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People criticize Merlin for all sorts of things including plot holes (sort of like a clot pole? lol). If you can do better, here's a template for a Quest for Gwen. Especially after Season 4. Write your own adventure:


These stages could fit nicely in either a single episode of Merlin or multiple episodes with one or two stages being a central theme. In other words, directly or indirectly, there would be a Gwen Quest. In which either literally or figuratively, Gwen completes the various stages. An outline for one quest (The Stages are Campbell’s while Mudock’s Stages are denoted by M):

Stage 1: Departure: Gwen is called to adventure, although she and Arthur are reluctant for her to accept. Gwen does and at her terms not his. Gwen would face the temptation that will lead to physical, emotional, or spiritual death. Here she would encounter a masculine force (like Arthur) that wants her to give everything of herself to him. But, she must be who she is and not someone who will agree to everything he says. And, returns his arguments by assuming masculine personality traits like logical reasoning and stubbornness. Yet, she must be willing to acknowledge she has weaknesses instead of denying that fact to herself by seeking those who can aid her in this quest. (M1: SEPARATION FROM THE FEMININE; M5: AWAKENING TO FEELINGS OF SPIRITUAL ARIDITY: DEATH.)

Stage 2: Initiation: Gwen crosses a threshold into a new, more dangerous world, gaining a more mature perspective. Motivated by her pure love for Arthur, she accepts and in doing so, she adopts aspects of the life she once knew. She re-encounters the representation of the Goddess and accepts those masculine aspects in Arthur she had earlier rejected in Stage 1 to heal the emotional wounds of her initial separation. This may be external in that she may give herself back to her family in some way or internal in that she becomes more independent. Either of which allows her to express maternal love again as she finds fulfillment and purpose. (M2: IDENTIFICATION WITH THE MASCULINE & GATHERING OF ALLIES; M6: INITIATION & DESCENT TO THE GODDESS.)

Stage 3: The Road of Trials: Gwen with Merlin’s (or other Supernatural guide) aid endures tests of strength, resourcefulness, and endurance as she encounters the negative aspects of the Goddess (these can be like the Ogre, the Dragon, and the False Knight). And to conquer those, Gwen must adopt the positive features of the Goddess. In doing so, Gwen comes to realize that she has lost part of her identity in this quest to succeed in the Male domain by her integration of the Masculine into her personality. (M3: ROAD OF TRIALS, MEETING OGRES & DRAGONS & FALSE KNIGHTS)

Now, she needs to go back and reconnect with the the feminine aspect of her personality: the female body, feeling, passion and emotion (Anima). to vanquish these obstacles in her path. This reintegration of the Goddess might also be the integration of the primal female, the 'Wild Woman', archetype --- impulsive, strong, passionate and comfortable with her sexuality using her female wiles and charm to get what she wants. (M7: URGENT YEARNING TO RECONNECT WITH THE FEMININE)

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave: Gwen faces a great trial facing the Goddess. In this confrontation, Gwen harness both the positive and negative aspects of the Goddess and triumphs thereby changing physically, emotionally, or spiritually as she accepts and integrates the old wisdom. Gwen might meet the “Grandmother” a guide, a benign understanding woman who has been maiden, mother, or crone who can heal the final split with the Mother Goddess. This is the encounter and acceptance of ancestral feminine wisdom. (M4: GAINING THE FALSE BOON; M8: HEALING THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER SPLIT.)

Stage 5: Return and Reintegration with Society: Gwen uses this new wisdom to help restore the land of Albion. She returns to Camelot to discover a different Arthur who embraces her as his equal in making decisions. While she has been discovering the masculine aspects and integrating these into herself, Arthur has become more tolerant, nurturing, and sensitive while still being at the core, Arthur, who encourages her to keep her masculine traits like self-confidence, rational thinking, and independence. As a stronger bond forms between them: Trust (M9: HEALING THE WOUNDED MASCULINE) and reaffirming their Love: (M9: FINDING THE HEART OF THE INNER MAN).

By gaining this success in the Masculine World and her personal world, Gwen achieves a synthesis of Male and Female personalities which are stronger than either alone as ts beyond duality - a singular being who embraces all within a circle of understanding. Arthur becomes more nurturing and tolerant while Gwen becomes more confident and comfortable with her sexuality and role as ruler. (M10: INTEGRATION OF MASCULINE & FEMININE). And setting the stage for the return of magic to Albion (the True Boon which is the Myth of the Eternal Return--- resurrection).
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No one's taken the challenge. Well, I'll start with this example:

"In a land of Myths and a Time of Magic, the future of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man... Merlin

Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, Defender of the Realm, the Once and Future King stares grimly at the message crumpled in his hands. Carefully, he straightens out the fresh creases as he stays his anger. Again he reads the words scrawled upon the Ancient parchment but they remain unchanged. One or one hundred times, the writing is still the same and as clear as a cloudless sky on a mid summer’s day in Camelot. And, on this summer, the warm light of day sends a chill as cold as any in the darkest winter night. He knows that someone must die."


That is the thanks he got for all his years of service to the king and Camelot. He stares out the window and looks over the kingdom. Then, he packs his bag, and walks out of his room. He sees Gaius in flashbacks, the first time they met until the last. As he heads into the courtyard, he looks up at the palace balcony and remembers Uther address his subjects and peering shyly out of a window, his young vulnerable ward, Morgana.

Morgana? Merlin remembers her all too well. She was so beautiful, so kind. What happened to her? Why did she become evil? Could she not see the greater good?

And he? He was so young but now look! Once he was the boy-wizard and now he is a withered old man. His once mighty powers now a fragment of what had been.

As he walks down the streets, he remembers his first meeting with Arthur. He smiles remembering their duel with maces. The Prat, Merlin smirks, "and a Royal one." Then, he sees the stocks and remembers his first meeting with Gwen. He visits the lower town, passes Gwen's old home. He sees the Tavern and remembers Freya. How she was caged by the bounty hunter. Then, he walks out of the gates.

He continues his journey out of the city and walks across a few fields with tall grass and wild flowers. Then he passes a couple cows. He smiles and hears the wind in the distant mountains. And, he pauses in front of a Lake.

He says one word: "Freya."

He remembers her. His life. His love. He waits. No one appears. He is alone. She is gone. Dead. Killed. A victim of the reign of Uther. Dead by the hands of Arthur Pendragon!

He wipes away the tears. And, he remembers the scorn of Arthur and the KORT for his humble beginnings. Though some of them shared his rank in society, he was never accepted. While they advanced in rank and file, in prestige and honor, with his aid, before the king and people, he did not. His friends: gone.

A frown forms over his brow, a prayer utters from his lips as he calls forth the Blood Gods of the Old Religion: Taranis, Esus, and Teutates. The water boils as his voice fills with anger. He remembers the taunts, the humiliation, the isolation and the abandonment by those who dared call him friend.

Then, he remembers Gwen. In flashbacks he sees her advance from serving girl to Queen and how he remained Arthur's man servant. Her laughter echoes in his mind as her image fades. She is gone while bitterness fills the void. He has become the Sorrow of the Old Religion.

Merlin utters another prayer and the winds whip the trees. He calls forth the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. And, Merlin raises his left hand in anger and bereavement, as lightning strikes and the sky darkens, Merlin smiles: He has become the Anger of the Old Religion.

He summons Morgana. Eldritch energy shoots from his Right hand. She crumples to the ground, a withered thing of flesh and bone, her beauty and life fled, her power is now his. Merlin smiles: He has become the Avenger of the Old Religion.

From the Lake, an arm rises. Then, the rest of the figure. It is Freya. He scowls. It is too late. From his Left hand the Magic burns what once was his true love. She screams as her powers are now joined to his.

Merlin shouts: "I shall have my revenge!"

Power courses through him. The Old Religion. Merlin smiles: He has become Emrys the Destroyer.

Then, he returns to Camelot... A fierce battle ensues but to no avail. All fall before the Wizard-King. Arthur is the last alive. He stares in horror at the man who was once his friend.

Arthur gasps, "Merlin! You have magic!"

"I was born with it," Merlin smirks. "And, I now have your kingdom! You over bearing toad!"

Merlin stands triumphant amidst the smoldering ruins, the once glorious city is now dead. He weeps, then a smile breaks out upon his lips and he summons the kings of the Earth. None dare stand against him. One by one, they bow before the Wizard King.

Merlin smiles: "Welcome to Albion!"

Arthur is the last. He bows and trembles before his new Master. Merlin is pleased...

Then, Merlin shakes the cobwebs out of his head. It's Friday, he is still in the stocks awaiting to be pelted. Just two days earlier he'd arrived in Camelot. Now, thanks to that Royal Prat, Merlin is paying the price for his release from the dungeons of Camelot. He hopes never to see Arthur ever again.

As he looks around to get his bearings, he sees a blurred figure before him and he hears a voice. It's soothing, like warm honey to a sore throat. As he focuses on the words, her image becomes clear. It is a young woman about his age.

"Hello, I'm Guinevere but most people call me Gwen..."

And, Merlin's world would change. He smiles taking her hand in friendship. He remembers and all is as it should be: Arthur is a young boy raised by his foster father Sir Ector; while Merlin remains an old man, the teacher and mentor of the once and future king.


So, that's one Gwen Quest with Gwen being the secondary character. Dark Merlin arises from the hate and anger of his years in Camelot but through the memory of her friendship Dark Merlin is defeated and Camelot becomes as it should be.


Yes, but in the immortal words of Homer, the poet, during the Duel of Achilles and Aeneas.... uh, Hmmm... to paraphrase Homer (the Simpson): Well let's see you do better.
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No one's added anything? Well, of course. If you want here are the elements for the typical Merlin Journey from S01-04.

Merlin. The Characteristic Hero’s Journey

The TV series Merlin on BBC One is following the Hero’s Journey during its baker’s dozen of episodes. Characteristic elements of that Journey are:

1. The hero is naïve and inexperienced, but in his Journey obtains wisdom or knowledge (Merlin learned about his Destiny, the Callieach, Dragons, and Responsibility)
2. The hero meets monsters or monstrous men or women (Callieach, Durocha, Borden, Agravaine)
3. The hero has a guide or guides; often the guide is a strange, wise being, a mentor (Gaius, Kilgarrah)
4. The hero yearns for the beautiful lady who is sometimes his guide or inspiration (Morgana in S01-03, Nimueh in S01, and Freya, if you will do the abstraction, since S02)
5. The hero must go on a journey, learn a lesson, change in some way, and return home (nearly every episode of Merlin so far from S01 to S04)
6. The hero often crosses a body of water or travels on a bridge or fields or follow a path. (ditto)
7. The hero is born or raised in a rural setting away from cities (Ealdor)
8. The origin of the hero is mysterious or the hero loses his/her parent(s) at a young age, being raised by animals or a wise guardian. (Merlin was raised in Ealdor, abandoned by his father Balinor, raised by Hunith but sent to be guided by Gaius, and received more guidance from the Great Dragon)
9. The hero returns to the land of his/her birth in disguise or as an unknown (Moment of Truth; Sword in the Stone 1)
10. The hero returns to the land of his/her birth and uses the wisdom of the outside world to help his land (Moment of Truth)
11. The hero is special, one of a kind. He/she might represent a whole nation or culture (Merlin is a prodigy in S01E01 and the Last Dragon Lord in S02E13)
12. The hero struggles for something valuable and important (Albion, Camelot)
13. The hero has help from divine or supernatural forces (Hmm... too many to mention.)
14. The hero goes through a rite of passage or initiation, an event that marks a change from an immature to a more mature understanding of the world (nearly every episode)
15. The hero undergoes some type of ritual or ceremony after his/her initiation (ditto)
16. The hero has a loyal band of companions (Gwaine, Lancelot, Gwen, Gaius, Arthur)
17. The hero makes a stirring speech or some act to inspire his/her companion(s) or those around him (multiple times each season especially during the heart-to-heart talks)
18. The hero engages in tests or contests of strength (physical and/or mental) and shows pride in his/her excellence (Merlin's verbal jousts with Arthur)
19. The hero suffers an unhealable physical wound, sometimes an emotional or spiritual wound from which the hero never completely recovers like the loss of the chance to show Magic can be a force for good--- just like in S1 (Mark of Nimueh), 2 (Nightmare Begins), 3 (Sins of the Father), and 4 (Wicked Day)
20. The hero gets the prize in the end or some thing to help him gain the prize


I've used this check list (it's from the Hero Archetype--- the Characteristic Hero's Journey) for every Merlin Season since the first and it seems to hold for each of the Seasons. These Characteristics tie the entire Series together. By the penultimate episode, everything gets mentioned at least once during the 13 episodes of each season at least from 1-4.

Check for yourself if you don't believe me.

It's things like this that show the continuity of the show and that there is a pattern inherent in the series. It's just not always clearly manifest. But it's things like this that help people fill in the blanks ... to the "plot holes" you just keep this a mental note instead of actually writing it all down.

The problem is, that the Merlin actors and editors should make this a bit more clear... like letting the viewer know Freya was a water spirit healing Merlin or at the campfire when he needed her most instead of relying on visual or auditory cues like music and glimmering lights...


Come on, have a go.
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Here's a site for some character background if you need it:

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No one's added anything? Well, I'll continue:

"In a land of Myths and a Time of Magic, the future of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man... Merlin

Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, Defender of the Realm, the Once and Future King stared grimly at the message crumpled in his hands. Carefully, he straightened out the fresh creases as he stayed his anger. Again he read the words scrawled upon the Ancient parchment but they remained unchanged. One or one hundred times, the writing was still the same and as clear as a cloudless sky on a mid summer’s day in Camelot. And, on this summer, the warm light of day sent a chill as cold as any in the darkest winter night. He knew that someone must die.

“Merlin! Merlin!” Arthur bellowed before striding to the doorway and shouting to the two guards. “Have you seen my worthless toad of a servant?”

The two shook their heads in terror and in unison answered “No, Sire.”

Arthur’s eye widened, his neck tightened, his veins bulged as he paced back and forth seething with rage. It was not until his lovely wife and queen, Guinevere entered his room that his countenance softened and his manner eased. Soon, he was his usual regal self and she bid the guards to depart.

“Arthur,” she asked concern etched on her face, “What IS the matter?”

“It’s Merlin!” he moaned while Gwen looked surprised. “Look at me! I have to be dressed soon. And there’s no one to do it!”

Gwen smiled and calmly gathered his clothes from the Armoire. Still, Arthur looked anxious pacing his chambers. His Queen, a former maid, deftly organized his things.

“I have a speech to give to the Guild of Livery and Stable Mates,” he muttered.

“Arthur! I’m surprised you knew anything about that,” Gwen said sweetly handing him a clean shirt.

“No, the other,” he said and she gathered his other shirt while he continued, “Thank you.” Then, he continued his train of thought on his manservant. “I don’t but Merlin does. And this speech he wrote last night lacks polish. And, so does his welcome address. Well, my welcome to the messenger from Caerleon! Sometimes I wonder if he truly knows how much work I do!”


“It is not easy being King, Guinevere!" Arthur protested. "Later today, I have to be a judge.”

“At a trial?” Gwen asked tending to the rest of his attire but Arthur shook his head. “Or a garland competition?”

“A baker’s contest.”

“Hmmm. Tasting various sweets and tasties made in your honor? That sounds difficult.”

“It is not funny, Guinevere. Later today, I have to greet an envoy from Bayard. And, you know how that can be.”

“I know: it must be very difficult listening to someone say how great you are!”

Finally attired in his kingly raiment, Arthur said, “Gwen… Guinevere! Now, that you’re my Queen that IS the work of our servants!” Then, his head snapped to attention, “The Tavern! That’s it. He must be at the Tavern. When I get my hands on…”

“Arthur Pendragon!” Gwen smiled sweetly embracing him. “Do you really want to put your hands on Merlin just now? Or would you rather keep them around me?”

That choice was no choice for Arthur. King Arthur looked longingly at his wife and kissed her. No, he’d rather have his hands just where they were, embracing Gwen, right now. Besides, he could always punish Merlin later. He could wait but she couldn't!


In the quarters of the Court Physician, Gaius watched with alarm as the young man hunched over the wooden table and his makeshift desk dipped his quill into the small jar of ink. Good, Gaius thought he's done, the boy hadn't slept all night. But then, he saw Merlin smile weakly, only to resume writing another word in a seemingly endless line of words. Sometime later with a flourish, he was done and looked pleased as he read over his words.

“Merlin,” Gaius said, “Hadn’t you better get to work? You’ll be late.”

“Arthur gave me the morning off,” he said happily.

“Arthur gave you a holiday? That doesn’t sound like Arthur.”

“Holiday? What’s a holiday?” Merlin grumbled nut looking upon the arched brow of his mentor added, “He gave me the morning off to write his speeches to the Guild of Armor polishers, Leather workers, Stable Mates and Livery workers. His welcome to the emissary from Mercia and another to the envoy from Caerleon. And of course these... Arthur's daily work itinerary.”

Merlin motioned to the many sheets of paper scattered upon the table. The product of a long night of labor answering the daily duties expected of King Arthur, which unceremoniously became Merlin's duties.

"Running a kingdom can be busy work," Merlin muttered. “If only people knew who actually ran it.”

“Mercia? And Caerleon? Are you sure?" Gaius asked alarmed. "It’s odd that both would be here, now. What did they want?”

“Birds. They said Arthur owed them the favor of hawks. Gaius? Gaius? What’s the matter?”

“Oh? Nothing, Merlin,” the old man said dazed and stunned before regaining his composure. “Well, if you’re through with your chores for Arthur then, you can deliver this to Evoric for me. It’s a potion for his gout. The poor man’s had it act up again.”

“Och Aye, Gaius. I’ll go there now.”

“No, eat your breakfast first. Then, go. And, when you get there ask Evoric about what he thinks of the doves in Meredor.”

"Doves? In Meredor?"

Gaius nodded then ambled to the heavy door, “Oh and Merlin. Remember. Don’t do any gambling. If you can’t afford to lose, you can’t afford to win.”

“And what Ancient said that?”

“I don’t know but it sounds good,” Gaius mumbled absently. “And remember, try not to drink too much while you’re there. A thimbleful of cider you’re buzzing like a bee. You still have the rest of the day’s work to do.”

Gaius smiled exiting the chamber leaving Merlin alone. Something was wrong. He could sense it. But, he didn't want to worry too much. Gathering the scrolls sprawled on the makeshift desk, Merlin tucked each one carefully in a satchel and departed. It was nearly noon and if he arrived in time, he could help himself to a free lunch at the Tavern. Little did Merlin know, there's seldom a truly free lunch as he would soon learn.


The Rising Sun was the main Tavern and for many years the only tavern in Camelot. However, after Hound’s Head opened a few months ago and the Boar’s Tusk opened a few weeks ago, there was stiff competition for customers. They all offered the same basic things common to all the public houses: gambling, drinking, and wenching. But, only Evoric offered a free lunch which was a welcome meal for many a thirsty and hungry customer.

“Well,” the tall, round, stoutly man asked looking concerned. “What do you think?”

Merlin bit into the layers of pickled eggs and meat sandwiched between the thick slices of bread. It was good and filling. But, the young man had to chew. And chew. And chew. Still, it was good and Merlin took another bite. Evoric looked at each mouthful with growing concern.

“Salty and dry,” Merlin said seeing the Innkeeper noticeably brighten. “Could I have some water please?”

“Sure you don’t want a tankard of mead? It’s the same price, you know for a mug of water.”

“You’re charging me for water?” Merlin asked incredulously. “You didn’t the last time. And, it’s free from the pumps outdoors. Besides a tankard is at least four times the size of a mug.”

“Sorry, Merlin. We aren’t outdoors. It’s the price of business. Overhead you know.”

“I’ll try some stew," Merlin said taking his spoon to the tasty dish before him. "Uhhh," he gasped as the liquid entered his mouth choking as he swallowed it down. "Uhhhh. After that I need a drink. It’s hot!”

Merlin looked feverishly for something to quench his thirst but found nothing. Gasping and choking at once and in turn, the young man looked pleadingly at Evoric who offered no pity, no quarter. Merlin would have a price to pay.

“It’s the only way for him to offer a free lunch,” a voice said cheerily behind him. “The food’s free but over salted, the drinks are watered down and cost, he makes a small profit. Don't you?" The Innkeeper nodded slightly and frowned then, the knight continued, "And with the gambling, he makes a hefty profit. Eh, Evoric?” The Innkeeper looked guilty but frowned as the knight removed a flask from his belt. “That’s why I bring my own drink when I dine on this fine food.”

“Gwaine!” Merlin smiled seeing the knight of Camelot bite into a similar meal of bread and meat.

“Uh, hello, Sir Gwaine,” Evoric frowned seeing the knight hand Merlin his flask. “Care to try your luck? Draughts? Dice? Cards? Stew?”

“I’m a hungry horse, Evoric,” Gwaine smiled ladling a bowl of stew. “But no gambling. From the looks of it, Leon’s losing enough for both of us.”

Merlin put the flask to his lips but it was empty. He looked at Gwaine who shrugged and muttered, “sorry.” Then Merlin saw Evoric beaming broadly.

“Make it a tankard of mead, then,” Merlin said handing Evoric, the vial Gaius had given him to deliver. But on seeing the confusion on his face, Merlin added, “It’s the medicine for your gout.” Still the man looked confused. “Gaius said you had gout.”

Evoric looked puzzled but then he beamed, “Ah, yes. My gout! Thank Gaius for me, will you Merlin?”

“Och aye,” Merlin said taking another bite of his sandwich. “Oh, and Gaius wanted to know how the doves were in Meredor?”

“Doves in Meredor?” Evoric asked again confused before regaining his composure. “Oh, tell Gaius, the sea hawks drove them away. There’s only falcons now. Tell him, the Tradesman says so.”

Gwaine looked puzzled as the Innkeeper departed asking, “What was that all about? Whose this Tradesman fellow?”

“I don’t know,” Merlin said as a tankard was set down in front of him. “What brings you to the Tavern this time of day?”

“You,” Gwaine answered bluntly. “Or I should say, Arthur. He’s looking for you. He said you’d be here and to bring you to him,” Gwaine explained taking the tankard. “You know if you drink more than a sip of this you're singing like a sailor," he said filling his flask. "Anyway, Arthur wants you. Something about a baker’s contest. So, Leon and I volunteered to search every Tavern in Camelot.”

“Ah, I’d better go then. Aren’t you coming?”

Gwaine shook his head, “No, I’ll have a bit more food and drink. And leave once Leon’s lost enough.”

Merlin looked toward the table. Sir Leon was rolling the dice. He looked to be winning. Then, Gwaine’s smile disappeared when he saw Leon’s next bet.

“Leon looks like he’ll be here a while,” Merlin said.

“Appearances can be deceiving,” he explained taking another bite of his sandwich. “He’s making bigger and bigger bets… And, well, it looks like we won’t be here long.”

Merlin saw the money change hands, “Has Leon lost enough?”

“Almost. A gambler’s first rule Merlin. Quit while you’re ahead. Otherwise, the house always wins, eventually,” Gwaine explained placing the bowl of hot stew in front of him. “Ah, looks good.”

“So why do gambler’s lose so much so often?”

“A gambler’s second rule: you can never lose too much or win too little. Good. Salty though.”

“Is there a third rule?” Merlin asked while Gwaine dipped a piece of bread in the stew.

“That’s good,” he said dipping another chunk of bread into it before taking a bite. “That’s good. A third rule? Yeah: you can never win too much or lose too little.”

Gwaine gestured to Merlin who took a bit of bread and dipped that into the stew. It tasted fine: not nearly as salty and the bread wasn’t dry. Then, he turned toward Leon and saw the stack of coins change hands again.

“I think Leon’s about done after this,” Merlin muttered.

“Yeah, looks like he’s lost enough for the day,” Gwaine belched. “Well, let’s get him then and see about Arthur.”

The two men went to the knight still dazed by the numbers on the dice. He was so sure he had won…


The doors to the Great Hall were closed. Arthur was in a private session with his Council. Their decision this day would have grave consequences for the future of Camelot.

“So, it’s settled then?” Arthur asked sullenly. Looking at each of his advisor’s with his steely gaze, Arthur waited until one by one each had signaled in agreement. Except, Geoffrey began coughing, “Yes, Geoffrey? You wish to speak?”

“Well, sire,” he began. “Litha should be celebrated with more vibrant colors. Perhaps, Lapis lazuli, amber, or emerald …” Arthur arched an eyebrow and Geoffrey coughed, “Oh… well, yes but blue, yellow, and green are all fine colors. Drab but fine.”

"Now, Geoffrey," Sir Leon interjected. "There's nothing wrong with solid basic colors."

Soon, his council was in a lively debate, again. Over colors! Arthur thought and there wasn’t THAT much of a difference between those colors. In fact, they were little more than shades of colors!

Before another word could be said, Arthur absently stared at the scroll unfurled before him. He read the words and thought nothing of it. In fact, it was more to his liking: a coded message from King Bayard of Mercia requesting troops and reinforcements from Camelot. It would be his pleasure to provide aid and to honor the agreement made by his father and Bayard all those many years ago. Then he read another scroll.

“Is something wrong, Sire?” Gaius asked.

Arthur froze. For a moment, the way Gaius asked the question it was as if he did know something was wrong. But how? Of course, that bumpkin: Merlin! He must have told Gaius and who knows how many others on the council. It was but a matter of time before the news would reach the rest of the kingdom and panic would set in, surely. There was no sense in denying his fears to his Council. Arthur steeled himself to deliver some unpleasant news.

“I have received twin requests from Mercia and Caerleon for aid,” Arthur said somberly.

With that the chambers fell silent. Gaius watched carefully. He knew that in moments the discourse would change from the frivolities of peace to the necessities of war. And, Arthur would have to lead them.


“How is this fair?” Merlin asked pacing in anxious agitation in the Chambers of the Court Physician. “Arthur tells me to take the morning off, and when I do he threatens to have me banished for being lazy and insolent! Then, he tells me my speech lacked polish.”

“You shouldn’t have answered back: ‘Since when did armor polishers lack polish?’ If it’s any consolation, their Guild enjoyed the joke even if Arthur didn’t,” Gaius said distantly. “And the Leather Workers found his, your, speech to be rousing. As did the Livery and Stable Mates. Overall, they were a success. You should be proud."

"But Arthur..."

"And your, his, plan for the municipal improvements was welcomed with great expectations by everyone. In fact everyone on the Council thought they showed commitment and intelligence. You have every right to be proud,” Gaius smiled at the beaming young man. “So, you won’t mind writing his reply to the envoy from Caerleon. Arthur asked me to ask you. And don’t forget the candle makers.”

“Oh, that IS just great! Do this Merlin. Do that Merlin. Write this. Write that! No. More polish, Merlin. And do I get any thanks?” Merlin waited for some words of comfort but found none forthcoming. “Oh great! So, you’re ignoring me now, too!”

“Merlin. Please. Arthur has a great deal on his mind as do I.”

“Oh, so he decided on the dress colors for the Feast of Ludnasadh?”

“No, Litha.”

“So, it’s blue, green, and yellow, is it?”

“Lapis, emerald and amber. You know, Merlin you should…”

The conversation was interrupted by the faint tapping on the closed chamber door. For an instant both thought it was their imagination but the sound recurred. Before Merlin could say another word the knocking resumed even louder.

“… you should answer that door,” Gaius said and watched the young man trudge toward the door muttering with every step of the way. “Did you say something, Merlin?”

“Gwen!” he shouted surprised and pleased to see his old friend. “I mean, your Majesty,” he bowed seeing the two palace guards. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

Guinevere, the Queen of Camelot smiled before dismissing her guards and shutting the door behind her, “Merlin, this isn’t the palace and I’m not Arthur. You know he didn’t mean what he said earlier, don’t you? Well, don’t you?”

Merlin nodded and Gaius asked, “Gwen, what’s the matter?”

Unable to stem her tears, she wept, “It’s Arthur! He’s so withdrawn. I can’t get through to him. He just sits at his table staring blankly in front of him. He’s been like that ever since that Council meeting this evening. Gaius what happened?”

Gaius was as evasive as ever in giving her a non-answer. Gwen knew that something wrong but took it all in stride. It was good for her to be just among old friends: talking and laughing as they all had before. After a few more quiet words, Gaius prepared Gwen a draught to calm her nerves and help her sleep while she spoke to Merlin promising to speak to Arthur about “this afternoon.”

“You know he needs you, don’t you?” Gwen insisted. “You know how he can be? In a day or two and he’ll be …”

“The same old Arthur,” Gaius reassured Gwen. “Here take this before you turn in tonight. You’ll be better in the morning.”

“Thank you, Gaius,” Gwen said giving the old man a peck on the cheek. “Tomorrow then?”

They watched her call her guards who waited patiently by the door. They entered the chambers and escorted her back to the palace. After they left, Merlin turned to Gaius.

“I don’t understand,” Merlin grimaced. “Why would Arthur be so concerned about birds?”

“Merlin,” Gaius frowned. “It’s not birds. It’s a code. There’s going to be a war.”

“A war? Surely, Arthur’s led this kingdom into war several times.”

“But, never like this, he never faced the decision he faces now,” Gaius said glumly. Merlin stared bewildered and his mentor asked solemnly, “Merlin, what do you know of Gorlois?”


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