What is Passion and How To Follow it in Life?

Authored by MeVero

Mevero enables an user to effectively pursue his/her passion . 
Mevero offers a host of Services, Applications & Tools which the user can use to pursue the area of passion. 
Whilst pursuing one's passion, an user can have different needs like Learning, Coaching, Working, Earning or Financing. 
Mevero offers Applications & Tools in each of these areas for the user to effectively pursue one's passion. 
So if you are looking to undertake a course around your area of passion, talk to a Life Coach, 
find effective collaborators, monetise your passion or raise money for your projects, Mevero is the platform for you.
 With Mevero, you will find all the Applications & Tools necessary to pursue your passion under one umbrella

Mevero will have the following Applications & Tools required to effectively pursue your passion

a. Learn how to overcome your barriers in the pursuit of your passion
b. Identify your exact passion with the help of AI Life Coach
c. Learn from Courses around your area of passion
d. Learn from Experts around your area of passion
e. Read Books/Content around your area of passion
f. Consult Life Coaches to shape your journey
g. Find effective collaborators to pursue your passion
h. Create & pursue projects and events around your area of passion
i. Monetise your passion in our digital peer-to-peer Marketplace
j. Offer your services to Businesses/Corporates as a freelancer
k. Raise money to fund your Projects
l. Get your daily dose of motivation from our content feed
m.Receive curated knowledge around your area of passion everyday on your mobile

If you wish to lead a meaningful life , then start today and follow what your true passion is. 
Start your journey by downloading and using the Mevero App and unlock the gateway to re-defining your life. 
Come, shape your destiny.