened it, she looked out just a little, and was afraid of what she saw. She knew she was definitely not in Andalasia anymore. She managed to get out of the man hole just in time to see two strange looking vehicles crashing into each other.

"Oh!" she gasped. Then she bumped into a 表, テーブル knocking down everything.

"Oh! Sorry!" she said. She looked among the crowd. "I, excuse me! I mean, I was wondering if one of あなた could direct me to the castle. Please, if あなた could point me to the castle. To the ball. To where my true love, Prince Edward-" Giselle 発言しました and screamed because she was startled. She was moving without her moving her feet! She got carried along によって the crowd of people, and went down the escalator. When she came up, she was scared and didn't know what to do.

"Edward?" she asked quietly. "Oh, no." Giselle walked silently until she spotted an old man sitting on a bench. "Oh! Hello! Old man! May I sit with you? I'm very tired, and I'm scared. I've never been this far away from ホーム before and I'm not sure at all where I am. If someone could 表示する me just a bit of kindness. A friendly "hello" または even a smile I'm sure that it would lift my spirits up so much," Giselle 発言しました nervously. The old man smiled at something on her head ."Oh, あなた have a lovely smile," Giselle said. The old man swapped the tiara from Giselle's hair and started running away.

"Oh! Come back here! I need that!" Giselle cried out after him, and tried running after him, but in that puffy dress, she couldn't manage it. "You, are not a very nice old man!" Giselle 発言しました and formed her mouth into a pout. It started raining just them, and Giselle sighed.

Robert Philips was a divorce lawyer and right then, in the middle of a case.

"No! You're not getting him, Ethan!" a female voice yelled.

"You just want him because I want him!" a male voice yelled too.

"Well, I'm not letting あなた have him!" the female voice yelled again.

"Forget it, Phoebe! Hank is coming with me!" the male voice shouted at his wife.

"Wait, guys! I'm getting confused here. Who's Hank?" a lawyer 発言しました to the couple.

"Hank Aaron. Milwaukee Braves. His 1954 rookie card," Ethan said.

"A baseball card? That's what this gets down to? A baseball card?" Robert asked.

"You never loved Hank like I did!" Ethan yelled.
"You never loved me like あなた loved Hank!' Phoebe 発言しました and started arguing all over again.

"Excuse me, Robert? It's time," Samantha walked into the room.

"Yes," Robert said.

"Could we do this in the morning at nine 'o clock?" Robert asked the other lawyer.

"Nine sounds good," he responded.

"Ok," Robert 発言しました walking out of the room.

"Hey. So after a whole 日 of that あなた still want to get engaged?" Sam asked Robert.

"Oh, please. Those people never had a crazy romantic win. It's not the same with Nancy and I," Robert 発言しました grabbing his jacket.

"Sure. None of that crazy romantic stuff," Sam 発言しました sarcastically.

"Come on. I mean, we're rational. We've taken the time to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses," Robert explained.

"Sounds like you're building a bridge. Have あなた told your daughter yet?" Sam asked.

"No, I haven't. Not yet. But I'm going to, tonight. That's the tricky part. I got her a present to ease her into it, though," Robert 発言しました calmly. He knew that モーガン, モルガン like Nancy, but not that much.

"With news like this, I hope あなた bought her a Shetland pony," Sam 発言しました with a worried face.

"No. Something much better than that," Robert 発言しました with an evil grin.

Robert gets inside the cab and picks up モーガン, モルガン from school(I'm guessing.)

"A book?" モーガン, モルガン asks Robert, and looks at him like he's crazy.

"Come on, don't give me that look. I know it's not that fairytale book あなた wanted, but this is better. Look at this. See?" Robert asked and took the book from Morgan's hands. "Rosa Parks. Madame Curie. She was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to research. Till she died from radiation poisoning."

モーガン, モルガン looked at her father as if he were crazy, "She died?" Just then, Robert's phone started ringing.

"Yea hi. Tomorrow morning would be great, yea. Seven thirty? Yea, honey I'll call あなた later. Alright bye," Robert 発言しました and closed the phone. He turned to Morgan. "It was Nancy. She's a lto like the women in your book. Sweetie. I'm going to ask her to marry me," Robert 発言しました and Morgan's eyes widened.

"Hey, あなた like her don't you? We all get along and spend time together," Robert 発言しました sighing.

"Where's she going to live?" モーガン, モルガン asked her dad.

"She's going to live with us," Robert 発言しました plainly.

"Dad, she can't have my bedroom," モーガン, モルガン whined.

"No, あなた don't have to give up your bedroom, no. Come on, It's going to be great. I promise. It's not like she's going to try to be your mother," Robert said. He had hoped モーガン, モルガン wouldn't be so mad または sad about this idea. He guessed it was turning out fine.

"You mean, step-mother," モーガン, モルガン corrected him.

"Right. She's going to be a nice step-mother. She's going to take あなた to school tomorrow, just あなた and her, for some grownup girl bonding time," Robert said. He wished モーガン, モルガン would get along with Nancy better than they do.

"I'm only six," モーガン, モルガン said, looking confused.

"You won't always be," Robert 発言しました with a smile.

Back outside in the rain, Giselle was very sad and worried. Not to mention afraid of what was going to happen next. But when she saw the castle, she was relieved. Except for one thing. It was a billboard. But she didn't know that got on 上, ページのトップへ of a car, and reached for the billboard. She climbed all the way to the 城 door.

"Hello? It's me. Giselle from Andalasia. Hello?" Giselle started knocking, "Is there anybody home? Please open the door," Giselle called out.

"Dad, why is there a princess on the 城 billboard?" モーガン, モルガン asked.

"Hmm? Oh, its a mannequin," Robert 発言しました not looking up.

"She's really there," モーガン, モルガン 発言しました and opened the taxi door to see the billboard up close.

"Morgan, what are あなた doing? Get back in here! Morgan! Stop! Morgan!" Robert yelled after his daughter.

"Heyyy. Look!" モーガン, モルガン 発言しました and pointed to the 城 billboard.

"Stay here," he 発言しました to Morgan.

Then he looked up at Giselle, "Hey! Lady!"

Giselle looked down at him, "Oh, hello. I was wondering if maybe あなた could- woah woah!" Giselle 発言しました and waved her hands in the air to try to keep her from slipping.

"Hang on!" Robert yelled.

Giselle fell, but caught the rim of the billboard. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, so she had to let go.

"Catch her, Daddy!" モーガン, モルガン yelled.

Robert tried to make sure he would be able to catch her from the angle from where he was standing. Then when she slipped, he caught her. Only halfway. He fell on the floor bruising his elbows.

"Are あなた ok?" he asked Giselle.

"I, I'm fine," Giselle responded.

"Are あなた ok?" モーガン, モルガン came running to where they fell.

"I'm I'm fine," Giselle 発言しました once again.

"What were あなた doing up there?" モーガン, モルガン asked her. At that moment, she was convinced that Giselle was a princess.

"I, I was looking for some help. あなた see I've been wandering very far and long tonight. And I'm afraid nobody's been very nice to me," Giselle 発言しました with a sad face.

Robert, who was still rubbing his elbow looked up and 発言しました sarcastically,"Yeah. Welcome to New York."

"Thank you," Giselle 発言しました with a smile. Robert had absolutely no idea who she was または where she had come from, but he knew she was totally confused and didn't know sarcasm when she heard it.

"Oh, are あなた sure you're alright?" Robert asked again.

"Oh, yes," she responded. She didn't know why they were asking her the same 質問 three times, because she already gave the same response twice. Giselle knew she wasn't hurt.

"Do あなた want me to call someone for you?" Robert asked her, though afraid of what she might say. He had to admit she was beautiful, but he already had Nancy, and he almost didn't believe this woman was from earth.

"Well, I don't think they'd hear あなた from here," Giselle responded as if making a point.

"What?" Then thunder was heard through the sky.
Robert brought Giselle to his apartment to stay for a little while. When they got out of the elevator, Robert said," Morgan, 表示する her the way please."

"Then, the had told me to look deep into the well, and wish for my heart's desire, but I must've looked very far because I fell, down, down, down. And then I climbed out of this big round hole, and then I got very lost, until I fell off of the castle, and now here I am. With you!" GIselle exclaimed happily.

"Is this a big habit of yours? Falling of of stuff?" Robert asked. He thought she was making it up.

"Well, usually someone catches me. But, not to worry. I'm certain that Edward is already searching for me. No doubt によって morning he will come rescue me from this strange land. Take me ホーム and the two of us can share in true love's kiss, " Giselle explained.

"True love's kiss," Robert said. Now he knew this woman was truly crazy.

"It's the most powerful thing in the world," Giselle 発言しました with an unreadable expression.

"Right," Robert said.

"Now if only I could find a place to rest my head for the night," Giselle said.

"What kind of place?" Robert inquired the young lady.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe a nearby meadow, or, または a hollow tree," Giselle 発言しました smiling again.

"A hollow tree." Robert knew this woman was crazy, but he knew she always smiled, for a fact. He was starting to like her, but he already had Nancy. He had to put that in his head.

"Or a houseful of dwarves, I hear they're very hospitable," Giselle 発言しました as if nothing was wrong.

"Like I said, I could only let あなた in for a minute, dry あなた off, and use the phone if あなた like. モーガン, モルガン come on, it's bedtime," Robert 発言しました going inside his apartment.

"That's very kind of you," Giselle said. Only one problem. She couldn't fit through the door with that dress.

"What's with this dress of yours?" Robert asked.

"Oh, do あなた like it? I gathered the silk from my silkworm フレンズ and spun it into thread on my spinning wheel," Giselle 発言しました trying to push through the door.

"You did this all によって yourself?" モーガン, モルガン asked. She was amazed that anyone could do this. Besides Nancy. She owned her own shop.

"Well, the mice and rabbits did help with the sewing," Giselle said, and pushed harder.

"They're good," モーガン, モルガン 発言しました and pulled Giselle's hand as hard as she could, and guess what? Giselle fit through. Only the bottom of her dress tore off.

モーガン, モルガン got dressed for bed, brushed her teeth and went to her father and asked him,

"Couldn't she sleep here, Daddy?" モーガン, モルガン asked.

"Uh, no. That's a big no," Robert 発言しました 書く something on paper.

モーガン, モルガン sighed, and went to Giselle, who was sitting of the sofa.

"Are あなた really a princess?" she asked Giselle.

"Not yet," Giselle 発言しました and yawned,"but I will be, soon." Giselle rested her head on the 枕 which was on the sofa.

モーガン, モルガン tiptoed to her dad.

"Wow, Dad, she's really sleepy," モーガン, モルガン 発言しました in a whisper.

"Oh, no. That's not acceptable, no," Robert 発言しました putting down the papers, and went to where Giselle was sleeping.

"You're not really gonna make her go, are あなた Daddy?" モーガン, モルガン asked.

"I want あなた to go to ベッド please," Robert told his daughter.

"But I think she might be a real princess," モーガン, モルガン protested.

"Morgan, just because she has on a funny dress, doesn't mean she's a princess. She's a seriously confused women, who's fallen into our laps," Robert 発言しました as quietly as possible, to not wake Giselle up.

"So you're not going to let her stay?" モーガン, モルガン whined.

"Nope. Put on your nightgown and go to sleep," Robert 発言しました and kissed モーガン, モルガン on her head.


Robert took out his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number for a cab.

"Hi, I need a car.116th and Riverson please. Thank you," Robert 発言しました and closed the phone. He looked carefully at Giselle. He thought she looked peaceful, especially after all she's been through. He liked the way she smiled even when she was sleeping. Even though Giselles drove him crazy, she was still wonderful. He smiled at her and wished her a good night. He really was starting to think she was truly a beautiful woman.

"Morgan?" Robert asked his daughter.


"Come on, I want あなた to sleep in my room tonight," Robert 発言しました motioning to his room.

"Why?" モーガン, モルガン asked.

"Just come on."
 シンデレラ and Prince charming
Cinderella and Prince charming
Reference 1: The chandelir is from beauty and the Beast

Reference 2: When Robert is staring at Giselle is the same in Cinderella.

Reference 3: The waltz is like Sleeping Beauty

Reference 4: The 歌う is also in シンデレラ where Robert sings in Giselle's ear But she doesn't sing but it counts anyway.

Reference 5: Roberts costume is similar to the Beasts(already mentioned in another 記事 I did)

Reference 6 : Not a ディズニー movie but when Robert is satring at Giselle it looks like Anya and Dimtri in a way where Dimtri is lookin at Anya at the 上, ページのトップへ of the stairs .

Not in ballroom reference

Note: Anya and Dimtri also remind me of Giselle and Robert I know some people will say no but I think they look so much alike in a way.
 Enchanted: Robert is mesmerized at Giselle just like シンデレラ and charming was with each other
Enchanted: Robert is mesmerized at Giselle just like Cinderella and charming was with each other
 chandelier from 魔法にかけられて
chandelier from Enchanted
 Beauty and the Beast's chandelier
Beauty and the Beast's chandelier
 Beast's costume
Beast's costume
 Robert's costume in the ball is similar except Robert's is Navy with white frills
Robert's costume in the ball is similar except Robert's is Navy with white frills
 Dimtri looks abit like Robert in a way
Dimtri looks abit like Robert in a way
 Anya & Dimtri ( did patrick swap hairstyles lol)
Anya & Dimtri ( did patrick swap hairstyles lol)
 Giselle and Robert also remind me of Anya and Dimtri(well she has the same colour hair as Anya in the cartoon world)
Giselle and Robert also remind me of Anya and Dimtri(well she has the same colour hair as Anya in the cartoon world)
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Prince Edward delicately removed Giselle’s マント, 隠す and placed it in the cloakroom. They walked down the stairs, hand in hand, to the dance floor. Giselle’s face immediately lit up as she caught sight of Robert, as his did when he saw her.

“What’s she doing here?” Nancy had spotted the glamorous Giselle and had a feeling Robert’s attention was drawn to her.

“I have no idea.” Robert’s words were not convincing. His smile raised his cheeks and made his eyes sparkle.

The introductions were obviously only used to 表示する Robert and Giselle’s properties, which were clearly not each other....
continue reading...
 白鳥, スワン princess transformation
Swan princess transformation
Okey so it may not be a ディズニー movie but I think the part where Giselle becomes a human reminds me of The 白鳥, スワン Princess in a way.You know the one where Odette becomes a 白鳥, スワン and she goes in a lake every time the moon disappears . It is one of my favourite 映画 and I hope that あなた will like my references (see article)

Enjoy it as much as I do .

Reason: Evertime I watch Giselle's tranformation in 魔法にかけられて it always reminds me of the 白鳥, スワン princess , even Giselle in live action form remined me of her .

Good luck
 Giselle's tranformation
Giselle's tranformation
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Don't let me go
魚 out of water
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