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林檎, アップル
posted by s3ptamber
One man, he disappoint me
He give me the gouge and he take my glee
Now every other man I see
Remind me of the one man who disappoint me

But wait till I get him back
He won't have a back to scratch
Yeah, keep turning that chin
And あなた will see my
Face as I figure how to kill what I cannot catch

So I say, and on I go
To another one to disappoint me so

Next one up, a contemptible snob
He live to put things in their place
He did a commendable job
He put himself so low
He can hardly even look me in the face

O, he made my blood just burn
I flipped so far, I thought that I would not return

But the last one I had who...
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posted by s3ptamber
If あなた don't have a song
To sing you're okay
あなた know how to get along

If あなた don't have a date
Go out and sit on the lawn
And do nothing
'Cause it's just what あなた must do
Nobody does it anymore

No I don't believe in the wasting of time,
But I don't believe that I'm wasting mine

If あなた don't have a point to make
Don't sweat it
You'll make a sharp one being so kind
And I'd sure appreciate it
Everyone else's goal's to get big headed
Why should I follow that beat being that I'm
Better than fine
fiona 林檎, アップル
音楽 video
official video
A cover of Gene Wilder's from the movie "Willy Wonka and the チョコレート Factory" (1971)
fiona 林檎, アップル
pure imagination
willy wonka
gene wilder
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Source: Fiona 林檎, アップル
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Fiona rises above her surroundings and delivers a fine performance. Some unfortunate static exists from the original source, but this is rare footage yin to that yang. Thanks to John aka babybreese for recording & sharing this.
fiona 林檎, アップル
howard stern
sleep to dream
the howard stern 表示する
Those boon times went bust
My feet of clay, they dried to dust
The red isn't the red we painted
Its just rust
And the signature thing
That used to bring a following
I have trouble now
Even remembering

So why did I キッス him so hard
Late last Friday night
And keep on letting him change all my plans
I'm either so sick in the head
I need to be bled dry, to quit
Or I just really used to 愛 him
I sure hope thats it

I knew that to keep in touch
Would do me deep in dutch
Cuz it isn't the rush of remembering
Its just mush
And the signature thing
Is only growing harrowing
I should have no trouble now
To keep from following...
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posted by s3ptamber
So be it, I'm your crowbar
If thats what I am so far
Until あなた get out of this mess
And I will pretend
That I dont know of your sins
Until あなた are ready to confess
But all the time, all the time
I'll know, I'll know
And あなた can use my skin
To bury your secrets in
And I will settle あなた down
And at my own suggestion,
I will ask no questions
While I do my thing in the background
But all the time, all the time
i'll know, I'll know
Baby-I can't help あなた out, while she's still around
So for the time being, I'm being patient
And amidst this bitterness
If you'll consider this-even if it dont make sense
All the time-give it time
And when the crowd becomes your burden
And you've early closed your curtains,
I'll wait によって the backstage door
While あなた try to find the lines to speak your mind
And pry it open, hoping for an encore
And if it gets too late, for me to wait
For あなた to find あなた 愛 me, and tell me so
It's ok, dont need to say it
I let the beast in too soon, I don't know how to live
Without my hand on his throat; I fight him always and still
Oh darling, it's so sweet, あなた think あなた know how crazy
How crazy I am
You say あなた don't spook easy, あなた won't go, but I know
And I pray that あなた will
Fast as あなた can, baby runfree yourself of me
Fast as あなた can
I may be soft in your palm but I'll soon grow
Hungry for a fight, and I will not let あなた win
My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will
Disprove your faith in man
So if あなた catch me trying to find my way into your
Heart from under your skin
Fast as あなた can, baby scratch me out,...
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posted by s3ptamber
All my life is on me now, hail the pages turning
And the future is on the bound, hell don't know my fury
You're all I need, you're all I need, you're all I need
You're all I need, You're all I need, you're all I need
Youre all I need - and maybe some faith would
Do me good
I don't know what I'm doing, don't know should I
Change my mind, I can't decide, there's too many
Variations to consider
No thing I do don't do no thing but bring me
More to do, It's true, I do imbue my blue unto myself,
I make it bitter
Baby, lay your head on my lap one もっと見る time
Tell me あなた belong to me
Baby say that it's all gonna be...
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林檎, アップル
posted by s3ptamber
Please please please
No もっと見る melodies
They lack impact, they're petty
They've been made up already
Please please please
No もっと見る maladies
I'm so tired of crying
You'd think I was a siren
But me and everybody's on the sad same team
And あなた can hear our sad brain screaming

Give us something familiar
Something similar
To what we know already
That will keep us steady
Steady going nowhere

Please please please
No apologies
At best they buy あなた time
Until あなた 次 step out of line
Please please please
No もっと見る remedies
My method is uncertain
It's a mess but it's working
And maybe if あなた tried it out
You won't like it...
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posted by s3ptamber
Here's another speech あなた wish I'd swallow
Another cue for あなた to fold your ears
Another train of thought too hard to follow
Chugging along to the song that belongs to
The shifting of gears
Please forgive me for my distance
The pain is the evident in my existence
Please forgive me for my distance
The shame is manifest in my resistance
To your love, to your love, to your love
I would've warned you, but really, what's the point?
Caution could but rarely ever helps
Don't be down when my demeanor tends to disappoint
It's hard enough even trying to be civil to myself
Please forgive me for my distance
The pain...
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posted by s3ptamber
I'm gonna make a mistake-
I'm gonna do it on purpose
I'm gonna waste my time
'cause I'm full as a tick
And I'm scratching at the surface
And what I find is mine
And when the 日 is done, and I look back
And the fact is I had fun, fumbling around
All the アドバイス I shunned, and I ran
Where they told me not to run, but I sure
Had fun, so
I'm gonna fuck it up again
I'm gonna do another detour
Unpave my path
And if あなた wanna make sense
Whatcha looking at me for
I'm no good at math
And when I find my way back,
The fact is I just may stay, または I may not
I've acquired quite a taste
For a well-made mistake
I wanna mistake...
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