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posted by GearsHead13
Gears Of War 

Theory Of A Deadman
 Chapter 1:   Wasteland

"Mya? あなた should have a look at this..... It's bizarre." 発言しました a feeble scientist wearily as he pushed his round glasses back up the precipice of his rigid nose as his eyes flitted from the clipboard in his hand to the experiment before him.  A pencil was clad to his hand as he scribbled away ferociously at the clipboard. 
"This had better be good, not like what あなた thought was amazing the last time."  
The brunette  snarled sharply.  Her heels clicked and echoed through the placid laboratory, bouncing off the walls and glass 8" tall...
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posted by Dyceman88
Name: Roxanne “Roxy” Payne
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Before E-Day
Rank: None (Operation Lifeboat)
Height: 5’6
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown (dark circles around the eyes)
Homeland: Tyrus
Era: イナゴ War, Lambent Pandemic

“I may not be a Gear, I may not be a man…heck I’m not even a woman yet, just a girl, but I can still kick 尻, お尻 with the best of them. If あなた got a problem with that tell it to someone who gives a shit.”

Roxanne, もっと見る commonly known as Roxy has a lot to prove to the COG and Gears. Being the youngest of four siblings with a black father and...
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Chapter 1
The Sound of Gunfire thunders throughout the Area, Tanks and Raven going through. "Rookie! Head Down!" 発言しました Sergeant Bellaine. "Sorry Sarge! kinda difficult looking through this Bucket" 発言しました Bozeman the two Soldiers continue shooting at the Indie Forces. "Dammit! where is the F--king Choppers!" yells Hank. Bozeman pulls out his Sniper and picks off 3 UIR Troopers. But then an Indie Sniper fires at Bozemans' Helmet. "GAAH" screams the Rookie dropping his Lancer and to his knees. Bellaine tears off the ヘルメット of the downed COG to reveal a 22 年 old with curly blonde hair. "Get up...
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posted by Dyceman88
I would like to see a GOW game thta focuses less on the story (not that that isn't important, i 愛 the story, read all the 本 and got all the games etc..) but i would like them to make a GOW Game that focuses soly on multiplayer, meaning loads of characters:

*1. Marcus Fenix
*2. Dom Santiago
*3. Augustus Cole
*4. Damon Baird
*5. COG Gear
*6. Anya Stroud
*7. Clay Carmine
8. Sam Byrne
*9. Jace Stratton
*10. Dizzy Wallin
*11. Tai Kaliso (unlock)
12. Alex Brand (unlock)
13. Michael Barrick (unlock)
*14. Padrick Salton (unlock)
15. Alicia Valera (unlock)
16. Bernie Mataki (unlock)
*17. Victor Hoffman (unlock)...
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posted by StarsGoBlue
God's ロスト Child 
Chapter 2: An Indefinite Prisoner Of War 

"Unbelievable! Un-fucking-believable."
A nerdy blonde cussed as he stormed  through the upper deck of Sovereign, his hands raised above his head in protest. 
"Oh, let's put Baird in charge of the rookie! Since he's busy anyway. Let's just give him もっと見る shit to do, that's easier on us!"
He continued to fume violently as Nicole followed a 安全, 安全です distance behind. The rest of Delta Squad had dispersed to their cabins to change into their night attire. Baird had been chosen to school the rookie, thanks to his big mouth.  After a bit of sighing...
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