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posted by HughxLauriexfan
Things are going a little wierd in American Idol. They are doing things differently this season....really different.
In my opinion, they are not so good.
The way that they are elliminating the singers is outragous. What Ryan Seacrest 発言しました in the commercial at the end of the show, was that only 3 people will make it through. 3 didnt make it through, a lot もっと見る did. I thought that they were just ending the series early because of complications. But on the other hand, it keeps people on their toes.
WRONG!! Ryan Seacrest's little pause is getting really predictable now. when he paused to finish off...
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posted by donteatmyjello
Two shows, Lie To Me, and The Good Guys.

Lie To Me:
It was basically about body language experts.
Episodes: 13 episodes into season 3
What happened? IT WAS CANCELED! I know thousands of shows that are like less than 3 mill. and they are still running! And they're plain stupid! No one likes them!

The Good Guys:
Best way to describe it... funniest cop 表示する I've seen in a loooong time.
Episodes: 20
Views: Started with only 3 mill. :( Ended with 1 mill. :((( People miss-judged the promo for the show. They probably said, "Just another dumb show".
If only they'd tuned in....
What happened?

So the reason I hate 狐, フォックス is because:
1.. They keep moving new shows time slot, so people can't keep up
2.. If it doesn't have AMAZING views, they almost always 移動する it to Fri. Where NO 表示する survives.
3.. They don't give them a chance.
4.. it sucks! :P

And now when I see a new 表示する that's on fox, I say "Why bother?"