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posted by kaitlynlovesyah
こんにちは all あなた hunger games fans!!!! I'm 書く a review on what I think of gale Hawthorne in the hunger games. He is stunningly sexy in the movie. I think we can all agree on that. In the book, Gale Hawthorne is a hunter who meets The young Katniss Everdeen when he is 14. So basically they become close フレンズ and then become hunting partners. So when someone makes a joke about キス Katniss he gets mad and decided that he likes her. But, she doesn't know this until the 秒 book, Catching Fire. In the end, they overthrow the Capitol and eventually Katniss and Peeta go back to their homes. Gale decides he will get a fancy job in district 2 so Katniss and Gale never really see each other again. It's quite sad to me. In the end of it all, peeta begs Katniss for children and they have 2 kids; a girl and a boy. It's ハート, 心 aching for me because I am deffinataly team gale and will always be.