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posted by dancergirl630
ok, girlicious has to be the worst girl group ever. not because they are bad people, but because they just look like strippers and sluts. wat, did the creaters of girlicious decide that they are going to pick the sluttiest girls for the group? so seriously girls of girlicious, what ever your names are, あなた are a disgrace to women, and a bad influence to little girls that look up to you. it sucks 'cause all i see when i look at あなた are a bunch of sluts. the thing that gets to me about girlicious is that they want to be a role model for girls... now i dont know what kinda parents they have, but if i had a child i would never want my kid to be like them.
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Let's go
What my mama don't know
What my mama don't know

I won't flip, I'm just coming at あなた
Tryna sing my tune and make your, make your body 移動する
So あなた can 表示する me what あなた do.
If あなた feel this beat, then get your booty shaken puh-lease
And groove it just groove it baby, groove it just groove it
Cuz' I can keep on going boy I know you're gonna like it all night こんにちは

You can't deny the way this beat just gets your body bouncing
Bouncing with some レタス and a burger with some thousand island dressing
I reckon that あなた and me should be dancin' together, together

What my mama don't know, what...
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posted by RnBStar13
[Robin Antin]
Action Girlicious !

They say she off the meter
From the track to the feed
Oh yeah I’m vicious so delicious all the boys wanna eat
Go head and hate me baby, sa sa salty but sweet
I spin the bottle till tomorrow there ain't no memory's

So bring it up
Burn it down
Throw it back
Another round
Hey, I think I’m losin control, ahah oh

Take it high bring it low
Are your ready here we go
cause even if the cops is coming
I ain't gonna stop let's do some stupid shit

Get messy messy with it do some stupid shit
I know we’re not supposed to but the hell with it
Get dirty dirty baby...
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