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Caught staring again
Like a deer in the headlights
When I can't 移動する fast enough
I take a hit for the team

Pretty girl is blushing
I can't tell if she's disgusted
Laughter starts to swell
Like someone gets the joke

Bell rings
I make my escape
It helps a little
But doesn't save
Beat down's a common thing
It happens every day
Maybe I'm just strange
Cause I don't change schools
Maybe I like the abuse
Or maybe I'm just like you

Another confrontation
You've got something to prove
Your girl can't tell how tough あなた are
When あなた beat me up in the boy's room
I made a big mistake
But I can't help who I like
This may not cost...
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P.s. Don't Write:

While あなた were fucking off
I went and found something new
Packed up all my shit
ストール, 盗んだ back all my tapes
Left your spare key under the mat
This is not a joke
You'd better learn to take a hint
Cause I'm not coming back
Maybe you'll understand when you're waking up alone
In a cold and empty bed

If you're 読書 this, I'm gone
Happy birthday
PS - Don't write
Cause あなた will not get a reply

While あなた were fucking off
I got my life in shape
Somewhere along the line
I found a hidden strength that I didn't know I had
Standing on my own
Cutting all the strings that あなた used to control
Surprise surprise
I am long gone

If あなた thought あなた could keep me down
によって holding me up
あなた were wrong
あなた don't call the shots anymore

While あなた were fucking off
I learned to 愛 myself again
Even better now
I learned to hate you
C'est la vie, baby
We're through
See あなた around
Maybe on the sixth of never
(I already 投稿されました this but I wanted to 'fix' it 'cause it had several mistakes)

Frank Iero's been in a lot of bands, and I wanted to compile them all in one place along with a little info on them, just 'cause, y'know. Anyway here's every band Frankie has played for または in, please correct me if there are more!

Sector 12
There's nothing but clips and stills from VHSs of live shows, this was literally the first ever band he was in.

Pencey Prep
They only have one studio album, Heartbreak in Stereo, they fell apart from in fighting and disagreements.

I am a graveyard
A band after Penecy that never actually...
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